426 | “I Went Out On My Own From 14 Years Old”: From A Scarcity Mindset To Finding Financial Success – Chat with Maryanne


Today’s special Summer Series guest didn’t have a typical childhood.  

Growing up with a scarcity mindset, Maryanne and her siblings lived in an environment where food was scarce and at a young age, were placed into foster care.    

Then, at just 14 years old, she started making her own way in the world.  

If you can’t tell already folks, today’s Summer Series story is an incredible tale of breakthrough and deciding “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re going”.  

From developing her own money management system at just 14 to self-educating and empowering herself on shares, property and more…  

We follow Maryanne as she transforms her mindset from one of scarcity to financial freedom and entirely self-funds her own property portfolio!!   

We’ll be unpacking 15 bank accounts, a life-changing trip to London, the wild ride to purchasing her first property, and so much more!  

Tune in now to hear all this, plus the heart-warming reason why Maryanne decided to come on the couch.  


Maryanne, you are a living testament to the power of financial literacy and taking control of one’s destiny, what an amazing and truly eye-opening story. A huge thank you for sharing it with the community today! 😊  






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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 This is an absolute breakthrough story folks  
  • 2:14 – Thank you for all your positive feedback about our Moorr Mobile App!!  
  • 4:25 – A quick note about this recording… 
  • 5:00 Meet Maryanne!   
  • 5:31 Being put in foster care & leaving at just 14 years old?!  
  • 7:33 Her early views on budgeting and debt  
  • 9:10 – Growing up with a scarcity mindset  
  • 11:45 So, why did she have The Envelope System?  
  • 13:51 Her journey towards becoming financially literate  
  • 15:37 – THIS was the realisation that started it all… 
  • 16:24 She has 15 accounts?!?! :O 
  • 19:27 The money system that transformed her finances 
  • 21:27 The road leading to property! (and using the First Home Buyer Scheme!)  
  • 22:52 “I feel really lucky”   
  • 24:44 Overcoming her dyslexia hurdles and pursuing higher education  
  • 25:57 – The life-changing trip to London… 
  • 27:37 Buying her first property  
  • 32:10 …and getting into her first BIG debt!  
  • 35:08 How is she planning to get her “Big Rock” in the jar?   
  • 37:17 Cross-Collaterisation: Overcoming the lesser of the 3 evils!  
  • 41:53 Having a Diversified Portfolio   
  • 42:55 “You stand on the shoulders of those who came before you”  
  • 45:23 Creating a strong support network  
  • 47:41 – THIS is why she came on the couch (and we’re so glad she did!)  
  • 49:23 Maryanne’s Words of Wisdom for the community  
  • 51:05 What does Financial Freedom look like for her?  
  • 53:01 What a seriously fantastic episode 😊  



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