421 | “I walked away with nothing”: How To Start Again and Build Your Financial Peace From Scratch – Chat with Jessica


“I worked hard my entire life and I had nothing to show for it…” 


Folks these are the words from today’s super special guest before she began her complete financial and self-described personal transformation.   

Born into an amazing family with terrible money management…Jessica learned the value of being financially independent from a young age.  

So how did she end up selling the first house she built…with multiple debts…and “walking away with nothing…”?! 

Tune in to find out now and discover the amazing, breathtaking journey she’s been on since then. 

From a lucky break with her first property to borrowing her mum’s life savings to building half a house, today’s multi-chaptered saga is truly a nail-biting, heart-warming tale with lots of laughs along the way.  

A true inspiration to investors everywhere – A huge THANK YOU to Jessica for sharing your story on the couch today.  



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  • See Jessica’s half-a-house below…


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The incredible story in store… 
  • 2:02 – Meet Jessica!  
  • 2:42 – Growing up with amazing parents, who were terrible at money management… 
  • 4:18 – How Jessica funded her love of horses!   
  • 7:18 How did her family’s financial stress appear in her life?  
  • 8:29 – She still has her first bank account?!?  
  • 10:28 – The trade-offs in life    
  • 13:37 – From Hospitality to University to Bangalow  
  • 15:24 – “I walked away with nothing…” 
  • 16:55 Her Lucky Break: Putting down the $5K deposit for her first property!  
  • 18:23 – Getting out of debt…   
  • 21:25 – A word of advice from Jessica on cars!   
  • 22:43– Building half a house?! (Check out the pics in our show notes!)  
  • 27:42 – Gardening while listening to us…and where it led 
  • 29:57 – Thanks mum & dad!!  
  • 32:01 – “And then I did something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone…” (& how she bought a winner!)   
  • 36:25  One of the most powerful things Jessica has gained from our podcast 
  • 38:23 – Her next investment project…. 
  • 41:15 – A note on Nambucca Heads 
  • 45:22 – Jessica’s goals for the future 
  • 46:40 – Turning Australia’s ship around, co-share living and the future of Australia’s property market (you heard it here first! 😉)  
  • 50:48 How does she feel about today’s rising interest rates?  
  • 54:55 – Ladies! It’s important to get onto the property ladder… 
  • 57:28 – (Psst…Our Moorr platform is now available as an app! 
  • 57:55 – A huge thank you all round!   
  • 1:01:49 – Seriously, what a transformational and empowering story!!  



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