iTunes Top Business Podcast – Episode Ranking | May 2019

Almost half the year is gone and looks like the Pillars of Mastery is the flavour of the month!

Just a few days ago, we were ranking…
#3 in the Top Business Podcast on iTunes!

And today, 10 of our episodes are in the Top 200 Episodes Ranking. And yes, you’ve guessed it right. All four episodes from the Pillars of Mastery is in there!

Thank you once again for your continuous support folks. Before we let you know the trending episodes, we want to highlight that if you’re new to our podcast, make sure to start from Episode 1. Play it on 1.5x speed and you’ll catch up in no time!

And if you’re really REALLY time poor, then download our Binge Guide here. It contains all the must-know tips and foundations from the first 20 Episodes and has been downloaded over 2,000 times!

Lastly, our podcast is also available on Spotify so if you’re not an iPhone user like our producer, Stiggy, is then click here to tune in on Spotify.

Now, let’s get to the Top Podcast Episode for the Month!

We love to have a bit of fun on the show too! Property, Finance and Money Management doesn’t have to be boring. Here’s some behind the scenes footages if you’d like to learn more about us. 🙂

And of course, if you got a question on Property, Finance and Money Management? Just write them in below and we’ll answer them on the podcast! Or you can also let us know on SpeakPipe!

Negative Gearing Video Series

Thank you for your interest!

As you know, this is a topic that we are very passionate about. Here’s the video series that we’ve produced to help you understand Labor’s Proposed Negative Gearing a little bit more.

And make sure you tune in to Episode 231 as well where we answered heaps of listeners questions on How Will Changes to Negative Gearing Impact Investors?

Here’s the first video:

And remember folks, we are referring to how BAD this property policy is…

❌ We are NOT against Labor.

❌ We are NOT saying that we should leave Negative Gearing unchanged.

✅ We want the numbers to be reviewed again especially with the new data.

✅ We just want them to include subject matter experts like the Master Builders Association of Victoria, HIA, Real Estate Institute of Australia – REIA, Property Council, Property Investment Professionals of Australia, Property Investors Council of Australia – PICA and others to craft this policy together.

Julia’s Answers on Ep 226 & 228

So you’ve checked out Episode 226 on Capital Gains Tax 101 & Episode 228 on Ownership Structure and Buying in a Trust and thought to yourself…

Oh my god! This is next level!

Well, we thought the same too folks. And like you, tax can sometimes make us confused and overwhelmed. As Ben mentioned on the podcast, if we lay the printed copy of the Australian Taxation Law side by side, we can probably reach the moon! #TrueStory

Anyway, that is we always refer to an investment savvy tax accountant when it comes to matters like this and please note that Julia’s answers is general in nature and should not be relied on to make any investment decision.

Now, with that in mind, go ahead and download the report! We’ve included additional link to some of her blogs and resources as well. Just fill in the form below to get access.

You wouldn’t regret it. 

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p.s. We’ve got heaps of other Free Resources on the site! Make sure to check them all out here.


Significant Urban Area (SUA) Tracker Report | April 2019

12 months ago, we released our first-ever Significant Urban Area Tracker report on our location research platform, LocationScore.com.au!

And the response was amazing! There is still much to be done but to celebrate this milestone, we’ve decided to share our most recent SUA Tracker with The Property Couch community!

So fill in the form below to download the Report now to get access to it now.

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p.s. If you have any feedback or if there is a particular data that you would like to see included in this report, please let us know! Send in your feedback to info@locationscore.com.au.

p.p.s: AND we’ve got heaps of other Free Resources on the site! Make sure to check them all out here.




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