491 | The 3 Stages of Retirement & Why Most Don’t Think Beyond Stage 1?  – Chat with Jennifer Langton


“What you do with your home will have the biggest impact on your fees and charges and how your cash flow works in residential aged care.”  Jennifer Langton  

Folks, there’s A LOT of considerations and work to be done to “get your ducks in order” before you retire. It can be overwhelming, from managing your pension to strategically positioning your home and investment properties.   

And it’s not just for elderly folks or those who are about to retire. Gen Xs, we’re talking to you too!   

To help guide you through Australia’s complex Aged Care system, we’ve got an exceptional, first-time property couch guest: Jennifer Langton!   

Jennifer is the Head of Personal Advice at Aged Care Steps and is an Educator, Financial Adviser, and Speaker who is an FAAA accredited Aged Care Specialist for Senior Aged Care and Retirement Living.   

Together, we unpack: 
✅ The 3 Major Phases of Retirement & why most people only think about Phase #1!  
✅ Why you want to avoid “Hospital Carpark Decisions” at ALL costs  
✅ Why You Don’t Want A Scottish Castle In Retirement!  
✅ How your home is assessed (Psst: It’s different between your aged care and aged pension!) 
✅ The intricacies between interest rates and pensions and the new incoming changes 
✅ Jen’s top tips and tricks for aged care and much more!   

 Tune in now to discover the answer to some of these age-old questions 😊   


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  • 0:00 – The 3 Stages of Retirement & Why Most Don’t Think Beyond Stage 1? 
  • 2:44 – 2024 Survey Closing Soon: Fill yours out & get our FREE Case Studies Unpacked Series 
  • 5:02 – If you are a Gen X, you’re going to want to do this…  
  • 6:08 Mindset Minute: Dream while you’re awake    
  • 9:53 – Welcome Jennifer Langton!  
  • 10:29 – We NEED to change these Aged Care myths  
  • 14:29 – Jen’s career from Flying to Financial Planning 
  • 16:50 – Her Traditional Money Backstory  
  • 19:04 – “Sit down and have that cup of tea”: The first big steps to financial literacy  
  • 21:30 – How Jen has always stayed in control of her finances  
  • 22:38 – The big transition away from a traditional upbringing 
  • 23:26 – The 3 Major Phases of Retirement  
  • 27:21 – The options available in Australia’s care system  
  • 32:03 – Who and what should you be considering when it comes to retirement?   
  • 33:54 – Application to approval codes: The Assessment Process  
  • 37:37 – The Scottish Castle: Why it matters WHERE you live 
  • 41:27 – “Your home is assessed differently for aged care and aged pension”  
  • 44:45 – Avoid ‘Hospital Carpark Conversations’ at all costs! 
  • 46:44 – THIS is where Financial Planners shine  
  • 48:12 – The messy middle of 1 investment property  
  • 50:27 – Option 1: Do Nothing?!  
  • 51:12 – Case Study: Beryl, aged 87  
  • 54:55 – The fine print: Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RAD) 
  • 58:06 – New changes coming out to interest rates and aged care?  
  • 1:01:55 – The wealthiest generation around the world    
  • 1:04:12 – Tips & traps of aged care 
  • 1:07:53 – The Granny Flat Catch  
  • 1:09:30 – Summary  
  • 1:10:23 – What options do you have for your home in retirement? 
  • 1:11:43 – Why we haven’t been talking about Superannuation 
  • 1:13:47 – Advice from one of the best in financial and aging care planning   


  • 1:16:04 – Thank you for turning on the lightbulb, Jennifer!  
  • 1:21:36 – Lifehack: Apple has added a game-changing feature for podcasts  
  • 1:23:40 – WMPN: Construction has hit new lows & the most expensive property on the planet?!  


489 | The Rise of the Finfluencer: Who’s at Risk?


Ever find yourself double-tapping a Finfluencer’s post and thinking, “Is this legit?”  

You’re not alone. We all love a good financial glow-up story, but discerning sound advice from dangerous schemes is becoming harder online.  

That’s why, in this week’s episode, we’re diving into the fast-paced world of financial influencers. 

 From the six red flags to spot a Finfluencer in a sea of seemingly harmless finance feeds to understanding why “pay interest only” tips are just the tip of the iceberg, tune in to discover who’s most likely at risk of being stung by these Finfluencers and, more importantly, how to avoid it. 

 Listen now to learn how to navigate today’s complex Finfluencer landscape.  


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  • Resources from Ben’s “What’s Making Property News”:  



  • 0:00 – The Rise of the Finfluencer: Who’s at Risk? 
  • 3:46 – Tell us what you want to hear this year!  
  • 6:26 – Mindset Minute: History never repeats itself, man always does 
  • 7:40 – The listener Q which started this episode (Thanks, Jen!)  
  • 9:35 – The Evolution of the Finfluencer  
  • 12:10 – What is a Finfluencer?  
  • 13:43 – Here’s how to spot one!  
  • 14:32 – The #6 ways Finfluencers differ from traditional financial advisors:
    1. A_ ce_s_b_li_ _ 
  • 16:03 – 2. P_a_ _o_m 
  • 17:31 – 3. Re_u_a_ _on 
  • 18:25 – 4. E_p_r_ise & C_ede_ _ials 
  • 22:53 – 5. Co_pe_sa_ _on 
  • 25:20 – 6. Pe_ _on_li_a_ _on 
  • 29:19 – Beware credit advice!  
  • 31:11 – Who’s at risk of being stung by a Finfluencers?  
  • 32:19 – How Finfluencers measure success 
  • 32:52 – The 2 groups at greatest risk 
  • 37:19 – Why are they so effective?  
  • 40:17 – #6 Finfluence Red Flags: 1. “Too Good to Be ____”  
  • 43:42 – 2. Hard ____  
  • 46:14 – 3. Lack of ____ 
  • 47:20 – 4. High ____ Strategies  
  • 50:27 – 5. Emphasis on ____ ____ Gains  
  • 52:55 – 6. Hero not the ______ 
  • 56:36 – ASIC & Finfluencers  
  • 1:00:20 – The difficulties monitoring Finfluencers  
  • 1:02:40 – The Downfall of the ASX Wolf  
  • 1:09:20 – Why property is the playground for the spruiker  
  • 1:14:00 – The #3 Ps you should practice going forward  
  • 1:19:29 – Final Word: “Sniff Test” our podcast folks! 
  • 1:21:30 – What we stand for  
  • 1:27:32 – Have a topic you want us to tackle? Let us know!  


  • 1:28:49 – Lifehack: Got a boarding pass? Try this plane lifehack 
  • 1:30:46 – WMPN:  Where are Australians flocking to? Interstate population growth  


Quiz: What Grade of Financial Wellbeing Are You and How To Get To The Next One?


P.S You can also listen to Episode 275: 7 Grades of Financial Wellbeing – Which one are you? for more.



Episode 81 | Does investing for the long term actually matter? – Chat with Stuart Wemyss

For today’s podcast, we have Stuart Wemyss, owner and Director of ProSolution Private Clients joining us to talk about his property investment journey and his investing philosophies. Coming from an Accounting and Finance background and with more than 19 years of experience in the investment services, Stuart is also a PIPA Member and has authored two books; Smart Borrower’s Handbook and The Property Puzzle.

So for today’s episode, the three of them will be talking about:

  • When did he buy his first property and how did he start investing in property
  • What are the lessons he learned when building his property portfolio
  • Why does investing for the long-term matter and the mindset needed for this approach
  • In his role as a mortgage broker and finance specialist, what are the common mistakes he has seen over the years
  • What are his tips for listeners when they are choosing an investment advisor
  • Two questions you need to know the answer for before prior to building an investment portfolio
  • What he thinks about commission-based financial advice


[alert]Don’t forget to download the Property Investor Sentiment Survey 2016 Report! – Download here[/alert]


And if you are interested to learn more about Stuart’s books, here are some reference points:

  • Smart Borrower’s Handbook | An Essential Guide for Property, Sharemarket and Superannuation Investors – Buy here
  • The Property Puzzle | A Simple Guide for Property Investors on How to Develop a Safe Financial Plan – Buy here



If you like this podcast: “Does Investing for the long term actually matter? – Chat with Stuart Wemyss”, don’t forget to rate us on our iTunes channel (The Property Couch Podcast) and our Facebook page. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to drop us your thoughts here: https://thepropertycouch.com.au/topics/


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