420 | How She Did It: A Single Mum With A 7 Property Portfolio On 36K?! – Chat with Mandy


“Some days, I had to choose between feeding the kids and driving them 27km to school…”


Folks, some stories are just so insanely awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping that it’s hard not to listen to it twice (or three times!).

The story that today’s Summer Series Guest is sharing with us, is one of them.  

Meet Mandy: a champion mum from the remote town of Forbes.   

Growing up with absolutely NO money conversations around the table, she was constantly in “the bottom percentile” at school and at just 18, became pregnant. 

This is just the very beginning of Mandy’s amazing and transformational journey.  

Without giving away too much, tune in to hear as Mandy swings from her darkest period to her hustling years to now owning a flourishing property portfolio with 7 investment properties… 

While never earning more than 36K a year AND raising 2 young kids by herself 😮 

A truly heart-stopping, eye-opening tale that follows one woman as she grows up in a low economic demographic and proceeds to break through every mental, financial and emotional barrier placed before her.  

Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us Mandy, your vulnerability and openness is an inspiration to investors everywhere.  

Give it a listen now folks!  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The amazing story we’re diving into today… 
  • 2:34 – Inspired by Moorr!   
  • 3:42 – Meet Mandy Sweeney 😊  
  • 4:16 They NEVER talked about money?!?  
  • 6:46 – The #1 biggest thing she learned from her parents  
  • 8:59 – “We knew the value of the dollar”  
  • 9:36 – The Baby Boomer Era: All about paying off the mortgage 
  • 11:25 – Her First Job & Hating School  
  • 14:33 – A diverse family history: No university degrees & no animosity! 
  • 16:36 Pregnant at…18?!?   
  • 17:10 – The foray into property investing (+ her first child)   
  • 19:22 – Mandy’s Money Management System   
  • 21:24 10 years later, her life completely changes again….  
  • 22:31 – The first house flip   
  • 25:24 – The Car Loan She Just Couldn’t Take (to buying a block of land??!)  
  • 27:29 – “I knew I was destined for low-wage earning”   
  • 28:59 How she’s never bought a house with her own money!   
  • 29:54 – If she’d stayed in a relationship, then THIS critical habit wouldn’t have changed…. 
  • 33:16 – The Transformative Power of Reading 
  • 36:23 Why Mandy didn’t discuss property with her family or friends  
  • 38:36 – Buying houses like she buys shoes?!? (+ her retirement goals)  
  • 40:45 Everything Goes Downhill & How She Got Out Of It!  
  • 42:38 – “I had to choose between feeding the kids and driving them to school”  
  • 46:00 – Earning 35K and sending her daughter to a 34K boarding school… 
  • 51:12 – Fast Forward: 5 dual-earning properties?!   
  • 51:55 – Buying an ex-banking building?! 
  • 54:58 – How Mandy set up her kids financially…   
  • 57:21 – “A dollar earnt is not the same as a dollar given”   
  • 58:48 What does her property portfolio look like today?  
  • 1:01:35 – This is what drives her… 
  • 1:03:08 – How does she implement her MoneySMARTS?  
  • 1:07:52 Mandy’s message to the community   
  • 1:10:22 – The Challenges with Financing in Smaller Towns
  •  1:18:01 – WOW! What an unbelievable story… 



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