490 | Why Is the Sandwich Generation Trapped in Wealth Limbo?


The Sandwich Generation is stuck in a wealth limbo where “it seems impossible to get past 1 to 2 properties”, says TPC listener MC. But who are this group of investors, and why are they finding themselves in this property purgatory? 💸 

In today’s episode, we explore how to get creative to escape wealth limbo, the #1 thing you shouldn’t do for those going through a breakup and pose the question… 

Would you stop paying 10c at the risk of not earning $1?  

This question paints the tip of the iceberg for today’s discussion into a battle that looks increasingly akin to David and Goliath as the government continues to stop $3B worth of incentives for property investors… 

The truth is in the pudding (or, more specifically, the Australian Taxation Office’s data): for the first time in recorded history, rental stock is declining 

It’s an alarming and insightful episode that will open your eyes to the many hurdles property investors must overcome.  

Give it a listen now, folks 😊  


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  • The first time in recorded Australian History: Rental stock is going backwards and the latest ATO data. Watch this Episode on YouTube to see these insightful graphs >>  
  • Bryce’s Lifehack: iPhone stickers can help you plan your outfit! >>  
  • Ben’s “What’s Making Property News”: Read Domain’s March 2024 Rental Report >>  
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Comments & Questions

Listener Comment from Tom: 

Hi Ben and Bryce,

Loving the content after listening for more than 3 years.

There is currently a lot of noise in the media and social platforms about how us greedy investors are pushing up house prices and rents as well as rolling in wealth as a result of the negative gearing and capital gains tax rules which I believe need to be clarified for everyday Aussies and certainly for the politicians who are using this agenda for their own political benefit.

As a property investor, I have and will continue to work as diligently as possible to pay tax on my rental properties every year. Yes this is my goal!

For the past 3 years, I have had the privilege of paying tax on income received from my rental properties although this may change in the coming year as a result of interest rates and increased costs to hold the properties.

Negative Gearing is a safety net for the investor which supports reducing the “loss” it does not create a windfall at all and simply means that if for example I made a loss of $10,000 on rental properties in a year and I am on the top marginal tax rate, my loss is reduced by up to $4,700.

I am still making a loss whilst providing accommodation so I am a little confused by the politicians assumption that we buy property just so that we can claim back some tax and lose money. Makes little sense and it is my view that removal of this safety net will simply increase the cost of rents.

Capital gains tax discount which was brought in to replace indexing and based on my research, the impact (difference between before and after capital gains tax discount) is actually in favour of going back to the indexing model where investors made slightly more.

I am proud to be a property investor providing good, safe and as affordable as possible accommodation for my tenants and whilst I accept that I cannot always make money on the rents collected, I am ultimately doing this to support myself and my family in retirement where I will most likely continue to pay tax on rental income happily until my final breath.

Seems to me that the politicians want me to reconsider and live off the government in my retirement rather than contribute!

The record needs to be set straight on the greens agenda. The Greens were for the environment when it was top of the social media charts but now suddenly they are the anti-investors party because this has a higher profile.

We as a group of investors need to create a voice that helps inform all people of the facts rather than the political BS!  I would pay to watch or listen to you guys interviewing one of these politicians!

Perhaps by putting everyone straight, we can get the focus back on to the priority which is increasing supply and improving vacancy rates rather than pointing fingers.

Keep up the great work gents!



Question on Sandwich Generation of Women from MC:

I’m keen to hear from single women (and men) who didn’t start investing till their 40s. There are so many of us! It’s a real feature of my generation.

A lot of the single women you’ve had on your program started their investment journey before 2017, so were able to buy multiple properties with equity and before the serviceability constraints came in.

If you’re a single female on a middle income today, don’t have parental assistance or any kind of inherited wealth, and you start investing a bit later, it seems impossible to get past 1 to 2 properties.

I’m keen to hear others who might have done that in today’s environment, especially how they’ve met and creatively dealt with serviceability challenges.

For what it’s worth, I think there’s a large, sandwich generation of women who never married, but whose parents never bothered to educate them about property because they just assumed it was a ladder they’d start climbing once they got married and had children.

But that hasn’t happened, so they’re in a kind of wealth limbo. I know so many people in this situation! I’m also just keen to hear more from people who started their investment journey late – age 40+ – in general and to hear what they’ve been able to achieve.

Cheers and thanks for your terrific program!



  • 0:00 – Why Is the Sandwich Generation Trapped in Wealth Limbo? 
  • 1:35 – Tell us what you want to hear! >>  
  • 4:27 – Mindset Minute: How to Stop the Toxic Cycle of Overthinking  
  • 9:27 – Previous Summer Series Guest: Negative Gearing is Still Loss Making  
  • 13:57 – Property just isn’t stacking up anymore for the investor… 
  • 18:27 – A Letter to the QLD Parliament from A Property Investor 
  • 22:01 – The first time in recorded Australian history: Rental stock is going backwards?!  
  • 26:09 – It’s David vs. Goliath: Giving the investor a voice  
  • 32:13 – Would you stop paying 10c at the risk of not earning $1?  
  • 38:31 – If you stop the $3B incentives, you have to accept the unintended consequences…  
  • 43:40 – Q1) Sandwich Generation of Women from MC   
  • 46:14 – You need 2 essential things to invest in property  
  • 48:55 – “Don’t think about investments, think about stabilisation”  
  • 51:00 – Why Bryce likes listening to success stories  
  • 53:57 – Get creative to get out of the wealth limbo 
  • 57:09 – Going through a breakup? Don’t do THIS  
  • 1:02:19 – Encore Comment: “You’ll be given a generous referral fee of $10,000 plus GST for each successful referral.” 🙄 
  • 1:06:48 – Behind-the-scenes of how the referral game works   


  • 1:11:18 – Lifehack: iPhone stickers can help you plan your outfit   
  • 1:13:55 – WMPN: Quarterly Rents: We predict VIC will be top soon…


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452 | “We made $400k tax free from Reno’s!”: How this TV Popstar Built His Flourishing Portfolio – Chat with Jason Bird

Meet Jason Bird, today’s super special Winter Series guest. Although, this probably isn’t the FIRST time you’ve ever heard of him because today’s guest is also… 

Former Scandal’us pop star from the 90’s hit show Pop Stars!! 😮  

Yep. We got to sit down with an incredibly humble and inspiring former pop star with a truly mind-blowing story to share. 

We’ll be starting right back at the beginning, before the fame and worldwide tours, to when recessions and failing family businesses were his reality… 

Tune in as we follow Jason’s inspiring rise to fame as he becomes an overnight sensation, lives the glamorous life of a pop star, and how, with its abrupt end, he pivots to build a 3 property portfolio (and growing!).   

And did we mention, he flips a house earning him $400k…. tax-free?!?!?   

It’s true. Today’s episode will have you on the edge of your seat as we get a sneak peek at how much Australian pop stars really earn, see the TRUE value of transparent money conversations and the terrifying consequences of having a negative credit score (Seriously, tune in to 27:48 now folks).  

As always, today’s episode is another jaw-dropping story of perseverance, hard work and humility. 

 Give it a listen now or watch the Episode below! 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Incoming gold alert!!   
  • 1:34 – Welcome Jason!   
  • 2:09 – Growing up where money conversations were…a cornerstone?!   
  • 4:03 – A recession, a failed business & a changed lifestyle 😮   
  • 7:21 – “Work Smarter, Not Harder”: Jason’s Valuable Lessons Learned  
  • 9:46 – THIS is how it affected his siblings…    
  • 11:24 – From first job to…recording artist?!?     
  • 15:27 – Touring UK and Australia (Jason was earning THIS much?!?)  
  • 17:25 – An Insider’s Look: How glamorous was the pop stars lifestyle really?  
  • 20:47 – Staying grounded and an end of an era 🙁   
  • 25:55 – Pivoting to Property during Perth’s Property Boom    
  • 27:48 – LMI declined because of… a phone bill?! 
  • 31:13 – The 7 years clearing the botched phone deal  
  • 34:01 – The first plot of land he bought (Make sure you do THIS test folks!)  
  • 36:15 – His first reno project + meeting his life partner… 
  • 38:42 – The property they got for a bargain! (and the flipping process)  
  • 41:44 – Finding success in Success, Perth 😊  
  • 44:55 – “It was absolute hell; at one stage we had no floors…”  
  • 46:26 – $400k in tax-free profits?!?  
  • 48:02 – Why having an investment-savvy broker is so critical!  
  • 50:55 – How does Jason’s property portfolio look now? 
  • 51:46 – Jason’s driving goals & how he found a balance in life  
  • 54:59 – Key Messages for our TPC Community!  
  • 58:56 – and THIS is why Jason decided to come onto the couch!  
  • 1:02:56 – Here’s how you can catch Jason performing 😉  
  • 1:04:05 – WOW, what a story! Thank you, Jason! 


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451 | From Unspeakable Trauma to Overcoming Doubts & Beach Holidays: How This Nurse Did it! – Chat with Laraine Kenniff

Today we’re continuing our inspirational Winter Series with a story from a true Aussie battler…

Meet Laraine, a nurse in the Trauma Centre Emergency Department who, until very recently, didn’t think she could see an endpoint.  

As she would later share with us… 

“I have been kicked and knocked out, and I get sworn at every shift (literally).  I stay for the people that we can save as a team. However, sometimes the sadness is relentless. 

So what today’s meeting gave me was an endpoint.”  

What happened in this meeting, and the complete psychological and self-belief transformation that Laraine undertook is completely mind-blowing, yet it is just ONE amazing and heartwarming chapter in her remarkable tale. 

Tune in now to hear how she grew beyond a family environment with absolutely NO money conversations to living her life as a battler and later overcoming her self-limiting beliefs to find her financial confidence despite Australia’s interest rate hikes.  

 We promise you – this is one episode that’ll completely blow your mind!  

 Give it a listen now folks 😊 😊 😊  



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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:27 – Welcome Laraine 😊  
  • 2:01 – From Osmosis to Fearless Transformation  
  • 2:26 – Ahhhh the 80’s!  
  • 4:58 – Leaving the nest & being really broke 
  • 8:15 – Would I be further ahead if…? 
  • 9:28 – Twins: A different way of processing things  
  • 10:25 – An early chance at peace 
  • 14:48 – “I didn’t think I could keep going on…”   
  • 16:04 – Changing her own paradigms  
  • 17:04 – Folks, it’s about C___meeting I____  
  • 19:50 – FOMO (with a twist 😉) 
  • 21:44 – Going in with a plan of attack…  
  • 22:57 – “This might bankrupt us, but I will get us out of it”  
  • 24:30 – The Stress Test   
  • 25:49 – How she kept her confidence – and goals – ahead!  
  • 28:12 – Trying to be what she wasn’t taught… 
  • 30:16 – Navigating this tightening interest rate cycle (aka. How to find Comfort in the Numbers)  
  • 35:18 – Why Laraine wanted to share her story  
  • 37:22 – …and THIS is how she feels about it!  
  • 38:34 – The Circle of Life   
  • 42:58 – PHEW, what an amazing episode! Thank you, Laraine! 😊  
  • 43:43 – Beware self-limiting beliefs!  
  • 45:46 – “Money is Simple, Behaviour is hard” 
  • 46:55 – Speak to a professional advisor!  
  • 49:21 – Reach out to us on Instagram & Facebook and let us know your favourite part of Laraine’s story! 


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TPC Summer Series 2022/23 is HERE!

It’s finally here folks.

It’s the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for (that’s almost better than Christmas 😉).

Today we’re kickstarting our 2022-23 Summer Series!!!  

And boy do we have a FANTASTIC lineup of guests for our 5th Summer Series, each with their own absolutely amazing, jaw-dropping stories which are all about this year’s theme… 

What Drove You To Act! 

Inspired by the crux in every movie.

The inspirational light bulb moment.

The Penny Drop “A-ha” moment.

These are the pivotal moments that every successful investor has faced on their investing journey.   

From their origin story to their darkest-before-dawn moments to their “rising from the ashes”, this year’s Summer Series is one you DON’T want to miss folks… 


Here are all the episodes! (P.S. if the link is not available, that’s because the episode is not out yet 😉) 


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