427 | “I made 200K over 4 years by not doing much”: The Amazing Penny Drop Moment For This Investor – Chat with Steph

Folks…we’ve absolutely LOVED creating this Summer Series and getting to sit down with all of our amazing guests, which is why we’re sad that this our last episode🙁  

(Don’t worry though, we’ve got a seriously good next couple of weeks planned!)  

And you can bet, we’re finishing our 2022/23 Summer Series with an unbelievably great episode…  

Meet Steph.   

Her first renovation was done on a shoestring budget. 

With her husband in between jobs, and Steph herself fresh out of university, there wasn’t much money to play with.   

Then, they received some advice….and made the life-changing decision to sell 🙁.  

But this isn’t the end of this couple’s story. In fact, it’s just the beginning… 

During their next renovation is when they had THE penny-drop moment which transformed their life’s path and financial future forever. 

Tune in to find out what this moment was and the journey Steph and her husband (who she met at just 12 years old!!) have been on… 

From her earliest “observation, not conversation”, money management lessons that she learnt from her amazing parents, to how she found the secret sauce to unlocking her confidence on her investing journey.  

It’s a truly fantastic way to end our Summer Series and a true testament to the importance of good money management habits, taking action, delayed gratification and so much more evergreen wisdom.  



A huge shoutout to Steph and all our amazing 2022/23 Summer Series guests who’ve had the generosity and openness to come on and share their stories with the community – it’s people like you that are changing the lives of investors everywhere! THANK YOU!   

P.S. And for those folks out there who celebrate it today – Happy Australia Day! 🇦🇺🐨 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 We’re finishing our Summer Series on a high!  
  • 2:53 Meet Steph!  
  • 3:27 “Observation not conversations” 
  • 4:31 What money management strategy did Steph’s parents take?  
  • 7:04 – Valuing Experience First: The trade-offs and what it looks like  
  • 8:44 – Her parent’s investing evolution + portfolio  
  • 11:04 Dollarmites & the FIRST thing she and her brother saved up for  
  • 15:16 The greatest things she’s learned from Dad  
  • 17:30 From the Reject Shop to her first big purchase  
  • 20:23 Affording the First Home: In between jobs and fresh out of uni  
  • 22:53 The One Who Spends & The One Who Saves  
  • 23:12 Meeting her husband at 12 years old!   
  • 25:31 The 70’s flip: Renovating on a shoe-string budget 
  • 28:40 …and they sold it 🙁   
  • 30:22 The 2nd Reno flip!! (To-be renovators: Listen to this for a golden nugget of wisdom!)  
  • 33:59 – Where did this drive for knowledge come from??  
  • 35:08  The penny drop moment for Steph…  
  • 36:09 Getting a plan done by Empower Wealth! (+ WHY they got it!)  
  • 38:01 The power this couple found from automating their finances 
  • 39:40 How Steph put the plan into action…  
  • 41:42 “It was some of the best money we’ve ever spent”  
  • 44:27 What was this couple’s “big rocks in the jar”?   
  • 46:45 How has Steph been coping with rising interest rates?  
  • 48:36 Does she talk about finances with her friends?   
  • 50:41 How does Steph remain calm despite market noise?  
  • 53:38 The internal achievement their working towards… 
  • 56:24 Steph’s words of advice to the community!  
  • 59:22 Wow, just wow.  
  • 1:04:17 A massive THANK YOU to all our guests who’ve come onto our 2022/23 Summer Series! 
  • 1:07:45 We’ve got a super exciting announcement to make…… 



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