How To Pick The Right Investment Property: “Know Thy Quadrant…”

So, what makes for the RIGHT investment property… and how do you pick it?

Well, let’s be honest… most of us can’t tick all the boxes on our property wish-list. We’d like to, sure, but often this isn’t an accurate depiction of reality. We can’t all afford the best house in the best street in a blue-chip, capital-growth-centric location every time we invest in property! So, chances are you’ve had, or will have, a conversation about what you might have to compromise in the buying process.

… And this is where our “Buyer’s Decision Quadrant” comes in!

This is a framework that can help you with the asset selection process and help you make an informed decision so you are NOT compromising where it matters most. Because there is something that is absolutely non-negotiable.

So in today’s episode, we’re going to take a deep dive on the four areas — the “Quadrants”  — of our Buyer’s Decision Quadrant so you can sleep well knowing you’ve picked the right investment property with the money you have and the ambitions you seek!

Listen now to learn how to pick the right investment property by using our Buyer’s Decision Quadrant to weigh up the “wins” and “loses” of what you compromise on!

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Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • What is “The Buyers Decision Quadrant” and how can you use it to purchase your next investment property?
  • What is The One Thing you should NEVER compromise on?
  • Should you buy “Smaller, Closer In” OR “Bigger, Further Out?”
  • What can you compromise on if you have a smaller budget?
  • How to recognise which investment property will work for your own circumstances…
  • Is a property that “ticks all boxes” – AKA the perfect property – really a myth?
  • Is “Uglier” always better?
  • Land size considerations…
  • What should you quickly overlook?


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Episodes from The Property Couch to Further Support You…



438 | REVEALED: Avoid these Property Buying Myths

There are many myths about buying property, but… it is important to avoid the hype of the headlines folks! 

In this week’s episode, we tackle some of the biggest property-buying myths going around – and bust them right open with facts and real-life examples from our team on the ground.  

This is Part 2 of our series on myths and misconceptions and today we unpack some of the big ones; 

🔎 Are property prices dropping?? 

🔎 The Time it takes to transact   

🔎 What is a Bargain Property? 

🔎 Unpacking the perfect property myth   

🔎 Set and forget strategies are non-existent…  

🔎 What is the Growth Corridor and what is the corridor measuring???   

🔎 How to avoid the hype!! 

Another jam-packed episode for you as we separate fact from fiction when it comes to buying property! 

Tune in now or watch the episode below 😊 >>


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The next installment of our Mythbusters series   
  • 03:30 – Yes, we have had an interest rate pause….. BUTbe cautious    
  • 03:36 – What are the rhythms we are really looking for??   
  • 04:12 – Mindset Minute……   
  • 04:45 – Myth #1 – Are property prices _______??    
  • 06:02 – At the coal face of property buying in Melbourne…  
  • 07:18 – Are listings really moving this quickly??  
  • 08:49 – Why our team is missing out… Why we need to be wary of the headlines…    
  • 10:05 – This property was a perfect storm   
  • 15:40 – Is The uncertainty of COVID dissipating??  
  • 16:11 – Are all buyers at the mercy of interest rates??   
  • 17:13 – This is a Warning signal … AND  a leverage point    
  • 18:25 – What about Adelaide..   
  • 19:00 – Is it affordable??  
  • 20:00 – High competition…. Where is the demand coming from?  
  • 22:10 – Why do we keep reinforcing suburb and property types?  
  • 22:35 – How are we learning from the missed deals?  
  • 22:55 – …and the Brisbane market   
  • 23:50 – What is the mindset and conditioning of these buyers??   
  • 26:05 – Perth… Why are they saying it’s nuts!!!   
  • 28:08 – Are Investors acting irrationally???   
  • 29:27 – Is demand exceeding supply??  
  • 30:35 – Will property prices stabilise?    
  • 34:06 – Will we see interest rate falls and what will that do to borrowing power??  
  • 34:33 – Times are very different now… Who does this speak to?   
  • 36:00 – Will we see more growth instead of a correction?   
  • 36:14 – When can you predict the bottom?   
  • 37:00 – Myth # 2 – Time to ______  
  • 37:27 – It takes time to get ready!!!!   
  • 39:05 – Myth #3 – ______ property    
  • 39:41 – Do your fundamentals stack up?   
  • 40:32 – What’s with the bargaining rack at the shopping mall??  
  • 41:42 – Myth #4 – The ______ property myth    
  • 41:59 – Is this an alibi for procrastination???  
  • 44:15 – When do you say enough is enough?  
  • 44:40 – Myth #5 – Low _______ properties   
  • 44:56 – Why Set and forget strategies are non-existent…  
  • 48:12 – Investing is a process…. Not an EVENT   
  • 48:39 – Myth #6 – The ______ Corridor    
  • 48:52 – What is the corridor measuring???   
  • 49:50 – Are you investing in the developers’ profits????   
  • 53:50 – The four ways an investor pays? https://thepropertycouch.com.au/episode-019-four-ways-investor-pay-wrong-asset/   
  • 54:15 – What are the key takeaways?  
  • 54:20 – All of OUR underlying principles remain   
  • 55:40 – Avoid this – SIMPLE!!!  
  • And…   
  • 56:10 – Lifehack: How to game the big tech companies from surveillance capitalism  
  • 59:30 – What’s making property news?? 


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418 | The Hidden Forces Driving Property Values

“Property is a voting machine in the short term and a weighing machine in the long term.” 

Folks, these words form the beginning of one of our most important episodes (and also our LAST formal episode for 2022!! 😮 But don’t worry, we’ve got an AMAZING Summer Series coming at you next week. But back to this week…)  

In light of the rising housing values, we’ve heard SO many people say, “Surely property prices can’t go up anymore?!?” 

And this is exactly what we’re speaking to when we’re divulging…  

What Drives Property Values?!  

From economic activity to human interest and behaviour, what actually causes these prices to go up? Is there a secret framework to help you accurately predict which markets are about to “boom”? (Spoiler: Yes there is! 😉)  

And ultimately, “is it possible for them to keep going up – and is it bad if it does?!” 

In Ben’s words, “Today’s episode is a MEGASODE!!!”. Tune in now to hear all of this evergreen wisdom and more!  



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  • Free Article: Read Money Mag’s Article on “Aussies to spend $6.2 billion on Black Friday sales” here. (From Ben’s What’s Making Property News)  
  • Examples: See some examples of Singapore Properties at Chestnut Drive ($20M) and Nassim Road ($56M!) from 1:27:25!   


Want to work with Bryce & Ben’s Award-Winning Team? 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The Gold Today  
  • 1:59  IT’S HERE! We have reached this amazing milestone with Moorr! (And this is how much it costs…) 
  • 9:20 – Woohoo!! Our Summer Series starts NEXT WEEK?! 
  • 10:44 – Money creates relationship problems for 1 in 5? 🙁  
  • 20:25 – This is the BIGGEST fear for most investors… 
  • 22:31 – Why this episode is so important (and how the idea was born!!) 
  • 23:53  The Weighing vs Voting Machine 
  • 26:32 – What Drives Property Values in the SHORT TERM (The Affordability Answer) 
  • 28:32 – Beware the Block Effect!  
  • 31:08 – From Detroit to Broken Hill: what happens when demand and supply fail  
  • 37:25 Here’s what you should be considering… 
  • 38:15 – What Drives Property Values in the LONG TERM?!? (plus, a bonus Scene Setting Story from Ben: “When the first fleet came….”)  
  • 40:16 Land is valued based on its P___ U___ 
  • 41:28 – The 7 types of land in Australia (+ their use!)  
  • 49:30 – The power of repurposing land  
  • 51:18 …and this is where human behaviour comes in!  
  • 53:49 – The Veblen Social Psychological Model (& its 6 factors!)  
  • 58:08 – Why are certain mega-rich pockets sustainable?!  
  • 1:00:12  THIS is the most important indicator of long-term land value!  
  • 1:00:51 – Causation vs. Correlation!  
  • 1:01:54 – The Flywheel Concept (aka. Why property prices WILL continue to go up!)  
  • 1:08:40 – This is the role of politicians!  
  • 1:10:53 – Key Takeaway #1  
  • 1:11:02 – Will Sydney be ever knocked off its perch?!  
  • 1:13:22 – THESE are the factors we look at!  
  • 1:15:56 – Key Takeaway #2   
  • 1:19:50 – Key Takeaway #3 
  • 1:23:12 – Key Takeaway #4: Singapore: A prime example of this! (See our show notes to see these examples!)   
  • 1:30:16 – So… What does this all mean?!? (And how can you apply it?!)  
  • 1:32:09 What about Lifestyle Locations?  
  • 1:34:33 – Let’s Recap (and let us know what you think on our socials!)  


  • 1:36:06 – Ever wanted to sign a document…digitally? Here’s how.  
  • 1:38:30 – It’s true 🙁 Australians really do try to ‘keep up with the Joneses’… 
  • 1:40:15 – psst — Check out Moorr to avoid falling into this trap!  


377 | Property Market Outlook 2022 – Chat with Nerida Conisbee

It’s that time of year when everyone is interested in where the property market is going… And so are we!

That is why we’ve gone and locked in a chat with Australia’s most quoted property commentator, Nerida Conisbee, a great friend to the show as well as Chief Economist at Ray White!

Before we spill all the great things on Nerida’s 2022 Outlook, we want to take a moment and thank all our Summer Series Guests!

It was an honour and privilege to have all of them on the show and we cannot thank them enough for their honesty and transparency on their transformation journey. And if you’ve been equally inspired by their stories, we want you to take action this year and get in touch with us when the time comes for the next Summer Series!

Now folks, back to today’s episode…

If you’ve been listening to us for some time, you would know that Nerida is no stranger to the show. With an innate ability to explain complex economic (and sometimes political) scenarios in a simple and easy to digest manner, Nerida will be reviewing the year just gone.

Of course, that’s not all! (This episode is called 2022 Property Market Outlook after all!)

We’ll be unpacking some of the expected market movement this year, interest rate hikes, affordability and heaps more!


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Here’s what we cover…

  • 3:30 – Do you need help with setting up/reviewing your Money SMARTS?
  • 6:30 – Here’s your New Year Resolution from us 😉
  • 7:08 – We’ve got a present for our listener called “Mumof5grownups” who left us a review on iTunes! If that’s you, reach out to us right now at [email protected].
  • 8:08 – Wanna get free access to our Start & Build Course (RRP: $497)?
  • 8:48 – Mindset Minute: Why are the bad days more important than the good days?
  • 10:30 – Meet Nerida Conisbee, our  long-time friend and Chief Economist at Ray White
  • 12:45 – What did the government fail to do but the pandemic didn’t?
  • 14:35 – THIS market was incredibly HOT in 2021… Will it continue in 2022?
  • 17:01 – Which market will be affected by the reopening of international borders?
  • 18:50 – Will the disparity between the house and unit market increase?
  • 21:12 – Is this the Golden Decade for Brisbane?
  • 23:45 – The Affordability Debate and our upcoming Federal Election
  • 26:40 – The rise of the holiday homes!
  • 30:37 – Initiatives to increase supply and improve affordability
  • 32:30 – What can we learn from Singapore’s model on housing supply?
  • 35:15 – The Housing Affordability Inquiry and its challenges
  • 39:50 – Interest rates in 2022! What is the RBA really targeting?
  • 42:40 – Folks, are you ready for a rate hike???
  • 45:38 – The 4th most expensive city in Australia!! Is it sustainable?
  • 50:55 – Will we continue to see a double-digit price growth this year?
  • 53:13 – What will regional markets look like post-pandemic?
  • 56:23 – How are listings looking like in the coming months?


  • 59:35 – Renovation tips from Bryce!
  • 1:01:35 – RENT THEFT from the Government?! (#Impossible)




359 | Locked Down & Locked Out: Buying Property In A Shutdown State! – Chat with Leah Calnan

Is property sliding under the pressure of continual lockdowns?!

Folks, it’s no surprise that Victoria’s extended lockdowns (and indeed lockdowns happening right across the country) are having unintended consequences to property buyers, sellers AND renters.

With Melbourne spending more days in lockdown than ANYWHERE else in the world, it begs the question: How can you buy property in a Shutdown State?!

Here to unpack all this, as well as the Winners & Losers of legislation changes, is returning guest Leah Calnan, President of Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV). Leah has served as REIV President since October 2019 and during this time has seen SIGNIFICANT disruptions and changes to the Victorian property market and Tenancy Act. She has over 24 years’ experience in property management, is the sole Director of Metro Property Management and, of course, is considered one of the industry’s most dedicated, accomplished and senior Property Management practitioners in the country.

Leah is about to give you a behind the scenes look at the stark reality of a property market Locked Down & Locked Out, including the tangible impact this has on property investors, in conjunction with the “VCAT Mess” that’s currently unfolding here in Victoria.

So, is it all doom and gloom? Is it simply Too Much For Too Long for Victorian investors? Is “The Great VIC Exit” fast-approaching?!

Listen now to learn How To Buy Property in a Shutdown State & stay informed of the impact current lockdowns are having on the broader property market.


Free Stuff Mentioned


Here’s What We Cover…

  • 02:13 – FYI: The dark spot on Ben’s forehead…
  • 04:46 – What do you think about this Mindset Minute?!
  • 06:50 – Meet Leah.
  • 07:32 – The Controversial Question we just had to ask!
  • 10:09 – Leah’s first property & money management story…
  • 16:08 – Money Advice for teenagers!
  • 17:14 – Some of the ‘highlights’ as REIV President…
  • 19:15 – Winners & Losers: Legislation Changes!
  • 20:01 – Will these Unintended Consequences further drive investors out of Vic?
  • 21:43 – Which legislation would Leah most like to repeal?!
  • 23:33 – The VCAT MESS!!
  • 26:16 – Have landlords cracked down on the type of tenant they get?
  • 27:42 – Has the legislation change lead to longer first term tenancies?
  • 29:00 – Locked Down & Locked Out!
  • 31:13 – One of the biggest challenges with Victorian lockdowns…
  • 34:09 – What HAS opened up again for buyers?
  • 38:32 – How agents keep potential buyers safe…
  • 40:16 – Can you inspect properties in regional Vic if you live in Melbourne?
  • 42:12 – Is there a “Super Saturday” coming between now and Christmas?
  • 45:53 – The Best Property Management Tips!
  • 48:30 – Why You Should NOT Self-Manage Your Property!
  • 53:28 – How to measure your wealth!
  • 55:25 – What’s Making Property News!?!
  • 55:38 The Scalpel Has Landed: Macroprudential Change Is HERE!




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