51 | Will Labor’s proposed changes to Negative Gearing policy be good or bad for ordinary Australians?

What an interesting weekend! We always knew that the negative gearing debate was one that would never fade away but last weekend on 13th of February 2016, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten used his speech to the NSW ALP conference to unveil some possible changes to negative gearing should Labor win the next election. Needless to say, this opens up a lot of conversations and debates surrounding what this policy would involve, what data the decision is based on, the policies’ framework and its implications.

In his speech, Bill Shorten mentioned that if Labor wins the next election, from July 2017 onward, negative gearing will only be available on newly constructed homes. This is to improve the efficiency and fairness of the Australian Taxation system and he reiterated that the changes will not affect existing negatively geared properties. Furthermore, this policy will also reduce the subsidy on CGT from 50% to 25%. You can read the rest of his speech here.

As property investment advisors, property analysts and professionals who are actively involved in the industry, Bryce and Ben are both aware that any negative gearing changes would have a ripple effect on the Australian property market as well as the general economy. Decisions that are made without considering all the impacts on the market would mean history repeating itself again such as the brief change in negative gearing in 1985. Hence, in this podcast they analyse Labor’s proposed changes and explain the good and bad aspects of those changes.


It is important to note that Bryce and Ben’s comments and opinions in today’s podcast are their own and not the position of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA).

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