Episode 249 | The 4-Step Framework To Renovate or Build Your Home… AND Enjoy it! – Chat with Amelia Lee

Considering renovating or building your own home? If so, this is the perfect episode for you!! Here’s why…

We’ve got Amelia Lee, the architect behind Undercover Architect, an award-winning online resource to teach folks how to design, build or renovate their homes. To give you an idea, she’s been in the industry for over 25 years and has solid personal experience in the trenches as a “serial renovator”!

And the best part? Amelia’s on a serious mission to take the “bamboozle” out of the renovation, building and design process!

‘Cos let’s be real folks… these projects can often be draining on the ol’ tolerance levels/bank account/relationship health/overall health… BUT  as you’re about to find out… it doesn’t have to be like this AT ALL!!

(Ben’s now wishing he chatted with Amelia BEFORE he attempted three renovations on the one house!)…

‘cos, what d’ya know… it turns out that renovating and building your own home can actually be…. enjoyable!!

And all you need to do is follow Amelie’s simple, 4-Step Framework…. BEFORE you even pick up a hammer, tear down a kitchen sink or stub your toe on an exposed nail, cursing and questioning why you ever took the project on. (And/or telling yourself “never again!” like our mate Ben… who went ahead and did do it again AND AGAIN, oblivious to the fact that this wonderful framework existed.)

Learn from Ben’s mistakes folks — avoid hemorrhaging cash.

Go get your overalls ready…. this is going to be fun!


The Top SEVEN Takeaways…

  1. What does building and renovating with “intention” look like?
  2. How can you stretch your dollar further?
  3. Who do you need on your team?
  4. What are the big slipups people often don’t think about?
  5. How do you find a decent builder?
  6. What things are the top considerations for investors and home owners?
  7. Would an architect ever be an owner-builder? (and Should You???)


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… so make sure you show up!


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Episode 248 | Everything You Need to Know About The 138 Changes Landlords Are Facing

There’s ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT CHANGES to Victoria’s rental laws coming into effect next year… and we think these are about to set the precedence for legislation across the entire country.

Which means… landlords need to be clued in on their rights and what’s going to be expected moving forward — and frankly folks… we think the pendulum has swung slightly too far, and is now quite in favour of tenants. So, what do “Residential Rental Providers” — which, by the way, is what Landlords are about to be called — need to know BEFORE these changes kick in??

Here to fill us in on everything in this pretty epic episode, is Hayley Mitchell, Director of Geelong Property Managers and Director and Trainer of Mitchell PT, which provides training and consulting in the property management industry. Plus, she’s also a fully licensed Real Estate Agent and has worked in property management since 1999 (she’s well-and-truly passionate about this stuff, folks!)

And here’s where it gets super important…

Hayley has actually gone through the ENTIRE 500-page Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill with a fine-tooth comb.

And not only is this impressive… but also, it’s actually incredibly helpful for us landlords — or wanna-be landlords, or even the tenants amongst us!

Let’s find out what on earth is going on and how exactly these changes to legislation affect us!

And just a bit of a disclaimer folks: this is Hayley’s interpretation of how these changes will impact landlords and as such should not be taken to represent advice in any way. If you want more information, please seek professional advice from your property manager 😉


Today’s Links…


Free Reports from Ep 246 & Ep 247


The TOP Highlights…

  • When are these changes coming through?
  • How much notice do you need to get the tenant to vacate?
  • What are the changes to the rental minimum standards?
  • What’s the fine if you don’t advertise your property at a fixed amount?
  • How does “Section 68” affect a landlord’s responsibility for repairs?
  • Is there anything landlords can do about tenants keeping pets?
  • How long will landlords need to give notice to vacate?
  • Why are tenants being let off the hook when it comes to cleaning?
  • Is there any way to protect yourself from a tenant’s ability to make “modifications” to your property?
  • How much notice do you need to inspecting a property?
  • What is the fine if evict the tenant in order to move in but then don’t actually move in?
  • Why’s https://thepropertycouch.com.au/ep82-qa-investing-in-property-overseas/a great tenant so important?
  • What’s “The Landlord Blacklist“?


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Episode 245 | From Motor Mechanic to Selling James Packer’s House! – Chat with Michael Pallier

Some stories need to be heard to be believed! And the story we’re about to share with you is indeed one of these… ‘cos today’s guest went from being a motor mechanic to selling some of the most expensive properties across the country… yes, including… the home of Australian billionaire businessman and investor James Packer!

Joining us on the Couch today is Michael Pallier, Managing Director of Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty — an elite agency that handles the sale of luxury residential homes and rural properties throughout NSW and the ACT!

To give you an idea of the calibre of the properties Michael sells… well, folks… he’s just sold his EIGHTY-SECOND property valued OVER $9 MILLION (oh, and Packer’s property went for a cheeky $70 mill)!!

His sales history has included…

  • The most expensive home ever sold in Australia
  • The most expensive home ever sold at auction in Australia
  • The most expensive residential land ever sold

So. Pretty impressive stuff, right? But what we really wanna know is… … how???

How on earth did a motor mechanic all of a sudden start selling luxury homes? And who are the people who are forking out some serious cash for these properties?

And, of course, what can we learn from Michael’s secret to success?

Psst… as mentioned in today’s ep, here’s the house he’s currently selling: https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-vaucluse-131386806

And here’s Bryce’s mindset minute from Simon Sinek! Watch his video here. 




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Episode 243 | This is How You’ll Be Buying Property in the Future… Steve & Trent from Phoria

Want to know EXACTLY HOW you’ll be buying property in the (not too distant!) future??

We know we sure do!

So folks, here to tell us what the future in real estate is with augmented reality, virtual reality and a whole lot of jaw-dropping new tech is Steve Kounnas and Trent Clews-de Castella from Phoria, a world leading immersive tech studio that specialises in just this! Not to mention the fact that Phoria’s good mates with the likes of some “kinda known” brands like Google, REA Group and News Corp — oh, and they also happen to be neck deep in their mission to transform human experiences!

And, yep, the reason we’ve got them on isn’t just because Steve and Trent have ALREADY changed the game in the “extended reality” space… but also, they’re about to clue you in on what’s to come!!

Sure, you might think this stuff is like something straight out of a sci-fi film … but we kid you not folks… it’s anything but! Yep… it IS coming (in fact… it’s already here)… so you can only imagine how fast some of these changes are going to land in the real estate industry!!

Picture this… buying property in a VIRTUAL world!

And before you get all weirded out… just remember… not too long ago the thought of an iPhone seemed impossible/ridiculous/the brain child of someone completely nuts… but NOW??  Well… we’ve all got one in our back pockets, don’t we?

Stay ahead of the curb and you’ll always be ahead folks!  😉


Resources Mentioned:


The Top Highlights…

  • What’s virtual reality going to do to property?
  • What’s a Matterport camera and how’s it going to change the way you SEE property?
  • What will you eventually be able to scan and create in your own home?
  • WHEN will this tech be in 80% of the property market?
  • How are real estate agents going to deal with you when these changes roll in?


Plus These Gold Nuggets…

  • What’s the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?
  • How will this tech transform the way you maintain your property ie. construction, water pipes etc? (well, the entire building and trade industry really!)
  • How did Steve and Trent get interested in augmented reality?
  • When did they realise they were seriously onto something?
  • How’d the first ever “virtual inspection” of a property come about?
  • Who’s investing in these types of companies? And what does that tell us?
  • What industries are also being lead and transformed by this tech?
  • Is this stuff super expensive?
  • 10 years from now… what are you looking at? How are you buying property?



Bonusisode with Nerida – US-China Trade Wars | How does it impact Australia? 🇺🇸 🇨🇳🙄

It’s that time again for our Monthly Wrap Up with Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist for REA Group!

And we’ve introduced a new style to our monthly catch up too! Nerida has generously agreed to use the white board to explain this whole US-China Trade War thing because let’s face it, not all of us are across it. So… what to expect in this Bonusisode?


The Top Insights in this Bonusisode:

  • Exactly what impact does the US-China Trade Wars has on Australia?
  • The Cash Rate Outlook – where is it heading?
  • How will that affect the Property Market Outlook in each of the major cities?
  • And of course, the usual most viewed and most expensive listings!


Plus, The Top Performing Properties from the month:

  • The Most Viewed Rental Property
  • The Most Viewed Residential
  • The Most Expensive Property Sold
  • The Most Viewed Property Going To Auction This Weekend

Want to see these properties? Click here to View the Properties (all are in the Comments section)

P.S. Want more from Nerida?




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