425 | From Bankruptcy to 6 Properties – The Tale That’s A Testament To Knowing Your Numbers – Chat with Dale

Growing up on a rice and cattle farm that would later sell due to Bankruptcy   

The circumstances that Dale, today’s special Summer Series guest, grew up in are drastically different to the financial outlook he has today.   

With 6 investment properties under his belt (with more to potentially come) and an early retirement on the cards, how did he make this complete 360, mind-blowing transformation??  

From buying his FIRST share at the age of 15 (yep. You read that right!) to the pivotal point where he started investing in property, we’re following Dale as he overcomes his mental challenges around debt, leverage and risk… 

Dale shares the awesome money system and the process he goes through for selecting and renovating homes (plus so much MORE GOLD!)   

This is yet another inspiring and motivational episode about a guest who’s empowered himself through knowledge and taking action.  

Seriously, listen in now folks!  



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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 The inspiring tale today… 
  • 2:08 Meet Dale!   
  • 2:59 Growing up on a rice and cattle farm…😮  
  • 6:35 Investing in Shares at the age of 15?!   
  • 9:33 Meet the Family: A self-educated dad and paving the way for his siblings  
  • 12:03 “We walked away with the shirts on our back and nothing else…”   
  • 14:27 Dale’s motivation to change his financial future  
  • 15:19 How he became comfortable with Leverage  
  • 16:47 And how he self-educated + empowered himself!    
  • 17:42 The quote that saved him A LOT of money in 2007 (and WHY!!)  
  • 20:08 – Having an analytical mindset & investing  
  • 21:16 The Road To Property 
  • 24:54 How Dale planned and purchased his first investment property!   
  • 27:03 Managing risk, the first big renovation and renting  
  • 31:11 Splitting from a previous relationship & a property doubling in value!  
  • 32:07 “The doing builds the comfort”   
  • 34:38 – His accumulation property phase  
  • 35:52 – Buying 3 houses…on the same street?!? 
  • 39:59 – So…why did he choose to invest in Albury?  
  • 42:21 – How Dale would fund his next purchase
  • 43:45  – The money conversations he was having with his partner
  • 46:41 – Big Future Goals
  • 48:30 – Dale’s secret to great money management  
  • 54:12 – The biggest challenge now + his psychology around rising interest rates  
  • 59:23 – Words of wisdom for the community 🙂  
  • 1:02:40 – It’s all about simple scaled folks! 
  • 1:04:55 What will it feel like once Dale reaches financial freedom?  
  • 1:06:48 – What a massive transformation… 
  • 1:11:53 Our new Masterclass is officially now LIVE!  



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