Rentvesting – Is Rent Money Dead Money?

Note: This episode is a re-run of one of our older episodes. It originally aired on 14th April 2016 😊  

In today’s episode, we tackle the increasingly popular strategy of ‘rentvesting’.  

As we see soaring property prices in major urban hubs, the dream of homeownership seems further out of reach for many. But is there a savvy way to balance that dream with reality? 

Enter ‘rentvesting’  where you rent in the place you love…and invest where you can afford. 

Rentvesting is a smart solution that can offer freedom, tax perks, and a wealth-building shortcut, but can you handle the emotional trade-offs?  


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Margaret Lomas 

  • Ep 150: How This Mother of 5 Turned $80,000 into a Multimillion Dollar Property Empire 
  • Ep 216: Everything You Need to Know to Invest! 



  • 0:00 – Rentvesting – Is Rent Money Dead Money? 
  • 4:47 – How did rentvesting come about? 
  • 7:31 – Real life case study 🔍 
  • 10:51 – The pros & cons of rentvesting 
  • 23:44 – Our views on negative gearing 



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