TPC Gold | What Exactly Is a Cash Flow Property?

Today’s bonus snippet is from a previous episode where Bryce and Ben answer listeners’ property investment questions. 

Question #1: When Should We Buy Our Next Property? 🤔
Brad and his wife recently bought their first home. They currently live there but plan to turn it into an investment property. When should they buy their next property? And how should they set up their loans – interest-only or principal and interest? 

Question #2: What Makes a Cash Flow Property? 💰
Stephen wants to know more about cash flow properties. What is it? How do you identify one? And what does it truly mean to have a cash flow positive property? 

For a deeper dive into these topics, listen to the full episode here: Episode 260 | Q&A: Picking the Right Investment Strategy. 

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Cash Flow Property Tracking & Analysis

If you’re looking for a tool that will help you manage your property investments and finances, check out the Moorr app.  

Built for property investors by property investors, Moorr has just launched their Cash Flow Projection feature. This feature helps investors answer questions like: 

  • How much is my property costing me? 
  • How much profit is it bringing in? 
  • How much tax am I paying and/or saving on each property?  

Cash Flow Property-Related Episodes

TPC Gold | What’s the Ideal Cash Reserve for Investors?

Today’s bonus snippet is from a previous episode where we answer listeners’ burning questions on property investing. 

Tune in to the full episode here: Episode 44 | Q&A – Building Cash Reserve Buffers, Buying at a Premium & Renovating for Profit 

In this TPC Gold soundbite, Bryce & Ben explore the dynamics of aggressive vs passive investing, as well as how to incorporate cash reserve buffers into your property investment plan! 

Discover why having a six-month cash reserve is crucial, how to manage unexpected costs, and the importance of insurance protections. They also discuss finding the balance between exercising caution and maximising your cash flow for property investment.  

Tune in for expert advice on choosing the best property investment strategy for you. 

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497 | Why NOT to Invest in Property Until 2036!


Seb and Bronnie (Note: Names have been changed for privacy) came to us with plans to invest in property but left with a completely unexpected strategy.  

Our advice: “DON’T invest in property until 2036”?! 😲🏡 

And in our second case study, Adam and Jacinta had a solid investment plan until an unexpected event changed everything.  

Despite Adam’s financial expertise and their three investment properties, he found himself saying, “I can’t work it out like I usually can.” So how did we help them navigate this change, free up cash, and still secure their dream family home?  

In today’s insightful episode, we’re sharing the stories of two real couples grappling with significant life decisions.  

Tune in to learn about the personalised plans we crafted for them, enabling each couple to achieve their dream home and lifestyle with the right strategy and sequencing. 


P.S. What’s the common thread in these case studies? The “new-age” misconception of Rentvesting. Listen now to find out if you’ve misunderstood it too! 


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  • 0:00 – Why NOT to Invest in Property Until 2036! 
  • 1:28 – Bryce didn’t watch the game, THIS happened…  
  • 3:58 – Mindset Minute: Your alter ego can change your money story. Here’s how.   
  • 8:12 – Case Study 1: Is Rentvesting Just A Poster Child Strategy?  
  • 11:52 – The Problem: When the job clashes with your dream home!   
  • 13:43 – These folks have a strategic advantage in the property game…  
  • 16:05 – The $1.7M “pennydrop moment” that changed everything  
  • 18:27– The Solution: A Starter home?!  
  • 19:20 – Pure Vs. New-Age Rentvesting  
  • 22:17 – The Counterintuitive Strategy: Don’t buy until 2036!?  
  • 24:00 – Who does the tax system favour most? 
  • 26:43 – The Flow on Effect: 50% LVR on their dream home  
  • 28:40 – Why a Property Plan isn’t just about investment properties!  
  • 34:10 – Their Timeline & Outcome: $2,300 weekly in retirement  
  • 35:45 –  Internal Transformation: “They high-fived Amanda through the screen with excitement”   
  • 41:14 – Are we pro-rentvesting?  
  • 45:10 – Case Study 2: The Plan Curveball  
  • 46:22 – The Problem: “We need a plan we can stick to, but I can’t work it out like I usually can.”  
  • 51:17 – The borrowing capacity surprise  
  • 53:38 – Focus on the simple strategy!  
  • 54:22 – What’s the plan? Family homes, freeing up cash and investing later  
  • 56:28 – The Achievement: “Passive without the pressure”  


  • 58:19 – Lifehack: Going through a tough time? Diary notes it for 30 days’ time.  
  • 1:00:38 – WMPN: CoreLogic’s May Results: Where are house prices across Australia?  


TPC Gold | How to Build a Solid Wealth Plan

Today’s bonus snippet is from a previous episode on the 6 Critical Foundations Your Wealth Plan Should Be Built On. 

In this TPC Gold soundbite, Bryce & Ben discuss two of the non-negotiables when building your property portfolio and why it’s so important to get the foundations right! 

Take any iconic building you can think of as an example – whether that’s the Sydney Opera House or the Burj Khalifa. 

Chances are not many were going around taking photos of these structures when they were incomplete…but it was this phase that was absolutely the most important. Building the foundations – whilst not glamorous, is what ensures the buildings are the masterpieces they are today. 

When you have your foundations right, you can account for external movements and be as prepared as you can be for whatever comes your way! 

Tune in to the full episode here: Episode 101 | Sand or Stone – 6 Critical Foundations Your Wealth Plan Should Be Built On 


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Money Magazine Cover Story – Rentvesting

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