493 | $160K Dilemma: Should I Walk Away From Paper Profits?


Emma’s partner has a $160K dilemma: He’s been offered a refund on an Off-The-Plan apartment that’s been delayed for two years. Should he take the refund or ride it out for a potentially higher sell price? 🤔 

Kieran faces the decision of investing in smaller units versus two individual homes. Which is the better investment decision for him, and how can he align it with his goal of helping others? 🌍   

And in Simone’s Retirement Plan: How does this single mum and schoolteacher with 5 properties reach a target of $2,000 per week for retirement? How does this stack up in today’s economy? 📈 

Folks, this is a massive Q&A Day where we link age-old questions in today’s nuanced context.  

From diving into the psychology of Loss Aversion to understanding why “C” is the hardest to achieve in our “ABCD” foundational principles, you’ll want to save this episode for future reference.  

Listen now folks! 😊  


P.S. Stay tuned till the end to discover how to type…without typing!?  


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  • 0:00 – $160K Dilemma: Should I Walk Away From Paper Profits? 
  • 1:49 – Interest rates, budget release & TPC survey winners  
  • 8:01 – New Tracking Tools in Moorr! 
  • 16:34 – Mindset Minute: Just focus your eyes on the captain…” 
  • 23:38 – Q1) Get Deposit back or Wait for Growth 
  • 27:26 – Learning Experience or Loss Aversion? 😱 
  • 28:02 – How to Avoid Loss Aversion: Step-by-Step  
  • 32:55 – “A bird in hand vs two in the bush” 
  • 36:31 – Why Off-The-Plan means YOU are taking all the risk  
  • 37:12 – This refund is a red flag 🚩 
  • 43:14 – Q2) Small Complex vs 2 Individual Properties 
  • 45:00 – When passive investing stops being passive  
  • 47:37 – To help others, you need to be in THIS position 
  • 49:52 – Why houses over units? 🏘️ 
  • 53:53 – Q3) Archive Question: $2k per week in 20 years’ time 
  • 56:41 – How we calculate the $2,000 a week in retirement  
  • 57:31 – The Power of Compounding, Offset Accounts and Qs to ask 
  • 1:00:07 – Why “C” is the hardest to achieve in our ABCD foundational principles 💰 
  • 1:05:09 – Thank you to all our Question-Askers!  


  • 1:05:45 – Lifehack: How to type…without typing?! 📱 
  • 1:07:20 – WMPN:  The State of the Housing System 

492 | The Hidden Cost of Get Rich Quick Schemes


What would you do if you worked 16-hour days on the road and were utterly exhausted the few days you were home? With a family to care for and a past of previous divorces, you’d probably want to change your lifestyle. 

But what if it’ll cost you $42,000 A YEAR? 

Or, what if you’d made the #1 biggest investing regret of your life in a get-rich-quick scheme and had lost half a million dollars?! How would you recover and get back on track towards a comfortable retirement  

In this Case Studies episode, we’re mapping out two plans for two couples (names have been changed for privacy 😊) whose stories testify to the fact that there is no one “right” way to invest in property. 

Psst – we bet you’ll be intrigued by the unexpected turn of events in Case Study #2. It’s a reminder that the path to financial freedom often involves tough reality checks to see new opportunities.   

It’s an inspirational episode that holds many cautionary tales, tune in now to avoid falling into the same traps!   


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  • 0:00 – The Hidden Cost of Get Rich Quick Schemes 
  • 1:22 – Even the sun shines once 😉 and a message from Kurtis  
  • 5:23 – Thank you for all your feedback!  
  • 6:31 – The magic in “Sliding Door” moments  
  • 7:49 – Mindset Minute: Grant Mayo on how to figure out if you should buy it!  
  • 11:01 – Don’t listen to our pod if you love flashy cars 😉  
  • 12:43– Case Study #1: Not All Lifestyle Design Is Measured In Dollars 
  • 15:22 – The Problems: Past divorces and a $42K pay cut?! 
  • 18:43 – The Power of Automobile University  
  • 20:28 – Moorr: Brand-new insights to track the impact of your offset on your total debt levels! 
  • 22:04 – “Investing isn’t just for rich people” 
  • 24:09 – The Plan: How James will get his energy and life back while paying off the mortgage 
  • 29:04 – Buying for $600k in 2028: But why don’t they act NOW?  
  • 31:53 – Risk profiling, recency bias & the perfection solution  
  • 35:09 – The hard work behind the scenes  
  • 40:12 – Results & 5 key takeaways  
  • 43:34 – Case Study #2: The True Price of Get Rich Quick Schemes 
  • 46:07 – His #1 biggest investing regret  
  • 50:20 – They were unclear on THIS important knowledge  
  • 54:04 – The fears & their penny-drop moment 
  • 55:51 – The Plan Pivot: The dream home was not feasible?? 🙁  
  • 1:02:13 – “Sometimes healing comes from bringing the darkness into the light, in a place of trust”  
  • 1:04:02 – The Result: Debt free 2 years before retirement 
  • 1:09:26 – Is it time for your engine check?  
  • 1:11:19 – The Modest & Comfortable budget needed in retirement 


  • 1:13:32 – Lifehack: How much does it cost a day to blow $10K in a year?!  
  • 1:14:55WMPN:  46% of Commonwealth Bank’s customers in 2023 were from THIS generation 😮  

491 | The 3 Stages of Retirement & Why Most Don’t Think Beyond Stage 1?  – Chat with Jennifer Langton


“What you do with your home will have the biggest impact on your fees and charges and how your cash flow works in residential aged care.”  Jennifer Langton  

Folks, there’s A LOT of considerations and work to be done to “get your ducks in order” before you retire. It can be overwhelming, from managing your pension to strategically positioning your home and investment properties.   

And it’s not just for elderly folks or those who are about to retire. Gen Xs, we’re talking to you too!   

To help guide you through Australia’s complex Aged Care system, we’ve got an exceptional, first-time property couch guest: Jennifer Langton!   

Jennifer is the Head of Personal Advice at Aged Care Steps and is an Educator, Financial Adviser, and Speaker who is an FAAA accredited Aged Care Specialist for Senior Aged Care and Retirement Living.   

Together, we unpack: 
✅ The 3 Major Phases of Retirement & why most people only think about Phase #1!  
✅ Why you want to avoid “Hospital Carpark Decisions” at ALL costs  
✅ Why You Don’t Want A Scottish Castle In Retirement!  
✅ How your home is assessed (Psst: It’s different between your aged care and aged pension!) 
✅ The intricacies between interest rates and pensions and the new incoming changes 
✅ Jen’s top tips and tricks for aged care and much more!   

 Tune in now to discover the answer to some of these age-old questions 😊   


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  • 2024 TPC Survey Closing Soon! Let us know what we should start, stop and keep doing and as our thanks to you, we’ll give you a Case Study Series Unpacked for FREE (usually $297). Plus, the top #5 most insightful answers will win a $100 gift card. Share your thoughts now >>    


  • 0:00 – The 3 Stages of Retirement & Why Most Don’t Think Beyond Stage 1? 
  • 2:44 – 2024 Survey Closing Soon: Fill yours out & get our FREE Case Studies Unpacked Series 
  • 5:02 – If you are a Gen X, you’re going to want to do this…  
  • 6:08 Mindset Minute: Dream while you’re awake    
  • 9:53 – Welcome Jennifer Langton!  
  • 10:29 – We NEED to change these Aged Care myths  
  • 14:29 – Jen’s career from Flying to Financial Planning 
  • 16:50 – Her Traditional Money Backstory  
  • 19:04 – “Sit down and have that cup of tea”: The first big steps to financial literacy  
  • 21:30 – How Jen has always stayed in control of her finances  
  • 22:38 – The big transition away from a traditional upbringing 
  • 23:26 – The 3 Major Phases of Retirement  
  • 27:21 – The options available in Australia’s care system  
  • 32:03 – Who and what should you be considering when it comes to retirement?   
  • 33:54 – Application to approval codes: The Assessment Process  
  • 37:37 – The Scottish Castle: Why it matters WHERE you live 
  • 41:27 – “Your home is assessed differently for aged care and aged pension”  
  • 44:45 – Avoid ‘Hospital Carpark Conversations’ at all costs! 
  • 46:44 – THIS is where Financial Planners shine  
  • 48:12 – The messy middle of 1 investment property  
  • 50:27 – Option 1: Do Nothing?!  
  • 51:12 – Case Study: Beryl, aged 87  
  • 54:55 – The fine print: Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RAD) 
  • 58:06 – New changes coming out to interest rates and aged care?  
  • 1:01:55 – The wealthiest generation around the world    
  • 1:04:12 – Tips & traps of aged care 
  • 1:07:53 – The Granny Flat Catch  
  • 1:09:30 – Summary  
  • 1:10:23 – What options do you have for your home in retirement? 
  • 1:11:43 – Why we haven’t been talking about Superannuation 
  • 1:13:47 – Advice from one of the best in financial and aging care planning   


  • 1:16:04 – Thank you for turning on the lightbulb, Jennifer!  
  • 1:21:36 – Lifehack: Apple has added a game-changing feature for podcasts  
  • 1:23:40 – WMPN: Construction has hit new lows & the most expensive property on the planet?!  


465 | How This Family Can Afford their Year-Long Holiday While Building Their Portfolio


We’ve always said that property investing is a process not an event but…

How does one successfully match this process with ongoing family, life AND travel goals to achieve it all?!? 🏡🌟 

Folks, in today’s episode, we’re revealing how it’s possible through two real-life case studies!   

In our first case study, “Scratching the Itch”, we’re exploring how a young family who is looking to spend a memorable year travelling with their young ones can achieve this while continuing to work towards buying their forever home.  

 In the next case study, “Older Demographics Need Help Too!”, we chart the path that Linda, a 54-year-old Zookeeper can take to achieve her dream retirement without sacrificing her current lifestyle.  

We’ll be deep-diving into the problems and life-changing epiphanies each of these brave investors have had, along with the exact steps and plans we created to help each of them achieve it all.  

From the power of prioritisation to seeing what is possible, we’re highlighting the many advantages of seeking professional advice.  A seriously motivational and practical episode for all, give it a listen now!  


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  • Scratch your itch! Make the invisible visible and understand your priorities by getting professional advice. Book a free no-obligation with our award-winning team here >> 
  • Sign up for PICA’s newest webinar with Nicola McDougall here >>   


Heres some of the gold we cover 

  • 0:00 – How This Family Can Afford their Year-Long Holiday While Building Their Portfolio   
  • 2:34 – PICA is having a new exciting webinar!  
  • 3:23 REVEALED: Our newest Case Study Series launch! 
  • 5:53 – Giveaways 🤗   
  • 9:24 – Calling all potential Summer Series Guests! Share your story here… 
  • 11:44 – Mindset Minute: Never be so foolish as to believe… 
  • 17:35 – Case Study #1: Scratching the Itch 
  • 19:16 – The scary external AND internal problems they were facing… 
  • 23:18 – It’s always better to trade on paper folks!  
  • 26:35 The Lifechanging Epiphanies + Plan 
  • 27:42 – THIS is how they took action!   
  • 34:47 – It’s all about understanding the trade-offs & priorities! 
  • 35:56 – The 2 Fundamental Levers  
  • 40:11 The end result: The achievement + transformation 😊  
  • 44:24 – Case Study #2: Older demographics need help too! 
  • 45:58 – The fears this Zookeeper was facing…  
  • 49:49 – What drove her to act?  
  • 50:32 – The 3 very different solutions she was presented!  
  • 52:35 One of the most important things to remember… 
  • 54:18 – Other factors we considered 😮  
  • 55:26 – The Winning Roadmap to Retirement! 
  • 57:35 – Let’s summarise…  
  • 59:20 – Folks, we’re so lucky (+ THIS is the best time to start)  
  • 1:00:37 – Scratch your itch. Have a conversation with our award-winning team >> 


  • 1:02:55 – Lifehack: How to finish ANY book!  
  • 1:04:07 – WMPN: Unexpected changes to vacancy rates and shifting markets…😮 


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