466 | Like a Snake swallowing a Goat: Why interest rates aren’t controlling inflation – Chat with Nerida Conisbee


With today’s geopolitical tensions and growing inflation uncertainty, how is Australia’s commercial, construction and property sectors faring?

Plus, what can we expect from next week’s cash rate decision and why has this instrument been so ineffective in stopping inflation?!

Their big questions folks and luckily, here to help us unpack them is Nerida Conisbee, our good friend and Chief Economist at Ray White!

Nerida is a leading property expert who sits as the Chair of the Construction Forecasting Council and is a member of the Australian Taxation Office’s Foreign Investment Stakeholder Group.

As someone who provides regular updates on property market conditions to major Government bodies, Nerida will share her fantastic insights and help us to unpack…


👉 Why Australia needs to embrace density!
👉 Why has the Cash Rate been ineffective in dealing with inflation?
👉 How can tax concessions solve our housing supply problems?
👉 Are office assets no longer a safe class?!
👉 The commercial sector’s newest focus
👉 The property class that’s become most listed on Ray White, and
👉 A breakdown of CoreLogic’s November report!

Another timely and insightful property and economic update from Nerida, tune in now folks!


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  • 0:00 – Like a Snake swallowing a Goat: Why interest rates aren’t controlling inflation
  • 3:45 – Mindset Minute: If you squeeze an orange…
  • 6:34 – Welcome back Nerida!
  • 8:29 – The ACIF & Australia’s construction industry
  • 12:35 – How does industry impact Government Bodies?
  • 15:48 – Inflation uncertainty + Cash Rate predictions!
  • 19:50 – How can we get rid of NIBYSM with our spending?
  • 22:44 – Why the Cash Rate has been ineffective with controlling inflation
  • 25:50 – The Biggest Headwinds in Housing
  • 29:39 – CoreLogic’s November Report: The strongest market in Australia, price growth, and more…
  • 33:01 – Why we need to embrace density!
  • 36:34 – Using tax concessions to solve short-term housing supply…
  • 42:26 – The newest focus of the commercial sector!
  • 45:13 – These properties have seen the greatest changes in listings
  • 50:20 – Wow! Thank you Nerida 😊


  • 52:07 – Lifehack: The Secret Behind Long Life
  • 56:50 – WMPN: What are investors looking to get out of property?


430 | 17 Properties & Counting: How To Play The Long Game – Chat with Damian Collins

Folks, we don’t usually focus on just ONE state, but considering it makes up 33% of Australia, we thought we’d make an exception… 😉   

Yep. If you haven’t guessed yet, this episode is all about investing for the long term in Perth, Western Australia. (aka. Bryce’s hometown!)   

And who better to help us unpack the WA Market than one of the state’s OGs (and returning Property Couch guest) Damian Collins, Founder and Managing Director of Momentum Wealth!  

He’s also the Chairman of Westbridge Funds Management, has been on the Council of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) since 2011 and served as President of the Institute from 2018 to 2022 (phew!)   

An active property investor himself, Damian also owns 17 properties in Western Australia!!  

Basically…he’s the property guru to talk to when talking all things west coast, and since our last catch-up, the market’s changed A LOT. 

We’re covering whether Perth is no longer just “a one-trick pony” (aka. A boom-or-bust mining town) and honestly… 

Why we think it’s about to boom!!  

Yep. You heard it here first folks. 😉 From the construction challenges WA has been facing to why “regression to the mean” should mean something to you, we’re giving you an updated and in-depth guide to investing in WA.  

Plus, tune in to hear Damian’s money backstory, the one passion that set him on his current trajectory today and how he kept his cool during COVID and rising interest rates.  

Tune in now!  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – We’ve landed a (returning) big fish today folks! 
  • 1:58 – Massive Resources Incoming: FB Lives, a future Moorr video & a PICA Webinar?!  
  • 7:37 – Mindset Minute: Success is hard because it requires…  
  • 9:10 – Re-introducing return guest, Damian Collins!  
  • 11:41 – Damian’s Money Story: Chickens, a recession and his inspiration to invest early 
  • 16:57 – This passion set Damian on this current trajectory…  
  • 19:12 – “Fortune favours the brave”: How Damian made his first investment 
  • 21:22 – From building his portfolio to starting Momentum Wealth  
  • 26:14 – Damian’s sentiment toward rising interest rates  
  • 29:29 – Was he tempted to sell a property during COVID!??  
  • 31:59 – The psychology trap many investors fall into during market cycles  
  • 35:57 – Why Perth’s prices are sitting where they are!  
  • 42:01 – Should Perth still be seen as just a mining town? 
  • 46:20 – If you’re in this position, Damian recommends investing in Perth… 
  • 48:30 – Regression to the mean: Why it should mean something to you!  
  • 49:43 – Why should you be investing in Perth today?  
  • 53:10 – The Critical Construction Industry Challenge  
  • 54:06 – Psst…Astute or borderless investors, listen to this part 😉  
  • 56:45 – Investing in Commercial property (+ Damian’s solution to remove barriers of entry for everyday folk)  
  • 1:01:04 – The class Damian likes to invest heavily in…  



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Episode 358 | Too Much Risk? Australian Property & Economic Update – Chat with Nerida Conisbee

Breaking news just in on the property & economic front, folks!

There’s clearly quite a bit going on with the health crisis, soaring property market and… just announced this week… an indication that a tightening of lending might be coming sooner than we think!

Despite price growth in the current market being led primarily by owner-occupiers, the risks around rising household debt may mean that APRA and the financial regulators will step in to prevent the build-up of future risks to the broader economy…

The question is: If they’re going to pull the handbrake, What Would This Look Like and WHEN Would It Happen?

Here to unpack all this, as well as the latest Australian Property & Economic Update is our good friend Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at Ray White.

Now, if you’ve heard Nerida’s data-driven insights and wisdom on the show before, you might’ve noticed she’s had a little change in title from Chief Economist at the REA Group… And if you haven’t heard from her before (you’re in for a real treat!) or simply need a refresher: Nerida is a highly regarded economist, with a specific expertise in residential and commercial property. She is currently the MOST quoted property commentator in Australia, the third most quoted economist and a sought-after public speaker, writer and columnist with more than 20 years of property research experience throughout Asia Specific.

So, if you want a PRECISE update on property and economic news here in Australia (and where it’s looking to go from here), then please listen now to get the gold & stay informed.


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Here’s What We Cover…

  • 00:40 – Block your ears non-AFL fans 😉
  • 03:28 – Try this word instead.
  • 05:24 – Meet Nerida…
  • 06:04 – The change & data leak
  • 07:36 – Never Before Revealed: Nerida’s Money Backstory!!
  • 10:46 – Does she carry this through with her own family?
  • 13:24 – Nerida’s property story
  • 14:33 – The current economy – What’s going on?!
  • 16:27 – What will likely unfold in the December quarter?
  • 16:57 – What picks up when we come out of lockdown?
  • 17:12 – The Big Challenge: Iron Ore Prices
  • 17:49 – Where will this show up most in the Aus economy?
  • 18:48 – What might happen if we see higher hospital rates?
  • 21:25 – Australia’s Economy­ – What might happen?
  • 22:38 – The Lack of Migration: How Problematic Is It?
  • 23:39 – The Hot Topic: INFLATION
  • 26:00 – Too Much Risk!?!
  • 26:18 – A Trillion Dollars In Debt: Australia’s Debt Hole
  • 26:47 – How are we going to pay that debt back?
  • 28:15 – Property Update!
  • 29:45 – Breaking News: Josh Frydenberg’s Announcement!
  • 30:08 – Household Debt — Where is it currently at?
  • 31:25 – What does Nerida see happening with the regulations?
  • 35:54 – How do you stop people taking on too much debt?
  • 38:30 – What’s happening with First Home Buyers?
  • 41:46 – What you need to know about immigration
  • 45:04 – The Luxury Market: How is it performing?
  • 46:34 – Listing Volumes – What’s happening now?
  • 49:00 – The Future of Commercial Property in CBDs
  • 52:14 – Unemployment Numbers: The Risk Factors
  • 55:21 – How to NOT save $250! (interesting way to look at things…)
  • 56:28 – Pain & Gain: New Data From CoreLogic



285 | “Catching a Falling Knife” Is investing in Commercial Real Estate a good idea right now? – Chat with Scott O’Neill

Is the “home office” the future office? Coronavirus has changed the face of many businesses – entire companies are now working from home, retail shops have switched to online selling and others, like cafés and restaurants, have simply “shut up shop”, either temporarily as they wait for the storm to pass, or permanently.

So it begs the question… is investing in COMMERCIAL property still a good idea?

Well, returning to the Couch is Scott O’Neill, Founder and Director of Rethink Investing, a buyers agency that specialises in both commercial and residential real estate! Yep, we first heard from him back on Episode 230 | From Residential to Commercial Investing: How this guy quit his Day Job at 28 … and  today we’re in for a very special treat as Scott walks us through the key themes unfolding in the office, retail and industrial space… PLUS, he gives us his expert opinion on the “new normal” in commercial real estate, so our folks interested in investing in commercial property know what to aim for, what to avoid and how to find the right commercial properties!

Oh, and Scott even manages to sprinkle in a few nuggets of gold on residential real estate too!


This is a fascinating and knowledge-backed episode that really sinks in a few key messages – and not just for our commercial property investors, but also for the rest of us who simply want to navigate this coronavirus and learn investing best-practices!


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