114 (Part 1) | How One Punch Turned Into A Property Empire – Chat with Brad Teal, Director of Brad Teal Real Estate

The last episode of our Elite Agent Series is with Brad Teal, Director and Founder of Brad Teal Real Estate! Born and raised in Melbourne’s north-west coupled with more than 40 years of experience in the real estate industry, Brad’s understanding of the real estate market, property trends in the area and local facilities and amenities is second to none. And how did he build up his property empire? It all started with a punch in the face! Find out more on today’s podcast.

For the first part of this episode, Bryce, Ben and Brad also chat about:

  • How Melbourne’s north-west has changed over the years and the gentrification that had happened
  • What are considered as investment grade assets and why he’s interested in ‘bullet-proof’ properties
  • Setting the right expectation on rental returns and tips to increase yield
  • Is there any investment potential in one bedroom apartments?
  • New vs old apartments and the impact of high-density development on the suburbs
  • Mistakes buyers make at auction
  • Transparency in the buying process
  • Understanding the auction system


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