110 (Part 1) | Meet Frank from The Block! – Chat with Frank Valentic, Director of Advantage Property Consulting

To carry on our Real Estate Agent series, we have Frank Valentic for this 2-part episode! Household name and Director of Advantage Property Consulting, Frank often appears on the TV series The Block, helping his buyers snatch up a few properties on auction day! He joins Bryce and Ben today to give you all an insight into his world of being one of Australia’s leading Buyer’s Agents. In part one, we listen to Bryce, Ben and Frank discuss the following topics and more:

  • How he got into his first property back in 1995 and started his portfolio
  • Frank’s professional background and how he went from semi-professional soccer player, to P.E Teacher, to a Buyer’s Agent
  • How did he research for properties back when he just started and how it has changed since then
  • His mentor in life
  • What his motivations are for being successful in the buyers agent field
  • Where to get off market properties and are they always a great investment
  • What are the due diligence to be done prior to purchasing an investment property
  • Tips for first home buyers looking to get into the market


Make sure to listen to the whole of this part to learn even more tips and information. And of course stay tuned for part 2 so you don’t miss out on all of the absolute gold discussed in this week’s episode.

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