422 | “I Lost My Safety Net”: A Tale Of Overcoming Loss And Finding Your Own Security – Chat with Jack


As our LAST Episode before Christmas, we’ve got a super heart-warming money transformation in store! 🎄🎅🎁  

Meet Jack: a 29-year-old teacher who grew up on Sydney’s northern beaches. 

From happily living at home, spending his days teaching and in his spare time surfing, his world was turned upside down at the age of 25.   

As this special Summer Series Guest says,   

“I felt like I’d lost my safety net.” 

Suddenly with no backup plan and no clarity about his financial future, he knew he had to make a change.   

Tune in to hear how Jack took control of his finances, from starting his dream small business to his first investing experience…. during a pandemic. 😲 

And did we mention…there’s a failed transplant, a touching list of mentors who have helped Jack along the way, and much, much more?!  

Folks, today’s episode is an extraordinary tale of overcoming loss, having grit and saying, “if it’s to be, it’s up to me.”  

A truly awesome episode that brought a warm feeling to our hearts, a massive thank you to Jack for your sharing your story with us.  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 There are just SO many chapters in this story!  
  • 2:23 – Welcome Jack!  
  • 3:03 – Growing up with an abundant lifestyle… 
  • 6:28 – What he learned from his Dad  
  • 9:02 – Jack’s first bank account + foray into investing   
  • 12:40 His turning point   
  • 14:28 – How a small business idea became a reality!  
  • 15:51 A kidney transplant gone wrong…😮  
  • 18:04 Losing his dad 🙁
  • 23:24 – He could’ve gone down this path…. 
  • 25:27 The Mentors He’s Met In Life  
  • 27:07 – What was Jack’s first investment? (and how his approach has changed over the years!)  
  • 27:43 – His first property-buying experience….during the pandemic!?  
  • 28:51 – So how did he keep investing during COVID!?   
  • 29:26 – The 2nd property he brought: The trade-offs and ultimate result  
  • 31:53 THIS was critical for him to get his foot onto the property ladder!! 
  • 34:33 – Finding Scarcity & His Decision-Making Process 
  • 39:30 – Why is Jack doing what he’s doing? (aka. His Life Goals!)  
  • 44:13 – How has he been impacted by the rising rates??   
  • 45:50 – How & why should Jack stay on his investing path…  
  • 49:43 – Why did Jack want to come onto The Property Couch?  
  • 52:01 – Jack’s words of wisdom for the community!  
  • 53:32 – Sequencing: How can people in positions like Jack move forward?  
  • 55:40 What should you do if you have no idea where you want to live?!  
  • 58:39 – Phew! What a testament to building on good money habits!  
  • 1:03:33 – Merry Christmas to our TPC Community!   



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