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March Monthly Recap


Ep 484 | Cracking the Code: Mastering the 60% Land to Asset Ratio

Kicking off our first Q&A session for 2024, we’re diving into the widespread economic and political factors that have become “the perfect recipe” for today’s housing crisis, dissect how to master the 60% of land-to-asset ratios and more!

484 - Cracking the Code: Mastering the 60% Land to Asset Ratio

485 | Must the Plane Have Landed BEFORE I Retire?

Is 64 too old to be starting a property portfolio?
Must your investment property be fully funded by the time one retires?
And why does investing with intention matter – even after you’ve acquired 5 properties?

In today’s Q&A we’re answering these fantastic questions that explore the many layers folks should consider BEFORE they choose to enter or exit the property game.

486 | “Stuff This!”: How to Tackle Financial Anxiety

Ep 486 | “Stuff This!”: How to Tackle Financial Anxiety

We’ve all experienced the gut-wrenching anxiety that comes with property investing, and it’s a natural response considering the large sums of money and extensive time involved.

But what happens when it becomes an overwhelming feeling that wakes you up at 2am?

Folks, this is just one of the REAL stories from today’s honest and inspirational Case Study episode.

486 - Tackle financial anxiety

Bonus Episodes!

Exploring “Scarcity” in Property Investment

Note: This episode is a re-run of one of our older episodes. It originally aired on 12th November 2015 😊

In this episode, we explore why the old adage of ‘location, location, location’ still rings true for property investment. We explore how 80% of your return is determined by where you buy and only 20% by what you buy.

Redefining Debt: The Game Changing Strategy You Need to Hear

In this week’s episode, Bryce makes a guest appearance on the Wealth Time Freedom (WTF) podcast, hosted by Terry Condon!   

They cover a wide range of topics including:
        💵 Horrible, tolerable and productive debt
        🏘️ How to pick an investment grade property
        👩‍👦‍👦 Demographic shifts that are likely to impact property prices over the next 5-10 years 

This bonus episode is all about the courage to pursue passion over expectations, cultivate financial resilience, and play the long game of property investment! 

Redefining debt

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Property Suburb Report 

Learn how your suburb has performed and its changing community and properties. ‘Cos it’s our birthday month, we’re also giving it away for free!

Free Property Report

Corelogic’s Women in Property Report 

As Australians increasingly engage in conversations around gender equality, CoreLogic adds a new dimension to the debate – the issue of gender equity in property ownership. This year, they’ve also updated their survey methodology to offer new insights into the differences between genders in motivations, attitudes and barriers to getting on the property ladder.

CoreLogic Women and Property 2024

RBA Cash Rate Mar 2024 | Are We Facing Challenges with Sticky Inflation?

Welcome to the second RBA Rate Release of 2024!

Once again, our esteemed economist Evan Lucas and affable host, Ben Kingsley, reunite to decipher the latest economic trends and data in this month’s episode.

In this instalment, Ben & Evan covers sticky inflation in the US, dive deep into the December GDP Quarter Numbers, uncover the Bank of Japan’s Interest Rate Decision, and much more.

RBA March 2024

MOORR Webinar Replay: Best Tools for the Job – What to Use When?

Within Moorr, our money management platform, there are currently over 25 features and tools, providing more than 100 different insights!

We recently hosted a webinar covering the best tools for the job and revealed how all your data comes together to give you meaningful insights through our “track your progress” approach to money management.

Webinar Replay | Moorr’s Best Tools for the Job: What to Use When

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How To “Cheat” The Property Game: The 5-Step Framework, Money SMARTS and Meeting The Industry Players

“Cheat?” By this we mean… How to “Fast Track” The Property Game by getting the PROVEN method from the get-go.

In all honesty… if you’re looking to “rig” the system, or are chasing a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, then you’re likely not going to succeed in property investing… especially over the long term!

That said, there IS a simple 5-Step framework to follow that will make your property investing experience a whole lot easier and much more fruitful… which, of course, we’re unpacking in today’s episode! Plus, we’re diving deep into our famous Money SMARTS system – it’s a no B.S. money management system that will keep you ahead of the game by trapping more surplus cash in only 10 minutes a month (yes, really!… this system is currently transforming more than 15,000 everyday folks’ bank account as we speak!).

On top of that, we’re also walking you through the Industry Players – that is, the major players in the property industry who provide advice. Warning: Not all of these individuals can be trusted, so it’s vital you know what professionals to use and which “Property Spruikers” to avoid at ALL costs!

Listen now to get our proven 5-Step Framework, our simple money management system designed to trap more surplus cash AND meet all the industry players!

Don’t forget, to get further insights and “play along at home” by picking up a FREE physical copy of our book here: http://www.thearmchairguide.com.au/


Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • The Five Steps to Property Investing – The “Yellow Brick Road” to Financial Peace
  • Money SMARTS: The Simple Money Management System That Traps More Surplus in Less Than 10 Minutes A Month
  • Free vs. Free: Who Should Property Investors Take Their Advice From?
  • Who is really on the side of the property buyer?
  • What is a Buyers Agent and do you need one?
  • How to spot a property spruiker
  • Where should ALL of your income go?
  • Why is an Offset Account so powerful?
  • When should you use a credit card?


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DON’T Invest in Property Without These Four Foundational Levers…

The process of building wealth is like operating a bulldozer…

What do we mean by that?

Well, a bulldozer comes with a few levers that you’ll need to push and pull to make sure that it’s doing what it’s meant to do. Likewise, when it comes to building your property portfolio, there are “Four Foundational Levers” that you’ll need to adjust to achieve your own specific and unique end goal.

And the faster you can adjust each of these levers, the quicker you’ll get to your goal.

To put this into perspective… Let’s say you’re building a house. First, you’d start with the number of rooms you need (the floor plan), then you’d focus on the size (the measurements), then the engineering (how it’s going to be built) and, finally, what it’s going to be built from (building materials). Without these things you can’t build the house as you planned to build it, right? Not to mention, if you changed just one of these things you automatically affect the other three.

And, yes, the same applies when you’re building wealth. You need ALL four levers and if you adjust one you impact ALL the rest….

So. What are the Four Levers when it comes to building wealth? And why are these so important for a property investor?!

Listen now to find out!

Don’t forget, you can get further insights and “play along at home” by picking up a FREE physical copy of our book here: http://www.thearmchairguide.com.au/


Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • The Four Foundational Levers To Financial Peace and How They Work Together
  • How To Use The Four Foundational Levers To Align Your Passive Income Target With Your Current Circumstance
  • How can you PLAN your property portfolio?
  • Why won’t a “Cookie-Cutter” approach cut it?
  • How do you work out how much money you’ll need to retire?
  • When should you start earning that passive income?
  • What’s the difference between discretionary and essential spending?
  • How much do kids cost?!


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