431 | Paying Too Much Interest? 6 Ways To Avoid Overpaying

A mortgage is one the biggest loans most people will ever take out in their life. It’s a scary thought.  

Now here’s the only thing scarier than that…  

Being stuck in Mortgage Jail – and not realising it!  

This sad truth is unfortunately what too many folks are facing, especially with rising rates. That’s why in Episode 431, we’re shining a light on why EVERYONE needs an investment-savvy broker to help them break out of Mortgage Jail and stop overpaying on interest – for good.   

To help us do this, we’re sharing real client stories from our amazing team of investment-savvy brokers who work at the coal face of the lending game every single day.

(For the folks that don’t know – we’ve had the absolute privilege and honour of changing thousands of clients’ lives through Empower Wealth, our award-winning financial advisory.)

From refinancing to bridging, we’ll share 6 creative and clever ways that they’ve found the best solution for our clients and beaten the banks at their own game.  

 And of course, we’ll be dialling it up with tons more wisdom like…
👉 How to tell the difference between an average broker and an investment-savvy broker?
👉 What is Mortgage Prison (and why the banks DON’T want you to know about it)
👉 Why You Need to Fall In Love With The Finances (NOT the bank) and much, much more!  

Another episode with so much gold, listen in now!  


P.S. If you’d like to do beat the banks too and save thousands of dollars in interest like our clients already have, why not work with our team! Reach out today for a 100% free, no-obligation chat today >> 


P.P.S. Pheewww (That’s how we imagine a party horn sounds when written down) — It’s our 8th Birthday TODAY!! 🎂🍰🧁🥳 🙌🎈🎉🎊 To see our first 20 episodes grow to a collection of 431 episodes (with many more to come) makes our hearts glow with warmth and our faces beam with pride. Thank you to our amazing TPC tribe for tuning in each and every week ❤️ 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – What’s in store today… 
  • 1:27 – Missed the PICA webinar? Become a member to watch the replay today!  
  • 2:36 – Mindset Minute: When the line between necessities & luxuries blur 😮  
  • 7:11 Our yardstick for helping clients (Yep. This is a REAL number)  
  • 10:43 – The set-up for today…  
  • 13:13 Folks, APRA is locking us up in mortgage prison! Here’s Why.  
  • 17:42 Story #1: They saved how much in interest?!?  
  • 19:16 – Year to Date: How we made it work in our favour.   
  • 21:29 – Story #2: We earned $0. But what we got was priceless.  
  • 23:46 – Refinancing: How To Negotiate Revert Rates  
  • 26:22 – THIS is what experience from an investment-savvy broker brings!!  
  • 28:43 – Bonus Story: This is what folks stand to gain… 
  • 29:40 – Story #3: The solution was simple; all that was needed was the leg work. 
  • 30:55 – Story #4: The loan was only of modest size. So how did we get them the best rate? 
  • 34:45 – There’s A LOT of competition right now; how can you make the most of it? 
  • 37:46 – Story #5: 2 hours work for a $12K incentive?! This is the deal we cut.  
  • 40:44 – This is why you shouldn’t be wedded to your banks!   
  • 42:24 – The Mechanics Behind A Bridging Loan 🌉  
  • 44:51 – Story #6: Their livelihoods were riding on this house. Here’s how they bought it – without the Bank of Mum & Dad!  
  • 47:10 – Why it’s not just about the tactics folks!  
  • 48:13 – This is why Credit Policy knowledge is critical! (Over $30K saved straight up!?!)  
  • 51:18 – The difference between a broker and an investment-savvy broker… 
  • 53:26 – The Key Takeaways (& Free Resources!)  
  • 55:08 – We’re gunning to save $3M+ of interest for our clients. Want to be part of this? Have a FREE, no-obligation chat with our award-winning investment-savvy Mortgage Broking team today. Click here to get started >>  



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