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Ready to unlock the untapped potential of your suburb? Look no further! Our comprehensive 39-page property report is a treasure trove of data insights, guiding you through the intricacies of the suburb, its vibrant community, and the dynamics of its properties. PLUS vital 20 key statistics covering long-term growth, market cycle timing, days on market, and much more – all conveniently packed into one single report!

Don’t miss out – enter your suburb now and seize instant access to a wealth of knowledge that could transform your property decisions.

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What To Expect in this Report?

There are heaps to unlock in our 39-page Property Market Report! Here’s a summary:

  • Suburb Dive: Discover the heartbeat of your community with detailed demographic insights.
  • Property Dynamics: Explore the rise and fall of property values, understanding short- and long-term influences.
  • Jargon Breakdown: Navigate the report effortlessly with clear explanations of industry terms.
  • Graph Mastery: Learn to read and interpret data graphs effectively, from Australia to your suburb.
  • Key Stats Explosion: If you like data, you’ll love this! Immerse yourself in 20 crucial statistics – Online search interest (OSI), Market cycle timing (MCT), Neighbour price balancing (NPB), Ripple effect potential (REP) and heaps more, each with bite-sized explanations.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses Spotlight: Identify what makes your market shine and where it could use a boost.
  • Moorr Unveiled: Get to know the force behind the report and explore additional educational treasures – 16 additional free reports, free books, video series and more. All the links are in the report saving you heaps of time searching for resources to expand your property knowledge.

Ready for an adventure in property knowledge? Let’s dive into your report and turn data into decisions!


Who Is this Free Report for?

  1. Homebuyers: Those looking to purchase a property and wanting detailed insights into the suburb and its property market.
  2. Owner Occupiers: Curious if your market is doing well? The stats in this report will tell you that!
  3. Property Investors: Individuals seeking data and analysis to make informed investment decisions.
  4. Educational Enthusiasts: People interested in learning more about property markets, demographics, and economic factors.
  5. Community Members: Residents curious about their suburb’s property trends and dynamics.


Can I see a Sample Report?

Yes certainly! Click here to download a sample report and see what it looks like.


Who Are We?

The Property Couch stands as Australia’s #1 Property Podcast, fueled by our unwavering passion for education and data!

In a laid-back, conversational style, hosts Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley delve into the realm of property investing in Australia. Every week, they navigate relevant and topical ideas in an engaging and enjoyable manner, creating a complete insider’s guide to Property, Finance, and Money Management. Covering a spectrum of topics—from choosing the right property, structuring your loan, and cultivating SMART Money Management habits to honing your investing mindset, selecting the optimal property investment strategy, and mastering auction bidding tips—Bryce and Ben are dedicated to sharing their combined 40-years of knowledge with you.


Why Are We Sharing this Report?

That’s a great question! The very first episode of our podcast, back in 2015, explains that.

We started The Property Couch podcast with one goal: We want to prevent people from making bad property mistakes.

In our role in the property industry as buyers’ agents and qualified property investment advisors, we’ve had many clients who came to us having been burned by mistakes they made or advice they received elsewhere. We try to help as much as we can, but it frustrates us that we couldn’t assist them sooner. Wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t make that mistake at all?

But as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That triggered us to start this podcast — to raise awareness and provide education on the property, finance, and money industry. Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of other guests come on the show to share their advice and wisdom, and we’ve also shared heaps of other freebies!

And this Property Market Report is just another one of our attempts to ensure that we raise more awareness with solid data, and hopefully, that will help everyday Australians achieve their Great Australian Dream.

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We Only Send You Awesome Stuff



We Only Send You Awesome Stuff