494 | “The Table of Truth”: Everything You Need to Know About Property & The Budget


Folks, the 2024-25 Federal Budget has just dropped, so what does it mean for property investors and the broader economy?   

In this exciting episode, we’re unpacking everything you need to know about the new budget and bringing in a leading financial market expert to help.   

Returning to the couch is Evan Lucas economist, Moorr ambassador and author of the best-selling book Mind Over Money. Basically, we’ve brought in the big guns to tackle:    

💰 Is this budget economically or politically driven?
🏆 Who were the winners & losers?
💸 The drastic spending decisions made by the government (and the resulting deficit)
📈 The secondary inflation wave on the horizon
❓ The #1 big surprise missing from this budget
🏠 Why we will NOT reach the goal of 1.2M new dwellings
 🔄 What would it take to see positive political reforms?   

As Evan says, “Subsidies are not a magic bullet through fixed inflation.”   

To understand this year’s budget and what it means for you, tune in now folks 😊   


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  • 0:00 – “The Table of Truth”: Everything You Need to Know About Property & The Budget 
  • 3:26 – Mindset Minute: “Our Well-Being Lies in Our Actions” 
  • 8:09 – We’ve brought in the big guns: Evan Lucas!  
  • 10:27 – Is the budget economically or politically driven?  
  • 17:00 – What would it take for positive reform to happen?   
  • 28:38 – The drastic spending decisions made by the Gov 
  • 31:03 – …and the staggering deficit in the coming years  
  • 33:31 – The secondary inflation wave coming  
  • 38:49 – Is this budget likely to backfire with rising interest rates?  
  • 44:12 – The 66% increase in childcare subsidies 
  • 51:51 – The winners & losers of the budget  
  • 1:01:30– The big surprise in this budget 
  • 1:04:48 – The Greens votes and rental pressures  
  • 1:07:52 – Why we are NOT going to reach 1.2M new dwellings  
  • 1:12:57 – The PICA Perspective: Negative Gearing and a proposed model  
  • 1:15:46 – What would we do differently?  
  • 1:20:33 – Bryce’s view on the Budget  


  • 1:21:56 – Lifehack: The Table of Truth  
  • 1:26:15 – WMPN:  The 2 Qs to ask your Buyers Agent 

RBA Cash Rate May 2024 | The Inflation Psychology Story

Welcome to the third RBA Rate Release of 2024 with Ben Kingsley and Evan Lucas!  

Here’s a sneak peek into what our hosts cover in today’s episode: 

📺 RBA’s Interest Rate Decision: Find out all about the Reserve Bank of Australia’s cash rate decision, as announced at 2.30pm (AEDT) today! 

📈 Australia’s Inflation Challenges: The Q1 inflation rate is at a stubborn 3.6%, which is above the RBA’s comfort zone of 2-3%. Find out why non-tradables like healthcare and rental housing are giving inflation a nudge, as well as the potential interest rate adjustments in light of the upcoming federal budget. 

🏅 Employment Landscape: While there are mixed trends in US and Australia’s employment situations, Australia shows many positive signs with record-high participation rates and an all-time high in female employment. 

🏠 Property Market Dynamics: Despite expectations, property prices in Australia are on the rise. We’ll explore the ups and downs of the market, driven by high demand in some areas and scarcity in others. Get ready for a deep dive into what’s happening now and what it means for future property investments. 

💰 The Inflation Psychology Story: Ever heard of the “buy now or regret later” mindset? It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy where high prices make people rush to buy, which, in turn, keeps prices high. Ben & Evan discuss this consumer mindset and its effects on inflation. 

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, house hunter, or just curious about economic trends, this episode is a must-listen!  



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RBA Cash Rate Mar 2024 | Are We Facing Challenges with Sticky Inflation?

Welcome to the second RBA Rate Release of 2024!

Once again, our esteemed independent economist Evan Lucas and affable host, Ben Kingsley, reunite to decipher the latest economic trends and data in this month’s episode.

In this instalment, we embark on a journey into the realm of economics – endeavouring to unravel its rich tapestry and better understand its implications. Here’s a glimpse into the topics Ben & Evan will cover:

📈 Sticky Inflation in the US: We delve into inflation and its tenacity within the US economy, exploring its implications for consumers and businesses alike.

📊 Deep Dive into December GDP Quarter Numbers: We take a close look at the recently released GDP quarter numbers for the Australian market, seeking to glean insights into the underlying economic dynamics.

🏦 Bank of Japan’s Interest Rate Decision: Venture with us into the East as we explore the deliberations of the Bank of Japan regarding a potential rate “hike” after over 15 years, and its potential ripple effects on the global economic landscape.

🇦🇺 Australian Economic Outlook and Predictions: We offer our perspectives on the prevailing economic conditions in Australia and the conundrum faced by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) as it navigates through uncertain waters.

💡 Monetary Policy and its Limitations: We discuss the effectiveness of monetary policy as the sole tool for managing inflation, considering interest rate movements only impacts one-third of the Australian population.

Join us as we embark on this quest to demystify the complexities of the economic realm and provide clarity amidst the fog of uncertainty. Now, let’s delve into this month’s update!



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483 | Housing is Undersupplied, So WHY are Home Values Falling? – Chat with Eliza Owen


In this week’s episode, we’re welcoming back an incredibly passionate and eloquent data analysis and reporting expert who is ALSO a returning guest. Please welcome back… 

Eliza Owen, Head of Residential Research Australia at CoreLogic!    

With her experience as a housing market researcher spanning nearly a decade, Eliza has reported on many of Australia’s critical housing issues, from affordability and credit conditions to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on market performance. 

In this episode, we’ll use her brilliant insights to explore precisely WHY we see the numbers in today’s property market, like…   

🏠 With Australia facing an undersupplied housing crisis, why are some market values still falling?!    

📉 How is the housing market defying economic predictions?    

🔄  And what’s going on with the inverse relationship between property values and interest rates?!    

Listen now to find out!  


P.S.  Stay tuned till the end for a sneak peek at CoreLogic’s webinar with Eliza & Effie Zahos, celebrating International Women’s Day and all the women in property. 🎉 


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Graphs mentioned


  • 0:00 – Housing is Undersupplied, So WHY are Home Values Falling?  
  • 1:32 – Our 9th Birthday, can you help us + PICA Webinar Replay  
  • 4:09 – Mindset Minute: The Paradigm for Investors 
  • 9:17 – Welcome back Eliza Owen!  
  • 10:40 – Recap & Money Backstory  
  • 12:05 – Eliza has never used a credit card: Financial conversations & emotional responses to money 
  • 16:48 – Why she decided to buy a unit over a house!  
  • 21:56 – If housing is so undersupplied, why are some markets falling in value? 
  • 24:35 – How does changing family and renter demographics affect demand?  
  • 27:46 – The social problem with housing  
  • 30:18 – What is True Demand?  
  • 31:44 – If interest rates go down, will APRA’s 3% buffer rate go down  
  • 32:50 – How the housing market is defying economic indicators 
  • 33:43 – The inverse relationship of property values and interest rates  
  • 36:48 – 25.6% of properties purchased in cash?!  
  • 38:22 – The masterstroke in Western Australia’s market  
  • 41:24Are we seeing green shoots?  
  • 44:05 – How much of what we saw in 2023 is due to behavioural economics?  
  • 45:31 – If rates don’t pause, will more homeowners be forced to sell?  
  • 48:46 – The changing gap between housing and units 
  • 54:08 – The Substitution Effect: The Buyers of 2015/16 
  • 59:11 – Why CoreLogic’s “Women & Property” report matters 


  • 1:05:09 – What a fantastic session, thank you Eliza!  
  • 1:07:44 – Lifehack: How to stop feeling overwhelmed when juggling life  
  • 1:10:52 – WMPN: Greens going to vote against Labor’s Home Deposit Scheme 😮  


RBA Cash Rate Feb 2024 | Shifting Tides: Exploring the Global Influence on Australia’s Economy in 2024

Welcome to the first RBA Rate Announcement of 2024, a year that heralds a fresh and insightful approach to our economic updates! This year, we’re thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership: Ben will be teaming up with Evan Lucas for all future RBA insights. With this powerhouse duo at the helm, you can bet we’re diving far beyond the basics.

Evan Lucas isn’t just any analyst; he’s a titan in the world of economics (and he’s appeared multiple times on our show!) As the author of the best selling book, “Mind Over Money: Why Understanding Your Money Behaviour Will Improve Your Financial Freedom,” Evan brings a wealth of experience as a market strategist and a fervent passion for investment. His keen insights promise to enrich our understanding of Australia’s economic landscape like never before.

Together, Ben and Evan will take us on a deep dive into the undercurrents and nuances of Australia’s economy, shedding light on the forces shaping our future.

In this month’s video, they tackle several pivotal topics:

  • The Global Giant – Dissecting the US Economy: The US economy acts as a barometer for the global financial climate. Our experts dissect its latest GDP growth rates and Federal Reserve decisions to uncover how these factors ripple across the globe, impacting Australia directly.
  • Navigating the Waters of Global and Domestic Inflation: The spectre of inflation has loomed large over economies worldwide. Ben and Evan explore whether inflation remains a pressing concern or if recent trends suggest it’s receding into the rearview mirror. #Finally
  • Employment Data – Decoding the Numbers: The duo delves into the complexities of employment data, advocating for a closer look at underutilization rates as a more telling indicator of the job market’s health than traditional metrics might suggest.
  • Forecasting Australia’s Economic Voyage: Armed with data and insights, our hosts chart the course of Australia’s economic journey through 2024. They assess the potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, asking: will we navigate calm seas or face turbulent waters?

Will 2024 be a year of contrasts? As we look ahead, Ben and Evan discussed whether 2024 will unfold as a year marked by starkly different halves. What will the coming months bring for the RBA’s cash rate, market dynamics, and property trends?

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve into this month’s update!






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