492 | The Hidden Cost of Get Rich Quick Schemes


What would you do if you worked 16-hour days on the road and were utterly exhausted the few days you were home? With a family to care for and a past of previous divorces, you’d probably want to change your lifestyle. 

But what if it’ll cost you $42,000 A YEAR? 

Or, what if you’d made the #1 biggest investing regret of your life in a get-rich-quick scheme and had lost half a million dollars?! How would you recover and get back on track towards a comfortable retirement  

In this Case Studies episode, we’re mapping out two plans for two couples (names have been changed for privacy 😊) whose stories testify to the fact that there is no one “right” way to invest in property. 

Psst – we bet you’ll be intrigued by the unexpected turn of events in Case Study #2. It’s a reminder that the path to financial freedom often involves tough reality checks to see new opportunities.   

It’s an inspirational episode that holds many cautionary tales, tune in now to avoid falling into the same traps!   


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  • 0:00 – The Hidden Cost of Get Rich Quick Schemes 
  • 1:22 – Even the sun shines once 😉 and a message from Kurtis  
  • 5:23 – Thank you for all your feedback!  
  • 6:31 – The magic in “Sliding Door” moments  
  • 7:49 – Mindset Minute: Grant Mayo on how to figure out if you should buy it!  
  • 11:01 – Don’t listen to our pod if you love flashy cars 😉  
  • 12:43– Case Study #1: Not All Lifestyle Design Is Measured In Dollars 
  • 15:22 – The Problems: Past divorces and a $42K pay cut?! 
  • 18:43 – The Power of Automobile University  
  • 20:28 – Moorr: Brand-new insights to track the impact of your offset on your total debt levels! 
  • 22:04 – “Investing isn’t just for rich people” 
  • 24:09 – The Plan: How James will get his energy and life back while paying off the mortgage 
  • 29:04 – Buying for $600k in 2028: But why don’t they act NOW?  
  • 31:53 – Risk profiling, recency bias & the perfection solution  
  • 35:09 – The hard work behind the scenes  
  • 40:12 – Results & 5 key takeaways  
  • 43:34 – Case Study #2: The True Price of Get Rich Quick Schemes 
  • 46:07 – His #1 biggest investing regret  
  • 50:20 – They were unclear on THIS important knowledge  
  • 54:04 – The fears & their penny-drop moment 
  • 55:51 – The Plan Pivot: The dream home was not feasible?? 🙁  
  • 1:02:13 – “Sometimes healing comes from bringing the darkness into the light, in a place of trust”  
  • 1:04:02 – The Result: Debt free 2 years before retirement 
  • 1:09:26 – Is it time for your engine check?  
  • 1:11:19 – The Modest & Comfortable budget needed in retirement 


  • 1:13:32 – Lifehack: How much does it cost a day to blow $10K in a year?!  
  • 1:14:55WMPN:  46% of Commonwealth Bank’s customers in 2023 were from THIS generation 😮  

UNpacked: How to Retire on $2k per Week


Do you know what the number one trap is when it comes to money?

We’re not all playing the same game!

What does this mean?


In their 20+ years in the industry, Bryce & Ben often come across a common theme which is… “My friend/family invested in property via that strategy/location and was really successful, so I decided to do the same thing.

We might all have the same destination but bear in mind that how we get to this destination is different for everyone!

In this mini bonus episode, Bryce & Ben discuss our brand-new course “Unpacked: How to Retire on $2k per Week!

(More details on www.thepropertycouch.com.au/casestudy)


When it comes to our bestselling 2016 book The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, it is the case study chapter that often received the most feedback. Our readers love it!! The analysis, tables and charts have always been a popular hit. BUT one thing that they often requested for is…

The nitty gritty behind the modelling.


After all, there’s only so much you can see from table and charts on black and white printed paper.

And so, in a typical TPC fashion, we’ve taken their feedback to heart and are proud to announce that after months of work, our brand-new online course is now ready!!

This course discusses seven different scenarios (the book only covers six, but we threw in a bonus one for this course!), and how you can plan for a comfortable retirement no matter which “game” you are playing!

Each case study is around the 40-minute mark and covers more than what you can get from the book. And the best bit is… we’ve updated the variables and assumptions in the book to reflect current times!

Find out how everyday Aussies like yourself make $2,000 per week in passive income, whether you are:

  • A Rentvestor (Renter looking to invest in property)
  • DINKS (Double Income No Kids)
  • A Couple with Young Kids
  • An Older Couple with Older Kids
  • Empty Nesters
  • A Single Parent
  • (BONUS!) A Single Millennial with a Thirst for Travel

For only a few more days, this course will be available at a heavily reduced launch price of $97! After this, the price will go up, so you don’t want to miss out!

Get your hands on our brand new online course today at www.thepropertycouch.com.au/casestudy




465 | How This Family Can Afford their Year-Long Holiday While Building Their Portfolio


We’ve always said that property investing is a process not an event but…

How does one successfully match this process with ongoing family, life AND travel goals to achieve it all?!? 🏡🌟 

Folks, in today’s episode, we’re revealing how it’s possible through two real-life case studies!   

In our first case study, “Scratching the Itch”, we’re exploring how a young family who is looking to spend a memorable year travelling with their young ones can achieve this while continuing to work towards buying their forever home.  

 In the next case study, “Older Demographics Need Help Too!”, we chart the path that Linda, a 54-year-old Zookeeper can take to achieve her dream retirement without sacrificing her current lifestyle.  

We’ll be deep-diving into the problems and life-changing epiphanies each of these brave investors have had, along with the exact steps and plans we created to help each of them achieve it all.  

From the power of prioritisation to seeing what is possible, we’re highlighting the many advantages of seeking professional advice.  A seriously motivational and practical episode for all, give it a listen now!  


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  • Scratch your itch! Make the invisible visible and understand your priorities by getting professional advice. Book a free no-obligation with our award-winning team here >> 
  • Sign up for PICA’s newest webinar with Nicola McDougall here >>   


Heres some of the gold we cover 

  • 0:00 – How This Family Can Afford their Year-Long Holiday While Building Their Portfolio   
  • 2:34 – PICA is having a new exciting webinar!  
  • 3:23 REVEALED: Our newest Case Study Series launch! 
  • 5:53 – Giveaways 🤗   
  • 9:24 – Calling all potential Summer Series Guests! Share your story here… 
  • 11:44 – Mindset Minute: Never be so foolish as to believe… 
  • 17:35 – Case Study #1: Scratching the Itch 
  • 19:16 – The scary external AND internal problems they were facing… 
  • 23:18 – It’s always better to trade on paper folks!  
  • 26:35 The Lifechanging Epiphanies + Plan 
  • 27:42 – THIS is how they took action!   
  • 34:47 – It’s all about understanding the trade-offs & priorities! 
  • 35:56 – The 2 Fundamental Levers  
  • 40:11 The end result: The achievement + transformation 😊  
  • 44:24 – Case Study #2: Older demographics need help too! 
  • 45:58 – The fears this Zookeeper was facing…  
  • 49:49 – What drove her to act?  
  • 50:32 – The 3 very different solutions she was presented!  
  • 52:35 One of the most important things to remember… 
  • 54:18 – Other factors we considered 😮  
  • 55:26 – The Winning Roadmap to Retirement! 
  • 57:35 – Let’s summarise…  
  • 59:20 – Folks, we’re so lucky (+ THIS is the best time to start)  
  • 1:00:37 – Scratch your itch. Have a conversation with our award-winning team >> 


  • 1:02:55 – Lifehack: How to finish ANY book!  
  • 1:04:07 – WMPN: Unexpected changes to vacancy rates and shifting markets…😮 

How to Create $2,000 A Week – Six Real Life Case Studies from Six Very Different Investors

Want to hear how six very different people — that’s different ages, different incomes, different incomes and different demographics — ALL managed to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio that creates $2,000 a week in passive income?

Yep. They each hit that magical figure of $2K per week in passive income!

So… how’d they do it?!

Psst.. for a FULL breakdown into all the numbers and property portfolio builds for each case study, please pick up your  FREE physical copy of The Armchair Guide to Property Investing here: http://www.thearmchairguide.com.au/


Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • Six Real Life Case Studies!
  • How much do kids really cost?
  • What is Consequential Finance?
  • What are the Four Levers to Financial Peace?
  • What’s the biggest challenge for Millennials?
  • What’s the interest rate we use to model out our property portfolio builds?
  • The Money and Wealth Accumulation Model
  • The Variables and Assumptions we use 


Free Resources

  • Free Book – The Armchair Guide To Property Investing: How to Retire on $2,000 A Week (please just pay for postage – we’ll pay for the book and send it anywhere in Australia for you.)
  • The Property Couch PodcastThe Insider’s Guide to Property Finance and Money Management (This is Australia’s #1 Property Podcast with over 307+ episodes that features HEAPS of simple and actionable frameworks, countless interviews with the best minds in the Australian property and finance industry and a ridiculous number of free resources to help you at any stage of the property investment journey)


Episodes from The Property Couch to Further Support You…



TPC Summer Series 2022/23 is HERE!

It’s finally here folks.

It’s the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for (that’s almost better than Christmas 😉).

Today we’re kickstarting our 2022-23 Summer Series!!!  

And boy do we have a FANTASTIC lineup of guests for our 5th Summer Series, each with their own absolutely amazing, jaw-dropping stories which are all about this year’s theme… 

What Drove You To Act! 

Inspired by the crux in every movie.

The inspirational light bulb moment.

The Penny Drop “A-ha” moment.

These are the pivotal moments that every successful investor has faced on their investing journey.   

From their origin story to their darkest-before-dawn moments to their “rising from the ashes”, this year’s Summer Series is one you DON’T want to miss folks… 


Here are all the episodes! (P.S. if the link is not available, that’s because the episode is not out yet 😉) 


P.S. And if you’d like to see an accurate snapshot of your money story and financial position, we’ve just released Moorr the App!! Take your great money habits with you wherever you go and stay focused on your Lifestyle By Design.

Check it out in the Apple store here or on Google Play here for Android users. Or, if you’d like to view it in a web browser, log in or create your FREE Moorr account here to get started!



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