Make Money Simple Again


A prequel to the first book, this book offers a simple, proven approach that will make money simple again, helping you to spend less than you earn so that you can save and invest for your financial future.



Readers’ Reviews 


I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Money S.M.A.R.T.S Platform mentioned in this book — it’s awesome!! I was (am) tracking our offset balance in a spreadsheet with a very rudimentary chart to show whether we were on track, but your site is brilliant, I have just plugged in the last couple of months, and will start using it now. I love the charts to show how we’re tracking on the provision spending — it was one area I wasn’t really sure of how to keep track of, we were just trying to make sure we were ahead each month. This is next level 😄 Thank you!
Bonnie on the Money S.M.A.R.T.S Platform


Really enjoyed it, easy to read, technical elements were explained in simple terms, highly recommend this book to anyone who’s keen on managing their money better.
Joseph, Rates the book 10/10


Great read, easy to follow and provided me with lots of tips and strategies to follow.
Julie, Rates the book 9/10


Chur the bros. Mean as book cuzzie. Help me save 35k in a year with a lot of discretionary spending still allocated so room to save more. Very happy I picked it up as now I can have my fush and chups and not worry about the consequences. No room to improve as its spot my cuzzies. Chur bro.
Jonah, Rates the book 10/10


I bought both books and finished reading already. But I’ll have to go back and read again to digest (& love to highlight). Had a hiccup to use Money S.M.A.R.T.S Platform and have been busy. Have to try doing it again.  Thanks for all your hard work.
Thi ( soon to be investor), Rates the book 10/10


We were already on track to incorporate the Money SMARTS system into out lives, after listening to the Podcast. We’ve already met with the team in Sydney, and are on our way to get control of our spending habits. Looking forward to finding a plan that will benefit us! Thank you for the solid info!
Nick, Rates the book 10/10


Money SMARTS is the most practical system to keep your money working for you without you having to think about it! While it involves maintaining a certain level of self discipline, it allows for plenty of self permission when it comes to spending money on what you value
Lindsay, Rates the book 8/10



Make Money Simple Again, Financial Peace in Less than 10 minutes a month!

Life has become so fast-paced and complicated. Through technological innovation, we’re connected 24/7, we’re busier than ever before and finding it hard to balance all aspects of our lives – not least the family budget!

Best-selling authors Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley’s new book offers a simple, proven approach that will make money simple again, helping you to spend less than you earn so that you can save and invest for your financial future.

History leaves clues; back in the day our grandparents would receive cash (remember that?) in a paper pay-packet (I kid you not), then they would physically set aside the dollars to ‘rent/mortgage’, ‘food and bills’ and ‘savings’ – often in those old-fashioned flour jars – one for each area of expense. It was simple, and it worked.

Bryce and Ben’s teachings draw on this proven logic of allocating income to various financial commitments, both short and longer term, ensuring you have the right amount of money for today, but just as importantly for tomorrow.

Of course, in our grandparents’ days, there was no ‘tap and go’, no credit cards, store cards or one-click purchasing, all geared to take our money from us. The authors recognise that all these options challenge our financial willpower, but their experience, from working with thousands of people, in all stages of life, over almost two decades prove that their system works.

The Property Couch Money S.M.A.R.T.S  money management system outlined in this amazing new book, cuts through the today’s challenges of digital (invisible) money, to showcase a proven, rules-based approach to ensure you are in complete control of your finances.


What’s the BEST Prequel of all time?

Star Wars, Terminator, Harry Potter or… Make Money Simple Again?
December 2015 was when we published our first book, The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, How to Retire on $2,000 a Week.

It was our first book and truth be told, our focus at that point in time was simply to raise awareness on building a property portfolio and, more importantly, how to build it right, so our readers would avoid making some silly mistakes in property. At that time, we were riding the success of our podcast, The Property Couch, and we realised that there were a lot of people out there who were misinformed and making bad investment decisions — financially crippling ones — so we made the decision to write a book in the hope that we could reach a bigger audience.

The Armchair Guide to Property Investing is all about the process of building a property portfolio — the psychology of investing, risk assessment, asset selection tips, location research, the buyer’s decision quadrant for success and much more. It gives readers a full toolkit to be a successful property investor. We also shared a whopping 18 investment strategies that we have worked for hundreds of our clients – and ourselves – over the years. AND there are also six insightful case studies that target very different investors – a young single, a couple who started investing early, a couple who left it a bit late, a single parent, and a couple with no kids. We built them all unique portfolios, which will deliver $2,000 a week in retirement income!

Fast-forward to 2018 and we realised that we missed a crucial element in the first book… Somethingwe assumed everyone would know. Something we’ve implemented so often that “second nature”meant we overlooked it. Something most Australians aren’t great at… but really should be. And that something is good ol’ Money Management.

That brought us to this page.

We think our new book, Make Money Simple Again, How to Achieve Financial Peace in Less than 10 Minutes a Month, is really a prequel to our previous book. It looks at the foundations of good money management habits. Because, at the end of the day, there is no point in building a multimillion dollar portfolio if you don’t know where your money is going. If you listen to our podcast, The Property Couch, you’ve probably heard us talk about it before…, we call it The Property Couch’s Money SMARTS system. But in the book, we take a deeper dive into this highly effective, rules-based system and the 7 steps to achieve financial peace.

What do we talk about it in this book?

  • What’s the real problem most of us are facing?
  • What’s at stake here?
  • The 7 KEY Steps to Implementing our highly-effective Money SMARTS System
  • Case Study 1 : Credit card debt disaster – How to recover quickly from a debt hole
  • Case study 2 Rapid home deposit-builder – How to supercharge your way into your own home sooner
  • Case study 3 Mortgage and debt free – How to slash and burn your mortgage
  • Case study 4 Wealth-builder – How to super-charge your surplus money
  • Our long awaited tools to help you implement this system right away

The choice is yours, but remember… knowledge is empowering but only if you act on it.




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