103 (Part 2) | Chat with Jan Somers, Housewife And Property Multimillionaire

As promised, here is the second part of the highly anticipated Episode featuring the incredibly humble housewife, author of 4 best selling property books, sophisticated property investor and a property educator extraordinaire, Jan Somers.

In this part, Bryce, Ben and Jan discuss the following areas:

  • The mistakes she made along the way – holiday homes, overcapitalising and more
  • Types of properties she likes to invest in
  • Her thoughts on borderless investing and if it is for everyone
  • Australia’s housing affordability issue and are we in one?
  • Ideas on renovating and adding value to your investment property
  • Most common questions she gets asked when it comes to property investment
  • Will property forever be a sound investment class
  • How she utilises the money she earns for good causes

We hope you would enjoy listening to her as much as we do. As mentioned in the first part, Jan is definitely a property educator that is worth listening to as her years of expertise and knowledge in property investing is absolute gold!

Here’s the link to her books and the PIA Investor software: Click here.


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