118 | Create Wealth Through Your Assets, Not Your Pay Packet – Chat with Craig Stephens, Managing Director of Jas Stephens

Today’s podcast title is a direct quote from our special guest, Craig Stephens! As the Managing Director of Jas Stephens, with a history spanning over 90 years and four generations and the leading real estate agency in Melbourne’s Inner West, Craig is also an active investor himself who started building his portfolio back in the late 1980s. He started off as a bond trader and worked with Merrill Lynch in London before coming back to Melbourne to take over the family’s business. With his experience, both in the financial and property market, the three of them discuss about:

  • What are the critical elements in a successful business and how similar they are with property portfolios
  • Who motivated him to buy his first property and his investment strategy ever since
  • The market trend for the past 20 years in Melbourne’s inner west
  • What is the Rule of 72 and does property doubles every ten years
  • Who should be on your panel of experts and why only meeting your accountant at tax times isn’t good enough
  • Understanding the risk in buying a property
  • Tips for buyers when dealing with real estate agents and when to get in touch


Resources mentioned in today’s podcast:

  • REA Video | Having trouble saving? Time to forecast your finances >> Watch here
  • Recommended Book | Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill >> Learn more
  • Bryce’s Life Hack | How I organise Evernote by Michael Hyatt >> Read here
  • CoreLogic | Quarterly Housing & Economic Review – April 2017 Release >> Download here
  • CoreLogic | May Home Value Index >> Read here


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