213 | Jane Slack-Smith – How to Adjust your Renovation Strategy for 2019?

Guess who’s back folks??!

… Our very dear friend, Australian Property Expert and THE person you want on your side if you’re planning on renovating for profit… Jane Slack-Smith, Founder of Your Property Success and The Ultimate Guide to Renovation!!!

Not only has Jane built an impressive multimillion dollar portfolio of her own, but also this ex-Explosive Engineer (she’s a very smart cookie) has been equally successful at transforming her own clients’ lives, particularly when it comes to property investment education and strategic renovation.

We’ll say it another way: there’s no one quite like Jane in our industry — she’s grounded in the foundations of property investment and she definitely knows her stuff.

And, yep, you might remember her from Episode 61 | Finding the right property education and renovation tips – Chat with Jane Slack-Smith.

So, let’s stick with the vibe of our Summer Series, and simply dive straight into it, shall we?


Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s show…


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