Episode 61 | Finding the right property education and renovation tips – Chat with Jane Slack-Smith

Listeners of The Property Couch would probably know our view on property renovation. If it’s a small project such as a fresh paint, we are all over it but if you are looking at renovating for profit, we always ask our listeners to proceed with caution because a renovation project can be quite daunting for the inexperience.

The Property Couch podcast Ep 61 - Tips for renovatingSo this time, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley invite a close of friend of theirs and a fellow property expert especially when it comes to renovation, Jane Slack-Smith from Your Property Success to share some of her views and tips on property education and renovation! The three of them will be discussing about:

  • What are the different types of property education or seminar out there
  • How to ensure you are getting independent views from these seminars
  • What’s the right mindset when it comes to property renovation
  • Characteristics of a successful renovator
  • What considerations and risk that you need to look at prior to starting a renovation project
  • Property renovation tips for beginners


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