Episode 322 | When Wild Money Management Finally Gets Tamed! – Chat with Kellie

Three Words… Wild. Money. Management.

Three more words… But. not. anymore!!!


Our Summer Series continues and today we are interviewing listener Kellie

We’ve gotta hand it to her… not only did Kellie USED TO have some seriously wild money management going on…

Eg… Did someone say SEVENTEEN BANK ACCOUNTS OPEN!!??!!

… Kellie is an absolute free spirit in her own right, and her energy & enthusiasm is ABSOLUTELY CONTAGIOUS!!

Seriously. You’ll wish the podcast wasn’t audio just so you could be in the same room as her to get a dose of that amazing energy!! Don’t worry though, it’ll totally come through your headphones and we promise you this…you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

To give you an idea… she had us laughing our heads off…so whoever said money management and financial transformation wasn’t fun, clearly had NOT heard this episode!

Strap yourself in folks, ‘cos you’re about to meet Kellie…

… and she’s going to deliver the hard and fast facts of her life that’ll have you giggling…

… if only ‘cos she says aloud what a lot of us are secretly thinking about our money habits…

You’ll enjoy this one.. we know we certainly did!

Tune in now to hear just how wild Kellie’s money management used to be… and what she did to tame it 😉


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What We Talk About…

  • 01:44 – Meet Kellie!
  • 02:01 – What was money like when Kellie grew up?
  • 02:58 – What a pair of runners taught her about money!
  • 04:29 – Was money spoken about at home?
  • 05:54 – “Mum’s Tip” to get kids out of home and into their own!
  • 06:41 – How to furnish an entire house for less than $200!
  • 07:43 – The Potato Farmer who changed everything!
  • 09:10 – What did she first do with her money?
  • 09:38 – Managing money while living a Gypsy Life…!
  • 10:24 – Living pay check to pay check
  • 10:54 – The secret to getting everything you want in life!
  • 12:55 – The bank account story (there was “at least” seventeen!)
  • 13:25 – What did Money SMARTS drastically change?
  • 15:08 – Whoops! The credit card…
  • 16:23 – How did she pay off the debt?
  • 18:48 – Tip for your kid’s bank accounts!
  • 20:58 – What was the catalyst for change?
  • 21:59 – Flipping their investment property…
  • 22:22 – Getting a Plan done… (And a QPIA’s reaction to flipping property!)
  • 24:39 – What did she think of Make Money Simple Again?
  • 25:25 – When seventeen accounts becomes ONE…
  • 27:34 – How long did it take to work out the “right” 7-day float?
  • 29:00 – How much time has she saved since using Money SMARTS?
  • 30:41 – How an investment-savvy mortgage broker helped!
  • 31:03 – Why is Kellie wanting to FLIP property?
  • 31:49 – The difference between advice and lending a hand…
  • 33:09 – A VERY IMPORTANT reminder about flipping property…
  • 33:50 – Horror flip stories ☹
  • 36:03 –  What’s the best way to empower people on their own money journey?
  • 38:13 – How to use Money SMARTS without a Credit Card
  • 40:44 – Why don’t they do the monthly check up?
  • 41:09 – How does she work out her irregular spend then?s
  • 42:07 – What’s life like when you have Financial Peace?
  • 43:20 – Monopoly in Real Life: How Kellie is now teaching her kids about money
  • 44:40 – Wild money management & 30-Page Statements!


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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Episode 321 | Groomed At Uni To Be A Spruiker… But Now Look Where He’s At! – Chat with Eric

There are SO many layers to this listener’s story, it’s incredible!


For one, when Eric T was at uni, he was paid a little “classroom visit” by, get this… sleek Spruikers in their fancy Armani suits who not only tried to SELL online courses to the students, but also GROOMED and recruited some of them as their next get-rich-quick protégé!!


Thankfully, today’s guest listener had the foresight to decline. Which, to be quite honest, was super lucky as he was already – in his own words – “highly suggestible and easily influenced by these quick rich shames and educators wearing their $700 slip on loafers, their $20,000 Rolex watches, expensive European sports cars and their 68 properties!”


Plus, while all this was happening, Eric’s partner sensed he was going down the wrong path and one day shoved a book under his nose – low and behold it was The Armchair Guide to Property Investing!


BUT – how’s this for a story that keeps on giving! – he first didn’t read it ‘cos he thought our book was complete rubbish… as we weren’t standing on the hood of a Rolls Royce! 😂


“Who were these two blokes sitting on a couple of couches and smiling with no bling or swagger?”


Fast forward to today and, well, here we are interviewing Eric.


But like we said… there are SO many layers to this story, and we can assure you this isn’t even HALF of it!!


Just wait to you hear what money was like for Eric as a kid!!


Let’s just say… he didn’t step foot into a restaurant until he was 19!


In a nutshell: This really is one ride of an episode folks… and Eric’s stories and pure wisdom will leave you wanting more!




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What We Cover…

  • 03:46 – Eric’s Money Backstory (wow!)
  • 05:14 – Wait… never been to a restaurant until he was 19!?!
  • 07:53 – What was it like seeing his parents work so hard?
  • 08:55 – Has his parents’ scarcity mindset shifted?
  • 10:49 – Why Australia really is the Lucky Country
  • 12:24 – What was it like to go to a restaurant for the first time??
  • 13:58 – How to put the cost of things into context…
  • 14:53 – When Eric first started earning money, what was he doing with it?
  • 16:02 – How Social Pressures Dictate How We Spend Our Money
  • 17:25 – When parents make your clothes…
  • 18:40 – What was the spark that made Eric consider property investing?
  • 20:13 – How quickly did Eric’s parents pay down their mortgage?
  • 20:57 – Was money spoken about in the childhood home?
  • 21:49 – The Great Sushi Lesson…
  • 24:18 – Are his parents retired now?
  • 24:38 – How was Eric originally managing his money?
  • 25:18 – Eric’s Rock Bottom…
  • 26:22 – Did he shop around for his first bank?
  • 27:21 – Groomed at uni to be a spruiker…
  • 29:05 – How much does Ben spend on his “boat shoes”? 😂
  • 29:32 – The story of the $50 note…
  • 30:23 – When the scarcity mindset actually works in your favour…
  • 32:50 – How did he discover The Property Couch?
  • 32:57 – Investing for Tax Purposes!
  • 34:52 – His initial reaction to The Armchair Guide to Property Investing…
  • 35:39 – What changed his mind to finally read our book?!
  • 36:13 – What episodes had the most impact on him?
  • 37:31 – Using the Money SMARTS system
  • 39:23 – How does the Money SMARTS system change your BEHAVIOUR?
  • 40:43 – Do you have to save every penny to trap surplus cash?
  • 43:21 – Why “Money For The Sake Of Money” Isn’t A Good Enough Reason…
  • 43:46 – What does Eric want to spend his passive income on?
  • 45:36 – The Empty Island Syndrome
  • 46:13 – Why you don’t want to be another Donald Trump!
  • 47:11 – What’s it like getting a Property Portfolio Plan done?
  • 47:32 – Status Design vs Lifestyle Design
  • 49:46 – Attacking preconditioning from childhood…
  • 57:51 – Time & Target: The Two Life-Changing Elements That Make Everything Clear!
  • 58:56 – The Train Analogy – Amazing!


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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Episode 320 | Are those Qantas Points Really Worth It?! The True Cost of Your Money Habits – Chat with Megan

Using a credit card to earn Qantas Points… is it even worth it?!

Folks, joining us today is listener Megan – and not only is she going to help us answer this exact question (… just wait ‘til you hear the reason it came up in the first place!), she is also living proof that your money backstory does NOT have to be your financial destiny!

This is a financial transformation no one should miss – we cover a LOT of ground, including… a backstory of Financial Hardship, learning the hard way about bad debt, setting new money habits, investing as a parent… you name it!

Megan was an absolute joy to interview and is extremely generous and transparent when it comes to sharing the truth of her story so others can benefit from it.

Highly recommend this one, folks!

And, yep, it might make you think twice about how you use a credit card!


Free Stuff Mentioned…


Here’s What We Cover…

  • 03:12 – Megan’s Money backstory!
  • 04:54 – Was it simply inferred that money was “tight” growing up?
  • 06:53 – Money differences between siblings…
  • 08:04 – Money differences between partners…
  • 10:52 – Using the same bank account from the age of 6!
  • 12:41 – How to have separate living and lifestyle accounts for each partner
  • 14:45 – Things to remember when comparing yourself to your friends
  • 15:56 – Who takes the lead on the finances?
  • 16:27 – Where does the “Why” come from?
  • 17:41 – When credit card debt spirals out of control…
  • 19:07 – How did she pay off all that debt so quickly
  • 20:15 – Techniques and tips to remove bad debt
  • 20:35 – Before Money SMARTS!
  • 20:44 – How much did they spend on going out for dinner?!
  • 20:50 – After Money SMARTS!
  • 25:25 – #1 Tip so you DON’T have to keep transferring money back and forth!
  • 26:11 – Are those Qantas points really worth it?
  • 28:33 – How is Megan running her provisionings?
  • 29:32 – Why was Money STRETCH so important for Megan and her partner?
  • 34:07 – When the mindset goes backwards…
  • 39:07 – The benefits of the MyWealth Portal
  • 41:27 – How many icy poles is too many icy poles? 🤣
  • 43:30 – The power of setting a long term goal/s for yourself…
  • 44:33 – How did they upgrade their home?
  • 46:43 – Considerations for a PPOR that will eventually be turned into an investment property
  • 50:05 – The importance of diversifying your portfolio!
  • 51:14 – Understanding the timing of our ABCD pillars of Mastery
  • 50:54 – What does Megan want you to know about Money SMARTS?
  • 58:28 – GREAT take home message!


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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Episode 319 | From Poor Dad To Rich Dad – How To Wipe Out Financial Trauma Learnt In Childhood – Chat with Michael

What if you grew up in an environment where money was extremely tight? And what if this experience carried on into young adulthood, this time from your OWN financial decisions… up until something finally cracked and you said, “That’s it, I’ve had enough!”

What if you went from DROWNING in debt to FLOATING on Financial Peace… and finally cracked the code to break the family’s financial trauma cycle once and for all?!

Well folks, joining us today is listener Michael – and he knows EXACTLY what this financial transformation feels like… because he’s lived it!!

Here’s the deal…

On the last day of one of the most interesting years we will probably ever experience (good riddance 2020!!), we are interviewing someone who has, through no fault of his own, faced money challenges as a child… but then went on to become a young adult who survived on one can of tuna and slices of bread while snowed under some seriously bad debt…

… and now, through sheer grit and a reversing his money habits (and money mindset), OWNS three properties and has wiped out the financial trauma he learnt in childhood!

Yes… Michael went from having a Poor Dad…. to becoming a Rich Dad.

So, how did he do it?!

Tune in now to listen to learn how you can go from struggling to pay the bills to being an investor in complete control of your finances!


Free Stuff Mentioned…


What We Cover…

  • 03:04 – What was money like for Michael growing up?
  • 05:20 – Was his dad explicit about the money issues?
  • 06:06 – How did this background flow into Michael’s own money habits?
  • 08:34 – What sparked the desire to finally change?
  • 09:58 – The danger zone credit card story…
  • 12:51 – Where did he seek help to get on top of his debt?
  • 14:52 – “Psychological Sense” vs “Mathematical Sense” for what debt to pay off first
  • 16:02 – A tip to break negative habits
  • 17:35 – How did they afford a house deposit?
  • 19:35 – How did he discover The Property Couch?
  • 20:10 – Michael’s favourite property investing books!
  • 20:42 – Lessons Learnt From The Richest Man In Babylon…
  • 21:44 – What does Michael’s spreadsheet track?
  • 23:03 – What motivates Michael to be so “hands on” with his money management?
  • 23:34 – Why is Michael investing in property, anyway?
  • 25:26 – … The Big Rocks in The Jar!
  • 28:32 – Financial Trauma: Conscious & Unconscious Consequences…
  • 30:35 – How to resolve underlying money mindset patterns
  • 34:55 – What is Debt Recycling?
  • 35:36 – How to get the balance right to work out what’s really “enough”
  • 36:48 – Why No One Wants To Be The Richest Man In The Cemetery…
  • 37:34 – How to make compromises while still rewarding yourself so you stay the course
  • 38:12 – The property story!
  • 38:47 – Now, that’s sacrifice!! (Delayed Gratification in its finest form)
  • 40:20 – How many properties is he aiming for?
  • 40:37 – Asset Selection Mistakes
  • 44:38 – How does Michael’s Dad feel about all this? 😊
  • 44:56 – Should you take advice from friends and family?!


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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Episode 318 | 3 Investment Properties, 1 Family Home & Nothing Left To Do But Retire! – Chat with Dennis

Want to meet an investor who has FINISHED their Acquisition Phase?! That is, they’ve purchased ALL the properties they need to earn a passive income for life… so now there’s nothing left to do but retire!!

Here’s the deal… today we are speaking to a “TPC Veteran” – someone who has listened to the podcast since the very beginning… and in that time has actioned on all the teachings and built their own property portfolio from start to finish!!

… Meet Dennis, a property investor who proves it’s entirely possible for “Mums and Dads” to build a portfolio in their 40s… and not only that… but purchase THREE investment properties in less than five years!

So… how on earth did he do it?!

Even better, how did Dennis and his wife, Glenda, invest without completely impacting their family budget?! (… and without earning massive incomes!?!)

Tune in now to hear the full transformation and hear how it feels to be “at the end of the line” of the property investment journey!


Free Stuff Mentioned…


Here’s What We Cover…

  • 03:32 – What was Dennis’s money backstory?!
  • 05:22 – What were the family money rituals growing up?
  • 05:55 – How did he manage his money when he first started earning an income?
  • 06:11 – Getting a loan for a car…
  • 06:43 – How did he chose his first bank account?
  • 08:00 – Was he always considering investing in property?!
  • 10:24 – Using a credit card to pay for everything…
  • 11:05 – Conscious vs Unconscious spending
  • 12:43 – Money alignment with your life partner…
  • 14:02 – How old was he when he discovered The Property Couch?!
  • 17:16 – When did the shift to getting serious about creating a passive income happen?
  • 19:40 – Purchasing property during a boom…
  • 22:06 – How has Money SMARTS played a critical role in all this?
  • 26:19 – How do they use their 7-day float?
  • 32:28 – Is it too late to invest in property?
  • 33:42 – The Game-changing Mindset Shift!
  • 35:50 – When (and how) did they purchase each property?
  • 36:20 – What’s it like being a Borderless Buyer?
  • 37:53 – The Passive Income Target!
  • 40:11 – Should you EVER buy sight unseen?
  • 42:21 – When your need to calling on Defence…
  • 49:22 – Dennis’s advice for YOU!


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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6 Reasons Why The Property Market Did NOT Collapse During COVID-19! – Bonusisode with Nerida

Folks, wanna know the SIX reasons why Australia’s property market didn’t “plummet” during a global pandemic…. even when so many commentators suggested otherwise!?!👇

We’re checking in with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at REA Group and she’s going to tell you exactly why… and the key risks we still have to keep an eye on as we move into 2021!


A Hint on The 6 Reasons… (see if you guess right 😉)

1️⃣ __ are being __ for now

2️⃣ Unemployment primarily impacting __

3️⃣ __ __ have slowed

4️⃣ Some __ __ are faring well

5️⃣ Less overall __

6️⃣ Record level of Govt stimulus, such as __


Tune in now to Get ALL 6 Reasons and the latest update on…

🔸 Biggest risks to undermine Australia’s economic recovery

🔸 China /Australia Relations – who’ll blink first?

🔸 When’s the MOST auctions happening!?

🔸 How did so many commentators get it WRONG?

🔸 Where are First Home Buyers going?

🔸 How second homes might drive the post-COVID housing boom

🔸 The star suburb performer in NSW this year in

🔸 Commercial property investment from UK and German funds

🔸 Australian luxury property defies the downturn and global trend

🔸 Property Market Predictions For 2021




Episode 317 | Crushed By An Underwater Missile… And Still On The Road To Financial Peace! – Chat with Max

Some stories need to be told. And today’s guest listener owns one of those stories.

Here’s what happened…

While working in the Navy, Max Roman literally had his legs crushed when a torpedo unexpectedly fell from a submarine’s storage shelf, instantly trapping him.

Obviously, that’s quite a full-on story, right!?! And definitely not something you hear every day.

But it gets even more “Wow.”

… Despite all this, Max held true to his commitment to create something more for himself. He stayed the course because YEARS BEFORE all that happened, he’d embarked on a journey few folks take… he’d started upon the road less travelled to Financial Peace!

And what a trek it’s been!!

… ‘cos there’s SOMETHING ELSE to Max’s story that surprised the heck out of us…

… low and behold, it turns out he actually went to the same high school as Bryce – just the year below!

Like we said, some stories just need to be told…

Tune in now to hear it.


Free Stuff


Here’s What We Cover…


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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Episode 316 | From 12 Bank Accounts To A Sigh Of Relief! – Chat with Renae

Yep. She once had TWELVE bank accounts open… but now her money management story looks very different indeed!

Joining us today is listener Renae Brandsema… and we’re about to unpack how she said goodbye to financial stress once and for all.

Because what’s interesting about Renae is she has known what money is like as a stressor – and she’s previously tried to control this stress by counting every single dollar that went out the door – which at face value might seem like it’s smart money management, but in actual fact does more harm than good… often contributing (or perhaps even causing) the stress in the first place!

We mean… Can you even imagine trying to manage all those bank accounts!?!

Thankfully, Renae has a very different relationship to money now… and while she’s kept some of her positive money habits – like being frugal when it comes to “wants” versus “needs” – she now knows what it’s like to be in REAL CONTROL of her money.

… And with that comes the best reward – Financial Peace.

Tune in now to hear how Renae took total control back of her money management (and got rid of all those accounts 😉)!


Free Stuff Mentioned…


Here’s What We Cover…

  • 02:53 — Meet Renae and her money background…
  • 07:12 — What’s she like with shopping?!
  • 07:50 — What’s “holes in socks” got to do with all this?
  • 09:47 — The transition to marital life…
  • 11:00 — Who handles the money in the relationship?
  • 11:49 — What were the early years of managing money like?
  • 12:38 — 12 bank accounts!
  • 16:30 — The reconciling system…
  • 18:36 — What was causing all the money stress?
  • 19:39 — What triggered her to look for a different system?
  • 23:01 — The “A-ha” moment…
  • 24:40 — The biggest change (and how it impacted Renae’s husband)
  • 30:19 — The Money Transformation!
  • 31:23 — What was the property planning process like?
  • 35:07 — Why does Renae think you should use Money SMARTS?
  • 26:39 — What does their weekly “kitty” look like?
  • 39:40 — #1 Tip for paying for petrol!
  • 44:08 — How long does their monthly check up take?
  • 46:39 — How to get The Big Rock in The Jar…
  • 53:53 — What do you do with business profits inside the MyWealth Portal?
  • 55:36 — What do we think about financial education in schools?



Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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Bonusisode | Everything You Need To Know About VIC Stamp Duty!

How will stamp duty changes in Victoria affect you? Folks, we’re about to unpack the new stamp duty and land tax changes outlined in the Victorian State Budget… and what this means for home buyers and property investors!

So who gets the most benefit? And HOW MUCH will we pay in stamp duty moving forward? And are these discounts likely to stick around, or…?
’cos here’s what’s interesting…

… with VIC’s proposed changes following suit after NSW took the lead in stamp duty reform… does this mean Australia plans to get rid of stamp duty altogether??

Or is there a bit more to all this than we all know about?

Tune in now to find out everything you need to know about Victorian Stamp Duty!


Here’s What We Cover..

👉 Who gets the most benefit?
👉 Who is NOT going to benefit from these changes?
👉 HOW MUCH will we pay in stamp duty moving forward?
👉 Are these discounts likely to stick around?
👉 Will this cause any long term impacts on the property market??



Episode 315 | How A Paper Round Paved The Way To A Passive Income – Chat with Brendan

Today we kick off the first episode of our Summer Series – that is, we’re showcasing REAL LIFE MONEY TRANSFORMATIONS!

And there’s no better place to start than with Brendan Deith, who took humble beginnings as a paperboy to ignite money habits that would go onto pave the way to a passive income for life!!

And Brendan’s journey has indeed been an endless ripple effect – from learning good money management early (thanks to his paper round & his parents sound money management conversations around the kitchen table) right through to the ULTIMATE OUTCOME – Financial Contribution.

There’s a few tweaks and tips along the way too… so strap yourselves in folks ‘cos you’re in for a feel-good episode with solid takeaways that you can go ahead and implement in your own life too!

Psst… just wait to you get to the part about “The Classroom Economy” – it’s game-changing!


Free Stuff


What We Cover…

  • 05:38 – Brendan’s Backstory
  • 08:30 – The Drum set that kickstarted healthy money habits…
  • 09:57 – What was his parents’ “extra” jar?
  • 11:09 – The award saver account (paper round money)
  • 12:18 – What was Brendan’s original budgeting system?
  • 14:27 – The first property
  • 16:17 – How did having a buffer help with the mindset?
  • 17:48 – BEFORE Money SMARTS…
  • 18:58 – AFTER Money SMARTS
  • 24:26 – The Ripple Effect of spending habits
  • 26:22 – What does Brendan most enjoy about Delayed Gratification?
  • 27:44 – How & When did he discover Money SMARTS, anyway?
  • 29:44 – Unique Ways to get your essential spending down…
  • 30:38 – How does Brendan navigate provisions?
  • 31:34 – Why has he NEVER done the 7-day float?
  • 32:13 – Using a credit card for everyday spending (Who should & Who absolutely should NOT?)
  • 33:32 – Is Brendan’s wife equally on board?
  • 24:17 – The Best Advice They Ever Got!
  • 35:17 – What are they doing with the trapped surplus?
  • 35:37 – What’s their Passive Income target?
  • 37:33 – Getting Property Investment Advice and getting an answer to this question: “How many properties do we actually need?”
  • 39:41 – How does he feel about getting into debt?
  • 41:09 – The first investment property…
  • 43:75 – The Two Journeys You’ll Almost Always Take To Reach Financial Peace
  • 45:04 – Brendan’s “Classroom Economy” that teaches kids about money…
  • 50:42 – Money SMARTS Hack
  • 52:53 – Brendan’s Question for us… Do you plan for an increase material (and labour) cost for renovations


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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