I Bought the Wrong Property; What Should I Do Now?

Note: This episode is a re-run of one of our older episodes. It originally aired on 2nd July 2020 😊  

In this week’s episode, Bryce and Ben answer 10 listeners’ questions! 

With practical advice on property selection and analysis, this episode is your guide to navigating the intricacies of property investment in Australia. 

If you have a question, leave us a message here!  

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  • 0:00 – I Bought the Wrong Property; What Should I Do Now? 
  • 5:56 – Proposal submission for review of WA tenancy laws [Editor’s Note: The review has since concluded; June 2023 update here]. 
  • 9:43 – Mindset Minute: Be coachable!
  • 15:20Q1: I want to buy in a location I love and am familiar with, but it is poorly diversified. How do I mitigate the risks? 
  • 22:10Q2: How important are historical growth rates?
  • 29:15 Q3: I want to invest interstate. Should I look for a local Buyer’s Agent or one who operates nationwide? 
  • 30:39 – Our sister company wins an award! 
  • 41:29Q4: Is it better to prioritise high yield or high growth?
  • 46:45Q5: Should I move into my rental property? 
  • 52:52Q6: Is it worth getting an average property in a good suburb if I’m planning to hold for the long term? 
  • 57:18Q7: Thoughts on buying Defence Housing Australia projects? 
  • 1:03:18Q8: What do you think about active investing – buying to subdivide, fixer uppers, etc.? 
  • 1:07:02Q9: I bought a ‘House and Land Package’ before I was educated. What can I do now to ensure growth? 
  • 1:10:18Q10: Is putting a granny flat out the back a good idea when retiring out the debt? 
  • 1:11:55 Sort out the basics of money management before you invest! 


Going Against the Greats – Why You Shouldn’t Pay Yourself First!

Note: This episode is a re-run of one of our older episodes. It originally aired on 8th June 2017 😊  

According to Albert Einstein, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it…and he who doesn’t, pays it.” 

In this week’s episode, Bryce and Ben discuss the fascinating power of compounding. 

Tune is as they answer listeners’ questions, explain how you benefit from delayed gratification, and share their experiences and advice on property investing! 


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    • 0:00 – Going Against the Greats – Why You Shouldn’t Pay Yourself First 
    • 4:35 – Tom Panos: “80% of winning is beginning” 
    • 5:58 – Mastering the power of money 
    • 6:56 – Listener Question #1 – Chris 
    • 9:09 – Would you prefer $1,000,000 now, or $0.01 today and double it every day for 30 days? 
    • 18:51 – The benefits of delayed gratification 
    • 24:25 – Leverage is the independent umpire 
    • 27:04 – Dud = dead on arrival? 
    • 30:17 – Listener Question #2 – Greg 
    • 30:33 – Why you shouldn’t pay yourself first! 
    • 32:51 – The plastic money world 
    • 33:42 – MoneySMARTS – the holistic approach to managing your money 
    • 36:46 – Ultimately, it’s about making sure you are enjoying life! 
    • 38:16 – The cup size theory… 
    • 40:33 – Plan to become what you plan to become 
    • 42:05 – Advice from Ben & Bryce on whether you should invest in the current market! 
    • 44:10 – LocationScore 
    • 47:22 – Bryce’s Life Hack 


Redefining Debt: The Game Changing Strategy You Need to Hear

In this week’s episode, Bryce makes a guest appearance on the Wealth Time Freedom (WTF) podcast, hosted by Terry Condon!   

They cover a wide range of topics including:
        💵 Horrible, tolerable and productive debt
        🏘️ How to pick an investment grade property
        👩‍👦‍👦 Demographic shifts that are likely to impact property prices over the next 5-10 years 

This bonus episode is all about the courage to pursue passion over expectations, cultivating financial resilience, and playing the long game of property investment! 


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  • 0:00 – Redefining Debt: The Game Changing Strategy You Need to Hear 
  • 0:50 – The “Man in the Ferrari” paradox 
  • 4:09 – What piqued Bryce’s interest in property (back in 1998!) 
  • 6:50 – On Dad’s generation, mindset & influence 
  • 13:27 – Starting his own business 
  • 17:10 – When the Global Financial Crisis hit 
  • 18:27 – What advice Bryce has for his younger self 
  • 20:16 – Leaning into the “Scary Ugly” 
  • 21:49 – How The Property Couch podcast started in 2015 
  • 23:39 – We Fix Bad Advice – the barbershop analogy 
  • 25:09 – People need guides, not heroes! 
  • 29:18 – Why the best way to learn is to teach 
  • 30:52 – The journey to helping 10,000 clients get into the property market 
  • 34:26 – Horrible, tolerable and productive debt 
  • 37:21 – How to retire on $2,000 a week 
  • 42:14 – Control your debt to control your life 
  • 44:45 – How to pick a great investment asset! 
  • 56:35 – Emotional forecasting – do you do this? 
  • 58:43 – How baby boomer wealth transfers will reshape the housing market 
  • 1:01:36 – Must listen for anyone looking to get into property, but not quite sure if it’s the right time! 


Exploring “Scarcity” in Property Investment

Note: This episode is a re-run of one of our older episodes. It originally aired on 12th November 2015 😊  

In today’s episode, we dive deep into why the old adage of ‘location, location, location’ still rings true for property investment. We explore how 80% of your return is determined by where you buy, and only 20% by what you buy. 

One of the three filters in our asset selection criteria is scarcity, and today we take a close look at that concept. What exactly do we mean when we refer to scarcity in property investing? Are there certain elements in particular to look out for that will increase your property’s value? 

Throughout the episode, we’ll also underscore the importance of considering owner-occupier appeal in your investments, why developers favour high-density projects, and why smaller investors should hone in on scarcity in top-tier locations. 

Get comfy because this bonus episode is all about helping you understand the crucial role of scarcity and how it can ensure your next investment decision is a savvy one! 


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  • 0:00 – Exploring “Scarcity” in Property Investment 
  • 04:16 – When searching for your next investment, try asking the agent this question… 
  • 06:33 – 3 important filters when it comes to asset selection 
  • 07:24 – The two different parts to scarcity 
  • 07:33 – 20% of your return comes from the property, while 80% comes from the…?  
  • 11:46 – Consider the property’s proximity to the CBD… 
  • 13:56 – …as well as whether the land is fully utilised 
  • 14:28 – Peter Koulizos on the 3 Ls of property value 
  • 21:51 – Choosing the correct property is important, even though it only represents 20% of the formula! 
  • 24:21 – Linking back to the Buyer’s Decision Quadrant 


480 | How to FAIL to Retire on $2K Per Week


Ever wondered how to FAIL at building a successful property portfolio? 

Want to learn how NOT to build a weekly passive income of $2k?  

If so, then this is the episode for you! 😉 

This week’s episode gives you a step-by-step guide on how never to take action or build a weekly passive income of $2k. 

From the worst ways to approach the property market to the incorrect beliefs you should hold about investing, we’re breaking down this episode into the 4 crucial ways you could go wrong…

Can you guess them?   

  1. The Wrong S_R_ _E_Y: Approach this wrong; you’ll be frozen in paralysis forever. 
  1. The Wrong P_O_E_T_: Get this wrong, and you could pour thousands of dollars into your portfolio….and still never make a passive income 😮.  
  1. The Wrong M_N_ _E_: Slip up on this, and you can say goodbye to growth.  
  1. The Wrong N_T_ _R_: Refuse to seek this, and you’re going to fall into a lot more traps on the way… 

To avoid taking these wrong turns (and, in all seriousness, avoid making these mistakes), listen in now!  


P.S. As mentioned in Ben’s “What’s Making Property News”,  the Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA) needs support! As a not-for-profit organisation representing the everyday property investor without a voice, any membership or donation helps. Become a member, donate or find out more today >>  


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  • 0:00 – How to FAIL to Retire on $2K Per Week 
  • 1:25 – Our FREE birthday present for you…  
  • 4:56 – Mindset Minute: What is your ROI on a BOOK?  
  • 9:33 – “Invert, always invert”  
  • 10:59 – #1) The Wrong S_R_ _E_Y:  Sell N_ _!  
  • 11:57 – Wait To B_ _  
  • 13:05 – Don’t T_in_  
  • 14:06 – Leave It To The G_ _  
  • 15:45 – Play The S_ _ _ _ Game  
  • 17:21 – #2) The Wrong P_O_E_T_: Focus on P_ _p_r_ _ Appeal alone 
  • 19:13 – Ignore S_a_c_ty 
  • 20:20 – Don’t R_ _e_r_h 
  • 21:54 – #3) The Wrong M_N_ _E_: Treat your b_l_e_s like… 
  • 23:16 – Pr_ _r_s_in_t_  
  • 25:43 – Seek instant g_a_i_ic_ti_n 
  • 28:27 – #4) The Wrong N_T_ _R_: Take a_v_c_ From Your Family 
  • 30:31 – Self-Ma_a_e Your Properties 
  • 32:56 – Neglect B_i_d_ng Ins_e_t_ _ns  
  • 35:57 – The Checklist to Failure  
  • 38:28 – Our most streamed video ever… 


  • 40:04 – Lifehack: Value is found in the second or third lap (Thanks Merv!)
  • 43:47 – WMPN: Help us to support PICA 



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