419 | Proof Is In The Portfolio: From Leaving School At Year 11 To Owning A $4.5M Property Portfolio – Chat with AJ

 It’s finally here folks. It’s the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for (that’s almost better than Christmas 😉).

Today we’re kickstarting the VERY FIRST episode of our 2022-23 Summer Series!!!  

And boy do we have a FANTASTIC lineup of guests for our 5th Summer Series, each with their own absolutely amazing, jaw-dropping stories which are all about this year’s theme… 

What Drove You To Act?   

Inspired by the crux in every movie.

The inspirational light bulb moment.

The Penny Drop “A-ha” moment.

These are the pivotal moments that every successful investor has faced in their property investing journey.  

From their origin story to their darkest-before-dawn moments to their “rising from the ashes”, we’re kickstarting this awesome series with the unique story of AJ.  




We’ve all heard the idea that life’s about making the most of your youth and you can “figure the rest out” later, but what happens when you choose the life-changing and highly rewarding path of delayed gratification?   

Well folks, you’re about to discover what happens because this is the inspiring story of AJ. 

From growing up in a financially tight household to the pivotal moment in his childhood that transformed his entire family’s dialogue around money… 

He’ll be sharing how he invested in his FIRST property at just 16 years old (Yep. You read that right! And did we mention he COMPLETELY self-funded it?! Tune in to 15:22 to find out how!) 

The failproof investing style that’s bought him his successful 6-property portfolio (and you can implement it too!)… 

And all of life’s journeys in between, taking him from Afghanistan to Antarctica to Darwin and beyond. 

There are also NO budgets, a divorce and some truly great words of wisdom from AJ tucked in between the pages of this week’s episode. 

A truly impressive and stirring story. A ginormous thank you to AJ for taking the leap of faith with us this year and sharing his amazing story with our community.  

 Listen now folks for an instant boost of motivation! 😊  




P.S. And for those parents who are tossing up, ‘how much should I be telling my kids about money?’, listen to 1:03:58 to find out how Bryce & Ben are navigating this tricky question.  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Woohooo!! It’s the 1st Ep of our 2022-23 Summer Series!!   
  • 1:55 – We launched Moorr the APP!  
  • 3:53 Welcome Andrew! (aka. AJ)  
  • 4:30 – He did THIS at just 14?! 😮  
  • 7:55 – How did AJ pick up his family’s tight financial situation?  
  • 8:50 – The Money Story Growing Up  
  • 10:05 This completely changed his family’s dialogue around money… 
  • 10:44 – AJ bought his first investment at HOW old?! (This is INCREDIBLE folks…) 
  • 11:44 – The university push & changing generational beliefs  
  • 15:22 – He saved THIS amount in his first year…and what he almost bought (Thanks dad!)  
  • 16:48 The Process & Structure Behind His First Property  
  • 20:26 – The second property & getting his trade   
  • 21:10 – “I only went to year 10 but I can work that out…” 
  • 23:31 How AJ buys his properties with no emotional attachments 
  • 26:22 – Being shipped out with the army & the third property   
  • 29:30 – A tenant of 19 years?! How AJ deals with his tenants    
  • 30:53 – Moving from Darwin…    
  • 33:03 – The ONLY splurging he does  
  • 34:23 – He’s never had a budget?! How does he do it?!?  
  • 36:01 The Biggest Investing Driver For AJ  
  • 37:25 – He fell into this investing fallacy… 😉   
  • 38:38 – Overcoming relationship breakdowns & joint investments  
  • 42:46 – Meeting the love of his life…before moving to Antarctica?!?  
  • 44:04 NSW folks: Beware Gazumping!!  
  • 47:49 – The journey to finding his dream family home…  
  • 51:15 – “It’s funny to pay more for one property than the entire sum of 5 others”  
  • 53:38 – Debt levels & the Golden Q: Is he done with his portfolio?!  
  • 57:04 – The Trade-Offs 
  • 59:04 – AJ’s message to the community 
  • 1:02:48 – How much should you be telling your kids?! 
  • 1:03:58 – This is how Bryce & Ben navigate it…  
  • 1:07:45 – Thank you for sharing your story AJ!!  
  • 1:11:36 – Ben’s changing up?!?!  
  • 1:08:35 – A fantastic start to an awesome lineup of guests…  



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