Episode 396 | From Public Housing to a $180K Passive Income Per Year: The Power of Planning – Chat with Kim

As Australia descends into winter, what better way to celebrate the chill than by kicking off our 2022 Winter Series?!  

In this special edition series, we’ll be deep-diving into some of our listener’s personal stories, going behind the scenes to share their challenges and triumphs and exploring how they’re successfully investing in property thanks to the power of planning. 

We’ve got a very special lineup of guests, all with very different money stories but all with 1 thing in common… 

They’ve each faced and overcome life’s difficulties and “planned to become, what they planned to become”! Basically, we’re uncovering…how folks are creating long-term plans WITH short-term variations! 

To open our Winter Series, we’ve got a guest with a real “rags to riches” story – beginning as a refugee in the UK… 



“We were placed in social housing to begin with in a rough neighbourhood with high crime rates. It was not the kind of place you’d say hi to your neighbours. You’d just keep to yourself.”  

Ever since she was young, today’s guest was exposed to the importance of money.  

Relocating as a refugee from Vietnam, Kim watched her parents start from scratch, working odd jobs to save money, raising a family and eventually buying their own business.  

Did that mean she was wise when she got her first pay packet?

Definitely not!   

So how did she evolve from her splurging years to owning 2 investment properties with her partner, well on her way to achieving a $180K per year passive income?!  

This one’s a must-listen folks – Kim is articulate, funny and relatable as she recounts journeying to Australia with no job lined up, her initial wacky investing ideas and how long-term planning has helped her to find financial success. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kim – we’re honoured to be opening our first Winter Series with you!! 





P.S We’ve lifted the lid on Pandora’s Box folks. The details for our 2022 webinar are officially out! In just over 2 weeks, on Wednesday 6 July, we’ll be logging on at 7:30pm AEST to share the #3 biggest secrets behind any investor’s success… 

 Secret # 1 – How to Buy an Investment Property without Impacting the Family Budget
Secret # 2 – How to Retire on a $2k per week Passive Income with 5 Properties or Less
Secret # 3 – How to Model the Mindset of the World’s Best Investors!  

 Excited yet?! Spots are limited though, so register here now to save your place!  



Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:40 – Welcome to the Winter Series folks!  
  • 2:05 – PSA: Our upcoming Webinar details AND the #3 biggest investing secrets we’ll be sharing in it!
  • 4:35 – What was Kim’s money story growing up as a refugee in the UK?  
  • 8:52 – The Splurging Saga  
  • 9:40 – Kim’s family business: How did they build wealth?  
  • 11:30 – What changed Kim’s mindset + ingrained views around debt  
  • 12:55 – What it was like growing up in a rough neighbourhood 
  • 14:17 – What sparked Kim’s interest in wealth-building?  
  • 16:50 – Rocking up to Australia: 1-year VISA & no job in place…  
  • 19:49 – “Within 8 minutes our hearts were crushed over and over again…”  
  • 22:11 – How they got their first investment property!  
  • 24:45 – Juggling job security and an investment property during COVID  
  • 26:30 – The 2nd investment property: Not what they thought?!  
  • 27:50 – The wacky ideas they had before coming to their advisor… 
  • 29:54 – How this couple found their sweet spot in debt levels  
  • 32:15 – Why having a plan on paper is so important  
  • 33:43 – What simulations did we run for them?  
  • 34:43 – How is a roadmap helping Kim & Arnie? 
  • 36:18 – What is their plan? (Wow – partially retiring at 45?!) 
  • 38:45 – Set to buy in 2030: What is the value of planning long-term?  
  • 41:15 – Kim on the biggest benefits of having a plan 
  • 43:10 – Why did they decide on a $3k weekly passive income goal? ($180K per year!!)  
  • 45:23 – Why having debt at retirement is…ok?!  
  • 48:00 – What’s internal financial transformation did Kim undergo?  
  • 49:20 – Kim’s advice to listeners… 
  • 51:40 – Our key takeaways!  


Episode 395 | Darius Boyd: How this NRL Star Found his Financial and Mental Peace

While we love to have some good AFL banter on the show, this week’s episode is all about a star from another Aussie sport… 🏉

We’re jumping into the world of NRL (National Rugby League) with one of its most prominent athletes who played fullback, wing, centre and five-eighth for the Brisbane Broncos. 

Representing Australia at an international level and playing in the Queensland State of Origin…

We’re extremely chuffed to welcome Darius Boyd to the couch!  

He captained the Brisbane Broncos from 2017 to 2019 and has an illustrious 15-year career as a professional athlete having won 2 NRL Grand Finals. 

But folks…as much as we wanted to get lost in sport, this episode peels back the sheets to before Darius was a big sports star… 

Back to when “even getting $2 to catch the bus home wasn’t easy…” and he was being raised by his mum and then grandma at 15 years old. 

It’s a truly powerful tale as we follow Darius as he jumps from growing up with a tight budget to earning more money than he knew how to handle at just 18.  

We discuss the timeless wisdom he gained being coached by one of sports greatest mentors – Wayne Bennett – the drive that pushed him to become one of NRLs best players and the 5 Simple Steps to find positivity and mental peace.  

Tune in now folks, this one’s an inspiring tale!  



P.S Next week we’re kicking off our Winter Series! While our Summer series is all about transformation, our winter series will be all about planning!  

We’ve got a brilliant program in store for you with some heart-warming and inspiring tales from our listeners — we can’t wait to share them with you!   


P.P.S As Bryce hinted in the episode, we’ve got something else very exciting coming up. Now we don’t want to give too much away just yet, but we will say one word…W E B I N A R!!  

Interested?? Keep your eyes and ears peeled folks, we’ll be releasing the details very soon…. 😉  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 2:11 – Folks, we’ve got 2 VERY exciting things in store for y’all… 
  • 3:12 – How do you know when it’s enough? 
  • 8:11 – Meet Professional NRL Star Darius Boyd!  
  • 9:42 – His Money Backstory: “Even getting $2 to catch the bus home wasn’t easy…” 
  • 13:50 – The lessons he learnt from living with Grandma  
  • 15:24 – Darius’ first lesson in wealth building  
  • 17:45 – Wisdom he picked up from ultimate sports coach Wayne Bennett 
  • 19:40 – THIS is what makes a good coach… 
  • 20:29 – The drivers that pushed him to become one of the best NRL players  
  • 21:55 – The best players weren’t always the best…
  • 23:58 – Advice he’d give to others looking back on his career
  • 27:38 – Folks, it’s okay to spend on experiences!  
  • 28:00 – Darius’ first property 
  • 28:52 – The road to becoming Renovators  
  • 31:32 – How does Darius & Kayla select their Assets and Location?  
  • 33:00 – What role does property play in his future?  
  • 34:33 – What was it like transitioning away from being a Professional Athlete??  
  • 37:28 – His 5 simple steps for positive mental health!  
  • 40:22 – Working with Top Blokes Foundation and normalising mental health discussions amongst young men  


  • 43:40 – Let’s Recap  
  • 46:24 – Need to set 100 reminders? You can with your Apple Watch!  
  • 48:35 – One of Ben’s MOST important interest rate updates  
  • 53:10 – This is actually an opportunity for…. 
  • 54:23 – Check out RBA Gov. Phillip Lowe’s 7.30 Interview here  


Episode 394 | Do you NEED to choose between Lifestyle & Wealth?! – Q&A

It’s been a while since we’ve said this (which makes it even more exciting!!)…

Ben reckons he’s found his new FAVOURITE QUESTION!!!!  

That’s because this question is something EVERYONE can relate to: Do I need to choose between building wealth or living the lifestyle you want?!  

Folks, this is the type of thing that we deal with on an everyday basis!

We’re using our years of battle-hardened experience and razor-sharp knowledge to outline what this question essentially boils down to, revealing how thousands of our clients have overcome this dilemma, and recommending just one thing that can clear all the rocks and rubble on anyone’s investing pathway, making the journey more akin to a walk in the park.  

Plus we’re covering loads more territory including…

  • How does our $2k weekly passive income goal tie in with Super?!  
  • And we’re talking Equity – should it be used to refinance or kept for the rainy days?! Is there a catch all solution to this?! And given today’s rising interest rate market, is now a good time to be making this move?
  • We also reveal some of our biggest Do’s and Don’ts when renovating and share our top resources to help you get the best bang for your buck.  

So if you’re ready for lots of evergreen wisdom, tune in now folks! 🛠️️👷  


Questions we Answer

Bernie Blyth on How to hold properties with higher cashflow drain 

Hello Bryce & Ben. 

This is Benny from Bayside in Melbourne. Firstly, a quick thanks for the value-added content you bring.

My question today is about how to adjust one’s portfolio in response to maintaining a healthy cashflow. My wife and I live in Metro in Melbourne and have 3 kids between 10 and 16. We’re happy in our own home and have 2 investment properties. Now first, the 2-bedroom unit, we bought in 2006 has double in value and is now positively geared to a degree. 

In 2014 we bought a tiny but old 1950s brick house in one of Melbourne’s baysides suburbs, which is a land bank. On the positive side, it’s experienced capital growth in the interim and is situated on a block of land that has redevelopment potential such as a subdivision.  

On the challenging side though, it’s still negatively geared and being an older property, it doesn’t rent for anywhere near as much as the recently developed properties around it and even though we both work, we have the cost of 2 kids in private schools simultaneously for the next six years combined with the prospect of rising interest rates, we are considering our next moves in terms of balancing property growth, cash flow and lifestyle. 

In general, what options would you recommend for consideration?  

Jake on – Pulling out equity and purchasing another 

Good day Guys, Jake here. 

Chasing an answer for this question that’s been sitting on my mind for a little bit. So my partner and I have recently refinanced a house in the Southeast Suburbs and fortunately we’ve found that there’s a bit of equity in there which is good.   

Now, what are your thoughts on pulling out essentially every bit of equity in the property to then purchase another one given that interest rates are going up and then might be a little bit of a plateau or even a slight decline in the property market. I’d love to hear your answer. 

It’s probably pretty straight forward but yeah, I though it would be a good one to myself and probably a lot of other people who’ve purchased in that pre-pandemic period so I’ll wait for the answer and appreciate the feedback and also go the tikes and hopefully onwards and upwards you gain for this season. 

Cheers guys!

Adam Lett on Planning include Super? 

Morning Ben, Bryce and team. 

My name is Adam and I’m a long time listener of your show. My question relates to the plane of 3 to 4 quality investment properties to derive an income of $2000 a week in retirement. I’m working towards this goal. 

My question more specifically is how is this plan ties in or (dove tails in?) with an individual superannuation balance? 

By this I mean, if I or an individual had a healthy super balance of a million dollars plus is the $2000 a week on top of the super? Really like to hear your thoughts on this, keep up the good work. 


Laura Turner on Resources to help with renovating 

Hello, I’m Laura, I’m from Melbourne. 

My partner and I own our own home and we’ve just purchased our first investment property which we have nearly finished renovating. 

We purchased an old house, 3 bed, 1 bath, and we’ve turned it into 3 bed, 2 bath, with a walk-in room and we’ve updated everything to be within this century. I’m a conveyancer. My partner’s a carpenter and our plan moving forward is to keep purchasing property to renovate as this is something we both really enjoy, plus we see it as a quick way to grow our equity. 

What I don’t really understand is how to work out all of the figures. 

This current house that we have renovated ended costing a lot more than we anticipated. I haven’t had it valued yet as we are not finished but I am crossing all of my fingers that we haven’t over capitalised and that we will walk right with some kind of profit and then nothing is certain however,I am wondering if there’s someway you can recommend where I can go to learn how to find the right houses to renovate, how to calculate cost and what the end valuation is likely going to be. 

Any courses, tools or calculators you can recommend we use before we can go ahead and purchase our next property would be super helpful. Thank you! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Our Renovation Resources recommendations! 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:15 – Ask us a question on our Speak Pipe for a chance to win our Start & Build Course!
  • 1:50 – So…how’s Labour going?  
  • 3:22 – Folks, the REALER you are the less….?  
  • 4:44 – Q1) How to hold properties with higher cashflow drain 
  • 6:35 – It’s really a question around C____  
  • 8:11 – THIS is what most of our clients do!  
  • 10:25 – The 1 thing that everyone needs in situations like these is… 
  • 11:39 – Getting wealthy and STAYING wealthy are 2 very different things folks!  
  • 14:46 – Couples that come to us often have THIS problem  
  • 18:12 – The Compounding Effect – why you should hold!  
  • 19:31 – Q2) Pulling out equity and purchasing another 
  • 20:49 – Ben’s Warning!  
  • 23:13 – Make sure you have these foundations down!  
  • 24:38 – If you release your equity now, you’ll get less… 
  • 25:00 – For all our listeners: NOW is a good time to do these things 
  • 26:20 –The 3 best equity release strategies!  
  • 28:35 – The 3 steps to go from here (If you need one, why not check us out? 😊) 
  • 32:22 – A shoutout for our clients!  
  • 33:07 – Q3) Planning include Super? 
  • 36:50 – Check out these examples too! 
  • 37:14 – Q4) Resources to help with renovating 
  • 38:18 – Why shows like “The Block” don’t WORK!  
  • 40:10 – The minimal rule of thumb for renovating 
  • 41:07 – THIS is where you’ll get the most bang for buck…  
  • 42:46 – How much should you spend on your specs?  
  • 43:17 – For repeat renovators, be careful about this exemption!  
  • 44:03 – Bryce’s top 3 considerations  
  • 45:45 – Why Renovating to hold is a better strategy…. 
  • 46:54 – How to test the asset’s location!  
  • 47:54 – Reno resources we recommend!  


  • 49:40 – Find your phone…from your watch?! (For you Apple Users)  
  • 51:03 – There’s a developing Building Supply challenge… 


RBA Cash Rate June 2022: Onwards & Upwards: How high will interest rates go?

The RBA has released its June update and boy is there a lot going on!   

Not only do we have a new Federal Government behind the wheel, but after lifting interest rates for the first time in 11.5 years in its May update, this month saw the RBA lift cash rates by a massive 50 basis points, bringing the cash rate to 0.85% 😲

A certain sector within the property market is also facing a new threat…how will it impact the wider industry if it crumbles under pressure?  

Tune in to this episode where Ben explains this challenge and unpacks these three key themes for this month’s economic update: 

  • The persisting global inflation challenges
  • We have a new Federal Government with their hands on the economic wheel – the big question is, how well can they drive? 
  • The RBA is at it again increasing the cash rate – and they’re not done yet…


Plus, Ben also includes his latest news and commentary on…

👉 Russia and the Global Oil Story: How will this tale end?
👉 China faces the largest fall in Industrial Production in 32 years
👉 The persisting worldwide inflation challenges
👉 How good is the Australian economy compared to other global players?
👉 The RBA’s decision: How soon can we expect it to rise again?! 
👉 What challenges have the new Federal Government inherited?
👉 The New Build Crisis: Will it cause the wider market to slide under pressure?
👉 CoreLogic’s Monthly Dwelling Princes Index – June 2022
👉 Overall Property Market Outlook for mid-2022  

And much more! 


Additional free resources:

🔥 Episode 73 | Building a property portfolio in a tough market – Chat with Damian Collins
🔥 Episode 76 | Building a property portfolio after the boom – Chat with Veronica Morgan
🔥 Episode 389 | Interest Rate Rise: What this means for YOU! – Chat with Evan Lucas 



And One Final Word…

If you’re worried about your finances or if you have no clarity on your cash flow position, we strongly recommend you to organise your finances now. It’s more important than ever to have a clear view, down to the exact cent, on how much you’re spending each month and how much surplus you’ve got. If you don’t know it, then log in to your Money SMARTS Platform here and update the numbers.

Don’t have an account yet? Create your free access below and we’ll also send you an e-copy of the instruction manual which is also our best-seller book, Make Money Simple Again. Just fill in the form below and we’ll email it to you right away.



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The Property Couch, its employees or contractors do not represent or guarantee that the information is accurate or free from errors or omissions and therefore provide no warranties or guarantees. The Property Couch disclaims any and all duty of care in relation to the information and liability for any reliance on investment decisions, claiming the use or guidance of this publication or information contained within it.

For more information, please visit: http://thepropertycouch.com.au







Episode 393 | The Top 3 Influences on Investing Success – Chat with Scott Phillips

Have you ever wondered what the BIGGEST influences are on an investor’s success?! 

Is it passion, personality, time, experience, learnt market timing or even luck?! Or are you just born with a “business brain”?!  

Well folks, our very special guest today can actually narrow an investor’s success down to just 3 things!!  

And if you’ve got that covered, well according to him…you’re basically going for gold!  

This awesome guest – Scott Phillips – is the Chief Investment Officer at the Motley Fool Australia (Tune in to 10:08 for a fun story on how he landed his first position there!) and runs the Motley Fool Share Advisor and Everlasting Income services. He is also a fellow podcast hoster, co-presenting one of Australia’s top business podcasts: the Motley Fool Podcast!!  

Today he’s dispelling so much timeless wisdom from how to tell if a business is “Investment-grade” to his golden rules for investing. 

He and Ben will also discuss the differences, pros and cons when investing in shares and property, and we’ll be peeling back the layers of his money story! 

So if you’re ready to learn the ultimate, simple wisdom that leads to investing success, press play now! 




p.s Make sure to tune into “What’s Making Property News” too. The NSW Greens Party are introducing some seriously radical changes to its Tenancy laws that will have negative effects on Rent Control, Evictions and Termination of Rental Agreements. This has the potential to implode the Residential Property market, hurting its tenants more and forcing more people to rely on Government assistance. 

If you own an investment property in NSW – we strongly urge you to contact your local member of parliament to express your concerns about the unintended consequence of this change.  

 To find your local member click here.  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:42 – Ben’s joined the COVID Club 😮  
  • 3:55 – Check out PICA’s Webinar on Securing Finance in a Changing Economic Environment!  
  • 5:00 – “Success is a lousy teacher…”  
  • 6:47 – Meet Scott Phillips!  
  • 8:17 – The origins of the “Fool”   
  • 10:08 – How a Facebook article led Scott to become a Motley Fool! 
  • 13:35 – Scott’s backstory: From tobacco tin budgeting to the best advice for a high school student  
  • 17:26 – Why he won the “Ovarian Lottery” 
  • 20:11 – His firsthand experience with Spruikers 
  • 23:04 – The first 2 investing mistakes Scott made (& the silver lining in it!)  
  • 25:11 – His journey to becoming an investing guru!  
  • 26:38 – Scott’s easy yet GOLDEN rules for investing  
  • 32:17 – It all boils down to B___ M____ and T____!  
  • 34:23 – How to get your kids in the market  
  • 35:55 – Shares & Property: Let’s compare the Numbers and Risks!  
  • 41:09 – The TOP 3 things that’ll maximise your investment returns  
  • 43:25 – A sneak peek into Scott’s property portfolio 
  • 46:07 – The Pros and Cons of Shares and Property 
  • 47:53 – The 5 reasons a business is “Investment-grade” 
  • 55:22 – The Best Advice for an Investor: Investing is about B___ not about… 
  • 57:27 – Why Scott KEPT investing in shares through COVID-19  
  • 1:03:45 – Is Crypto worth investing in?  



Episode 392 | “Don’t land the plane during a storm”: Should you change investment plans?! – Q&A

We repeat! Do NOT land the plane during a storm!! 

What do we mean by this…?  

Well, in our minds, changing your investment plan due to changing circumstances is kinda like planning a flight and lifting off the runway…

And then hitting stormy weather.

Should you try and land the plan in the middle of the storm?!? 

You’ll have to tune in to the episode to find out what we think!! Since it’s a Q&A of course we’re flying this plane over looooads more ground like… 

Advice for a 16-year-old property investor?! (It’s fantastic to hear folks are having money conversations around the dinner table!)   

Residential vs commercial capital gains tax: where do they differ and how can you make more gains without being taxed like crazy!  

Putting property in a trust…or your name?! And what do Ben and Bryce do with their property portfolio?  

Plus Ben and Bryce share their top 5 favourite books (well Bryce sneaks in a 6th one 😉) and why they reckon you should give it a go too!!  

Read Ben and Bryce’s book list and the full list of questions below! 👇 

So if you’re ready, strap in cos we’ve got something for everyone in this episode!!  


Questions we Answer

Bee on Buying in a Trust or Your Own Name 

Hi Guys, it’s Bee here. We have family trust set up and (weaved?)a few of our investment property in them. We’ve recently gone to a buyers agent and they have mentioned that if it was them, they would forget about the family trust and bond in their own names to take advantage of the land tax threshold. Just wondering could please explain this further. 


Anthony on What advice would you give your daughter? 

Good day boys, Anthony from Adelaide here. 

Well done on the show, you’re doing a cracking job it’s really impressive. I’ve been a longtime listener first time caller. I went back and listened to episodes 1 to 20 as you suggest it’s pretty well captures all the errors of my property investing. Wrong areas, Spruikers, oh dear anyway I guess investing is nonlinear I’m pretty sure next time I’ll invest with you blokes. 

My question is, we are family who loves property investing, we talk about it all the time, we have our principal place of residence, we own that out right, we have three investment properties working on our 4th and my daughter would like to get into property, she’s 16 1/2, she’s at school, she got a part time job, she saved up about 12 grand so far, so in about a year she’ll have 20 grand. 

My question is, what would you suggest she buys? And what kind of structure would work? So i guess really, if it was your daughter what advice would you give her? 

Thanks boys 


Mark Seaton on CGT on Commercial same as CGT on residential

Hi Guys! Mark is my name and I live in the Southwest Town Country (WA?) 

I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple of years. I haven’t got a everything in place although I do have a PPR and 2 rental properties. One rental property is a fixer upper at the moment which I bought at the start of COVID.

My wife and I have a business and we’ve just purchased a commercial property. I am not sure if this is in your wheelhouse or not but listening to your podcast for the last year, you’ve had people talk about tax and capital gains on residential properties.  Is Capital Gains when you fit out a commercial property, the same?

Do you have to keep all of these records and when you sell you property is the fit out cost come off or is that totally separate due to the fact that it’s a business as opposed to a building?

Just like your thoughts on that if it’s even in your wheelhouse. Anyways, thanks guys! 


Patrick on Circumstances when you would change your plan 

Hi Bryce and Ben. 

It’s Patrick here from the Sunshine Coast. I’ve a question around sticking to your plan vs. changing your plan. 

Essentially I would like to know what are some special events that might cause you  to change your investment plan or are you always better off sticking to the plan for the long term? 

For example, there might be a wide range of things like the property doesn’t grow as much as you would have thought or the yield is lower or there’s damage to the property or the holding cost increased significantly? 

I would just love to hear you guys have some discussions around navigating that choice to either stick to your plan or change your plan when things don’t work out the way you would like. Thanks! 


Sophie on Updated Books we Recommend 

Hi Ben & Bryce, Sophie here, loyal listener.

I listened to your podcast previously when you mentioned about books that you recommend.We’ve got some holidays coming up and I was hoping that you could give me a bit of arefresher as to what some of the books are that you recommend.Either property wise or maybe some other (shilady shibumshee?) you’ve been reading recently.Thanks very much love the Podcast. Bye bye.


Bryce and Ben’s UPDATED Top 5-ish Book Lists:

Bryce’s List:  

Ben’s List:  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:38 – An Election & a Footy Match: Two big results in one weekend?! (Ben’s very happy with one of them 😉)  
  • 1:28 – If you’re a new listener or a seasoned listener, listen to this! 
  • 5:44 – Warren Buffett’s wealth was actually built from… 
  • 11:05 – Some advice for those thinking of investing now  
  • 13:30 – A shoutout to the ladies (We want to hear from YOU!)  
  • 14:12 – Q1 – Buying in a Trust or Your Own Name (The Pros!)  
  • 18:42 – The Cons! 
  • 20:00 – Let’s Clarify; we do not have Property in our… 
  • 24:47 – Q2 – What advice would you give your daughter? 
  • 26:50 – A couple of options… 
  • 29:35 – The types + structures we recommend!  
  • 34:15 – Q3 – CGT on Commercial same as CGT on residential?  
  • 37:42 – Breaking it down with an equivalent scenario  
  • 39:48 – CGT on Commercial: What’s different?  
  • 43:58 – Q4 – Circumstances when you would change your plan 
  • 45:00 – When you SHOULDN’T change plans (Doing these will halt your wealth…)  
  • 46:58 – Plans should include S___ testing!  
  • 47:42 – Should you land the plane during the strorm?!  
  • 48:57 – Your first strategy should be… 
  • 50:20 – We don’t usually do this but folks if you need help, check us out! 
  • 54:50 – Q5 – Books we’d recommend!  
  • 55:40 – Bryce’s top 5 booklist (*he may sneak an extra one in later 😉)  
  • 1:00:38 – Ben’s favourite 5 books (+ one lecture series)  



Episode 391 | War of the Property Policies: Which is the Winner?

With the Federal Election fast approaching, you’ve probably heard A LOT of noise around stuff like climate change, international security, and aged care funding… 

But as a property investor, you’re probably wanting to know: 

What do the parties’ property policies mean for you!?!  

We’ll be breaking down and comparing Liberal’s Access to Super policy and Labour’s Help to Buy (Shared Equity) policy and answering: How do they fit into the big picture?!? 


  • Will either policy help Australia’s economy?
  • Will dipping into your Super help or hinder future wealth creation?
  • And which demographic of people will benefit from which policy? (Plus, LOTS MORE)   

We’ll also be covering Liberal’s existing policies and turning the mic over to…our listeners!!  Yesterday we asked our Facebook Tribe for their questions around both parties’ property policies and MAN we were blown away!!   

You guys gave us a run for our money  (A big thank you to everyone who left us a question!!), and we’ve now got a fantastic lineup of Q’s that we reckon a lot of you are probably wondering too! 

So if you’re ready to get up to date with this year’s property policies and what they mean for YOU, then tune in now!!  

👇 Full list of questions below!! 👇

Questions we Answer

Q1) James Watson:  

“Am I missing something? I genuinely can’t see the benefit of the super housing policy. If you have a 5% deposit, if you qualify for and can service a loan, you will be far better off paying mortgage insurance than gutting your superannuation. Further, if you have a 5% deposit and you have the full $125,000 in your super and you borrow the maximum $50,000 and you’re looking to buy something at around 650-700,000 (ie. you’re not in a capital city), you will still have to pay LMI. So what is the point of this? Seems it will simply drive house prices up”


Q2) Marc Hooper 

“Would the LNP be better using Super as collateral against a loan rather than taking it out? Super should be for retirement. 

I feel taking super money out prematurely is bad policy. 

Are they trying to give us all higher interest rates? These policies will increase housing prices feeding inflation and giving RBA the need to raise rates. Do you feel that will lead to higher inflation and maybe rates? 

Love the ALP policy as is. But feel it will feed into inflation. So ill timed.” 


Q3) Svend Petersen 

“I reckon the LNP may have just lost the election with this dumb idea. Let’s fix the housing supply problem by increasing demand??? WTF?”  


Q4) Matty Tippowicz 

I think both policies are very poor ideas, especially Labor’s. Who the hell would want the government owning 40% of their property? 


Q5) Michael In-ski 

I’m a 32 year old professional. My super sits at about 40k today. I don’t know if anyone else is in the same boat as me but doesn’t seem like it’ll get me anywhere. Question: who will benefit from accessing super? Average Age, professions etc


Q6) Emma Benic 

What’s to stop someone selling the property, blowing all the cash and then needing the aged pension? 

Will they put stops in place that force funds to go back in to super? Or has this been overlooked?


Q7) KeLee Gee 

Access to super: will this be within the current SMSF route? 

Share equity: can people buy out the govnt share of their property? 

At what point the agreement ends? Death? Forced sale or refinance in certain timeframe? 

Both schemes: What are the limitations to type, location, age, condition of the property? 


Q8) Graeme Ash 

With shared equity, do you have to pay out their percentage on sale? Once again it would leave them short to make the next step on their journey. 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 3:54 – Don’t fall into the trap of S___ P____!  
  • 6:40 – We reckon you should be viewing property policies like THIS… 
  • 9:05 – What is the Super Policy!? (Plus an explanation + history lesson on what Super is)
  • 15:00 – What we think about the Liberal’s Super Property Scheme!  
  • 20:44 – The Older Australians Downsizing Policy (aka. What Ben calls “a golden handshake”!)  
  • 24:50 – What are the Liberals’ other Property Policies?  
  • 27:56 – Labour’s “Help to Buy” Property Policy explained  
  • 31:00 – Why you shouldn’t panic over policies “causing” Inflation (The numbers don’t lie folks!)  
  • 35:34 – Labour’s other policies + Wrap!  
  • 36:25 – YOUR Q&As: Q1 – What’s the benefit of the Liberal’s Super Policy?! (Ben runs a pretty cool simulation here!)  
  • 47:42 – Q2 – Will it lead to higher Interest Rates??  
  • 50:30 – Q3 – Impacts on Housing Supply & Demand  
  • 51:54 – Q4 – Who wants the Gov owning 40% of their property?!  
  • 52:25 – Q5 – WHO will benefit from the Super Policy?  
  • 53:24 – Q6 – What’s to stop someone blowing all their Super & living off the aged pension? 
  • 54:47 – Q7 – Self Managed Super Funds & Buying out the Gov’s share of equity  
  • 57:59 – Q8– Paying out the percentage of the sale 
  • 1:01:05 – Our top takeaways! 
  • 1:05:38 – Listen to this if you’re not a fan of the Super policy!  



Bonusisode with Julia – Tax Planning Tips to Maximise your Returns (Part Two)

Folks we’re back to finish what we started… 

In last week’s Bonusisode we featured Part One of Tax Planning Tips to Maximise your Returns and now, we’re back to give you the rest of the gold!  

We’ll be unpacking… 

  • How to claim travel expenses related to work (especially if you’re a rental owner!)  
  • Is it possible to successfully act as your own accountant and claim travel expenses for properties? Hint: you need to prove this ONE thing to be eligible…
  • The 2 key ways to keep a travel record (Plus Ben gives a life hack which makes recording 100% easier!)   
  • How to determine if you’re eligible for Building Depreciation + when should you get a Tax Depreciation Schedule?!  
  • What’s included when claiming plant and equipment depreciation!? 

Julia also shares an extremely handy tax tip (Just see how excited it makes Ben!)  for those who’ve missed out on creating a property depreciation schedule… 

Spoiler: You may be able to go back and AMEND past tax returns to gain access to these benefits! 

And lots more! So before you get start lodging any tax returns for 2022, listen to this first folks!  

p.s. If you are looking for an experienced and qualified tax accountant, you can reach out to us here 👉 https://thepropertycouch.com.au/tax

Free Stuff Mentioned…


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:54 – The 2 ways to keep a travel record  
  • 4:40 – Which record is best for you??  
  • 5:10 – We’re setting THIS common myth straight… 
  • 6:25 – Deducting taxes from travel related to work – what is claimable?!  
  • 8:27 – Can Realtors claim travel expenses?  
  • 9:15 – Defining normal workplaces and being itinerate  
  • 12:15 – Essential rules for transporting others  
  • 13:09 – Recap! (Plus, how to make recording your logbook easier!)  
  • 14:50 – When is TOO LATE to start a logbook?  
  • 16:19 – Successful & unsuccessful examples of claiming travel expenses for Rental Properties!  
  • 19:40 – Should you get an accountant or DIY with a private ruling?  
  • 20:50 – The 3 Key Takeaways…  
  • 25:13 – Is your property eligible for Building Depreciation?  
  • 28:10 – Should you get a Tax Depreciation Schedule?! 
  • 30:20 – The who, what, when and why of SCRAPPING   
  • 32:44 – Plant and Equipment Depreciation: What’s included??  
  • 36:18 – When should you get a depreciation schedule?  
  • 39:25 – Missed out on a schedule? Listen to this for a HOT tip!  
  • 42:50 – So.much.free.stuff!!  


Episode 390 | Will Interest Rates CRASH the Property Market?!

With all the buzz around interest rate hikes and inflation, potential market crashes and unpayable mortgage debt, we’ve heard a couple of people feeling anxious about the future… 

We want you to stop. 

Take a step back.  


And listen to this podcast cos’ we’re not only answering the Q: “Will Interest Rates crash the Property Market?!”, but we’re giving you 7 REASONS why we believe in our answer! (With cold hard numbers to back it up!)   

Can you guess them below!  

  1. S__ E_____   
  2. H____ supply  
  3. I________ 
  4. M_____ Stress Story  
  5. R____ undersupply  
  6. H____ B_____ (This one is often overlooked!)  
  7. H_______!  

 PLUS, we’re diving WAY deeper to cover: 

  • Is now actually a good time to invest in a property (You know, with that famous Warren Buffet quote to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”)  
  • Why you shouldn’t be investing if you have THIS personality… 
  • What principles should you have front of mind when consuming information about the market?? 
  • How can YOU be the voice of reason?  

Bryce also breaks down success into this ONE attainable thing…Tune in to find out what it is now!!  

P.S. If you haven’t heard…. we’ve got a SPECIAL BONUSISODE for you this week which is all about maximising your tax returns as we bring in the new tax season –  listen in now! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:34 – Listen to this part for a WHOLE HEAP of special Bonuses! (An email full of FREE RESOURCES?! You’ll want to hear this…)  
  • 8:53 – All success requires is s_____!  
  • 14:28 – This should be the foundation of your thinking… 
  • 18:16 – How YOU can be the voice of reason! 
  • 25:40 – Got Buyers’ Remorse? Ask yourselves these questions.  
  • 28:30 – OUR ANSWER! (Are we just Prosperity Preachers?!) 
  • 30:28 – Reason #1: S_____ E______  
  • 34:28 – Reason #2: H____ Supply  
  • 38:11 – Lets Data Dive into Reason #2!  
  • 39:18 – Reason #3: I______! aka. We NEED people!  
  • 41:25 – Reason #4: M_____ Stress Story  
  • 44:08 – Another Data Dive! (How bad is the debt?!)  
  • 52:20 – Reason #5: R____ undersupply  
  • 53:45 – Reason #6: H____ B_____ (This is a cultural one! Think “The Castle” folks…) 
  • 57:47 – Reason #7: H_______! 
  • 1:04:54 – Is now the best time to buy?! 
  • 1:07:10 – Don’t invest now if you have THIS type of personality!  
  • 1:12:50 – Give us your Interest Rate Questions!! (Click the tab on the bottom right side of the page)  


  • 1:14:12 – Why Ben HARDLY types anymore (aka. Bryce’s Lifehack for today 😉 
  • 1:16:03 – A breakdown of CoreLogic’s Pain and Gain report. 


Free Report: How to Make your Own Super Contributions

It’s almost here folks.

After nearly a year of documenting bills and recording receipts, it’s finally time to whip out the calculators and sharpen those pencils…

Yep, that’s right – it’s the 2022 Tax Season!!

And boy are we excited to get into it!!

Well more specifically, we’re excited to get into all the ways that you can maximise your tax return!

That’s why in our April Bonusisode we invited our favourite Property Tax Guru, Julia Hartman, back to the show to share her knowledge!

But we realised while recording that there was just SO much gold to cover…

That there was only one solution:

To write it down in a report for y’all!! 

Hence this report is ALL about making your own super contributions. We explain how to make them, its implications and how you can measure the $27,500 cap!

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll email the PDF to your inbox 😊


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p.s. Tune in to the full Bonusisode on Tax Planning Tips to Maximise your Returns (Part One) to hear Julia and our own Ben Kingsley unpacking this report. Start playing from 1 minute 33 seconds folks!

p.s.s On the hunt for a good Tax Accountant? Well, look no further! Book in a free and no-obligation initial consultation with one our Tax Experts here!












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