Episode 245 | From Motor Mechanic to Selling James Packer’s House! – Chat with Michael Pallier

Some stories need to be heard to be believed! And the story we’re about to share with you is indeed one of these… ‘cos today’s guest went from being a motor mechanic to selling some of the most expensive properties across the country… yes, including… the home of Australian billionaire businessman and investor James Packer!

Joining us on the Couch today is Michael Pallier, Managing Director of Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty — an elite agency that handles the sale of luxury residential homes and rural properties throughout NSW and the ACT!

To give you an idea of the calibre of the properties Michael sells… well, folks… he’s just sold his EIGHTY-SECOND property valued OVER $9 MILLION (oh, and Packer’s property went for a cheeky $70 mill)!!

His sales history has included…

  • The most expensive home ever sold in Australia
  • The most expensive home ever sold at auction in Australia
  • The most expensive residential land ever sold

So. Pretty impressive stuff, right? But what we really wanna know is… … how???

How on earth did a motor mechanic all of a sudden start selling luxury homes? And who are the people who are forking out some serious cash for these properties?

And, of course, what can we learn from Michael’s secret to success?

Psst… as mentioned in today’s ep, here’s the house he’s currently selling: https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-vaucluse-131386806

And here’s Bryce’s mindset minute from Simon Sinek! Watch his video here. 




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Episode 244 | Borrowing Power in 2019: Everything You Need To Know

APRA has recently made changes that affect a lender’s borrowing power — what does this mean for property investors and home owners… and their interest rate?

Well, folks… we’re deep diving on this today (and getting a little bit technical), because in July 2019, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) came out with their revisions to the “buffer” and “floor rates” of their Prudential Practice Guide APG 223.

And why are we telling you this? In a nutshell: this results in a change, potentially an increase, in a lender’s borrowing power… which means YOU can potentially borrow more money!!! (Not sure why this is a good thing? Listen to this episode on the basics of borrowing power first).

Now, if you’re wondering what on earth we mean by “buffer, “floor rates” and “potentially”… take it easy… we’ve totally got you covered here — we explain all this, incl. examples of a single person AND a couple, so you can get a “real life” angle on all this. Plus, Ben’s obviously in his element so he drops a lot of new gold and mortgage broking insights!

Oh, and did we mention that we’ve also sneaked in a little Finance Q&A as well?? Yep, true story. You can find the exact questions a little further down in these show notes 🙂


Free Resources


Key Learning Points

  • Debrief: How do APRA’s changes affect borrowing power?
  • Why is Ben describing lending in 2020 with the world throttle?
  • What is the variance in borrowing power of Principle and Interest vs. Interest Only Home Loans now? What does that mean for an investor?
  • Quickstart History Guide on Lending
  • What has happened to the Floor Rate?
  • What is each of the “big four” bank’s NEW floor rate?
  • What is a Sensitivity Margin?
  • How did poor regulation contribute to the Global Financial Crisis?
  • What’s a gig economy?
  • How much is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) now spending per year to rectify and enforce new changes following the Royal Commission?
  • Example: A Single Person’s Borrowing Power
  • Example: A Couple’s Borrowing Power


The Questions

Question from Bella

We just bought a house and are setting up our loan. Should we get our wages put directly into our offset account and then pull money into our everyday account for expenses and keep a minimum amount in there, say $2,000? My husband wants to do it the opposite way. And just pay our offset with leftovers after expenses. What should we do?! HELP! 


Question from Todd

Hi Ben and Bryce, Love your podcast! Have learnt so much since I found it 6 months ago. My question is loan structure related, with tighter lending these days is it an optimal strategy to split my PPOR Loan into 3 or more splits so I can pay them off quicker and then re-borrow once payed off to invest? Or is it better to build up a large sum in my offset account? Thanks in advance guys and go Eagles Stig!


Question from James

With the RBA’s drop in interest rates to 1%, I (like most people) are considering refinancing away from my current mortgage provider. We have been looking into a few options, but keep hitting a hurdle due to being on one wage and having 2 properties (our owner occupied and one investment) as I am currently on a non-permanent workers compensation payment through DVA, the banks will not recognise my wage as a salary.
So, my question is, with APRA’s change and loosening the reigns on lending, has this already came into effect? If not, when is this due to be implemented by the banks? Thank you

Question from Stuart

Hi Bryce and Ben, long time listener, first-time caller from NZ. Love listening to all your podcasts every week. Quick question regarding my PPR and mortgage offset. I have received a windfall, which I am wondering the best use of. I could put it all into my offset account against my mortgage and with my current offset savings this would 100% offset my mortgage and I continue to pay it down over the next 10 years. Or am I better off paying down a large portion off it immediately leaving the balance fully offset to pay off over just a few years. I guess it’s a matter of keeping the offset bucket full against the mortgage, or paying down the mortgage ASAP. I also have 1 investment property, which I’ll need to reorganise to start offsetting ASAP. Hope that makes sense, thanks.


And here’s the table that Ben promised on the show! 😉



RBA August 2019 – Should you be FIXING your Rate?

This is NOT the time to fix your mortgage.

It’s odd, isn’t it? The cash rate is on an all-time low and the lenders have been cutting their rates, both fixed and variable. So why is it not the time to go for a fixed loan?

We know it’s a big statement and that’s why Ben will be explaining all that in today’s RBA commentary folks! Apart from that, he’ll also be covering a variety of topics such as:

  • What’s happening with the US-China Trade Deal and how did the US Chair of Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell reacted to it?
  • What’s the main focus for the RBA at the moment?
  • How will the slight improvement in inflation impact the economy?
  • Is retail spending moving in the right trend?
  • Have we finally bottomed out in the Property Market or are there a couple more months to go?

Now, let’s dive into RBA August 2019 Cash Rate Announcement!


DISCLAIMER: This podcast is general information only and is an opinion comment by Ben Kingsley. The information contained in this video is for Australian residents only. The information does not take into account the particular investment objectives or financial situation of any potential viewer. It does not constitute, and should not be relied on as, financial or investment advice or recommendations (expressed or implied) and it should not be used as an invitation to take up any investments or investment services. No investment decision or activity should be undertaken on the basis of this information without first seeking qualified and professional advice.

The Property Couch, its employees or contractors do not represent or guarantee that the information is accurate or free from errors or omissions and therefore provide no warranties or guarantees. The Property Couch disclaims any and all duty of care in relation to the information and liability for any reliance on investment decisions, claiming the use or guidance of this publication or information contained within it.

For more information, please visit: http://thepropertycouch.com.au

Episode 243 | This is How You’ll Be Buying Property in the Future… Steve & Trent from Phoria

Want to know EXACTLY HOW you’ll be buying property in the (not too distant!) future??

We know we sure do!

So folks, here to tell us what the future in real estate is with augmented reality, virtual reality and a whole lot of jaw-dropping new tech is Steve Kounnas and Trent Clews-de Castella from Phoria, a world leading immersive tech studio that specialises in just this! Not to mention the fact that Phoria’s good mates with the likes of some “kinda known” brands like Google, REA Group and News Corp — oh, and they also happen to be neck deep in their mission to transform human experiences!

And, yep, the reason we’ve got them on isn’t just because Steve and Trent have ALREADY changed the game in the “extended reality” space… but also, they’re about to clue you in on what’s to come!!

Sure, you might think this stuff is like something straight out of a sci-fi film … but we kid you not folks… it’s anything but! Yep… it IS coming (in fact… it’s already here)… so you can only imagine how fast some of these changes are going to land in the real estate industry!!

Picture this… buying property in a VIRTUAL world!

And before you get all weirded out… just remember… not too long ago the thought of an iPhone seemed impossible/ridiculous/the brain child of someone completely nuts… but NOW??  Well… we’ve all got one in our back pockets, don’t we?

Stay ahead of the curb and you’ll always be ahead folks!  😉


Resources Mentioned:


The Top Highlights…

  • What’s virtual reality going to do to property?
  • What’s a Matterport camera and how’s it going to change the way you SEE property?
  • What will you eventually be able to scan and create in your own home?
  • WHEN will this tech be in 80% of the property market?
  • How are real estate agents going to deal with you when these changes roll in?


Plus These Gold Nuggets…

  • What’s the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?
  • How will this tech transform the way you maintain your property ie. construction, water pipes etc? (well, the entire building and trade industry really!)
  • How did Steve and Trent get interested in augmented reality?
  • When did they realise they were seriously onto something?
  • How’d the first ever “virtual inspection” of a property come about?
  • Who’s investing in these types of companies? And what does that tell us?
  • What industries are also being lead and transformed by this tech?
  • Is this stuff super expensive?
  • 10 years from now… what are you looking at? How are you buying property?



Bonusisode with Nerida – US-China Trade Wars | How does it impact Australia? 🇺🇸 🇨🇳🙄

It’s that time again for our Monthly Wrap Up with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist for REA Group!

And we’ve introduced a new style to our monthly catch up too! Nerida has generously agreed to use the white board to explain this whole US-China Trade War thing because let’s face it, not all of us are across it. So… what to expect in this Bonusisode?


The Top Insights in this Bonusisode:

  • Exactly what impact does the US-China Trade Wars has on Australia?
  • The Cash Rate Outlook – where is it heading?
  • How will that affect the Property Market Outlook in each of the major cities?
  • And of course, the usual most viewed and most expensive listings!


Plus, The Top Performing Properties from the month:

  • The Most Viewed Rental Property
  • The Most Viewed Residential
  • The Most Expensive Property Sold
  • The Most Viewed Property Going To Auction This Weekend

Want to see these properties? Click here to View the Properties (all are in the Comments section)

P.S. Want more from Nerida?




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