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Who’s on The Couch?

Who are we? The Property Couch is a podcast hosted by two of Australia’s Property Experts, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley. This Podcast is about helping people make smart property investment decisions.

Why we are doing this? Property investing is a high value transaction where the right decisions can mean wonderful outcomes and the wrong decisions can have disastrous financial consequences on a household wealth and financial position. To make the right decisions you need to get educated and this is what this podcast is all about. We are passionate about educating people to stop them making bad investments choices.


Bryce Holdaway

Professionally, he holds an Accounting Degree and a Diploma in Financial Services as well. Bryce Holdaway’s appetite for property was triggered after reading Jan Somers’ book, ‘Building Wealth through Investment Property’ back in 1994. From here it was goodbye to accounting and hello property investing! In 2006, he got his Buyers Agency license and thus began his journey as one of Australia’s Top Buyers Agent.



Location Location Location Australia

In September 2010, Bryce made his debut as the Co-Host of Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Australia and Location, Location, Location Australia on the Lifestyle Channel.




The Dynamic Duo was Born!

In May 2012 Bryce became Partners with Ben Kingsley when joining Empower Wealth. Though supporting entirely different sports team, they find one thing in common: their love for property and wealth creation. 

Bryce and Ben are also international keynote speakers for Professional Development Addresses to the likes of CPA, Local Councils, Investors Forum and Property Expo and Exhibitions across the country specialising on property and wealth creation strategy. Interested to have them at your event, contact us on our Media page!

Let’s do Podcast!

On January 2015, Bryce walked in to the office and declared to Ben and Ivise (or Ibis, Ayase etc) and said, “We are starting a podcast this year. Let’s reach out to the public and raise awareness on how to invest in property!” And so, The Property Couch Podcast was established.

We Fix Bad Property Investment Advice

On 4th March 2015, Ben and Bryce took to the mic and recorded their first podcast episode. Armed with Ivise’s Samsung Galaxy S4, a tiny office next to the kitchen and a burning excitement to change the Property Investing industry, the first episode was called: We Fix Bad Property Investment Advice. Till this date, we still recommend all our listeners to start the podcast at Episode 1. Back then, it was just 18 minutes long so it wouldn’t take too long to catch up to the most recent episode! 

The first 10,000 Downloads!

On 26th June 2015, less than 4 months later, The Property Couch reaches its first 10,000 downloads!

Got into Australia Top 100 Podcast!

On September 2015, The Property Couch debuted in the Top 100 Podcast in Australia on iTunes and the No.1 Property Podcast in the Business category!


The Armchair Guide to Property Investing

An exciting start to 2016, January hits off with Bryce and Ben’s first published book launch: The Armchair Guide to Property Investing!

ps: If you’re interested to get a copy, use this code for a 20% Discount : “TPC

Half a Million Downloads!

After 77 weeks, we achieved half a million downloads on the podcast!!

Thank you so much for all of your support and feedback. We will continue to provide good quality contents, ‘unpack’ more frameworks and case studies and answer your questions on all things property.
ps: And this is what happens when Bryce and Ben heard that we’ve got half a million downloads on the podcast!

Video + Podcast = Vodcast

Just a bit more of an interaction with our fellow listeners, we thought, why not try vodcast?! So we’ve got Damian Collins from Momentum Wealth as our Special Guest on our very first vodcast!

It’s December 2016, and with just a few weeks until the new year this means it’s time for a fresh start. And what better way to start afresh than with a new website?


Our iTunes Review hit the 200 mark! Tim Ferris (the No.1 Business podcast of all time) has 230 and he had been there since 2014! So let’s work together folks!  😉


Ben Kingsley

the-property-couch-ben-kingsley-about-img1Ben got his Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management in 1993 and later on proceeded to get his Real Estate Agency Licenses in VIC, NSW & QLD, Diploma of Business and his qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) certification.


Passionate about personal wealth creation through property investing, yet frustrated by the lack of independent property advice and the quality of research supporting investment decisions, Ben turned his attention to building a truly specialist advisory practice in late 2007. Empower Wealth combines all the key areas of wealth creation professions including; Property Investing, Finance, Money and Wealth Planning, Risk Management, Superannuation, Shares, Managed Funds and Estate Planning.

Hand picking the very best and most qualified specialists, Empower Wealth has become one of Australia’s leading property wealth advisory consultancies with a major point difference – everything is under one roof.

Ben made his first media appearance as a Property Expert on Sky News Business, Your Money Your Call. 

ps: We don’t recommend it but if you are curious, click here. 😉



2012 was the year that Ben was appointed to the Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA). PIPA has been formed by industry practitioners with the objective of representing and raising the professional standards of all operators involved in property investment.

By developing codes of ethics and conduct, and professional standards of accreditation and education, PIPA members demonstrate to the investing public, government, regulators, the media and other stakeholders within the property investment industry their commitment to excellence.



With combined experience of more than 40 years, both Bryce and Ben are regular media contributors and is regularly featured on TV, in print. They often appear as panelist and commentator on Sky Business News ‘Your Money, Your Call’, ABC News 24, Today Show, Look at Property and Melbourne Property TV while also writes for Money Magazine, Smart Property Investor, Australian Property Investor Magazine and Your Investment Property Magazine.


Property Investment Advisor of the Year!

2 years after being appointed Chair of PIPA, he won the Best Property Investment Advisor of the Year Award by Your Investment Property Magazine. 


We’re ON!

On 27th February 2015, The Property Couch Website and Podcast Channel was finally launched!

Brand New Studio!

July 2015 was time to move out! Off to North Melbourne which included a brand new Studio (with full acoustic treatment!) to record The Property Couch.

Another win!

November 2015 saw Ben win the Best Property Investment Advisor of the Year Award for a second year in a row!


The Stig Was Born!

As it is just too hard to get our producer’s name right and we are not sure how she manages to get all the podcasts and free resources up by 3pm every Thursday, we’ve decided to call her The Stig! (Some say that she knows magic and if you mess with her, she’ll turn you into a broom. All we know is she’s called The Property Couch’s Stig.)

Let’s go LIVE!

Just to mix things up a bit, 29th June 2016 marks The Property Couch’s First Facebook Live Q&A Show. The response was overwhelming with 130 attendees and the video was watched over 2,100 times. (even with all the initial technical errors!) 




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