423 | How This Reformed Spender Went From $336 To His Name To Getting his First Investment Property – Chat with Mathew & Olivia


Have you ever had just $336 to your name?  

 Half of today’s Summer Series duo has. 

As our last episode of 2022, we’re closing out the year with a seriously phenomenal Summer Series Story. 

Meet Mathew and Olivia – our first and only couple in our 2022/23 Summer Series!!  

Raised in two very different backgrounds, this couple had 2 very different expectations around money management and investing… 

With one a spender and the other a reformed saver, tune in to discover how this couple has settled their differences in money norms from emotional buying, to rising interest rates, and how they’re setting themselves up to achieve their next big goals in life. 

Another fantastic episode with TONS of great analogies (The trolley vs. The basket?? The Ego system vs the Ecosystem?!?), we’re closing out 2022 with a bang!  

A huge shout out to Mathew and Olivia for sharing your awesome story with the community. 😊  

Give it a listen now folks!  



P.S. As our last episode of 2022, we hope everyone has a safe and very Happy New Year from all of us on the Couch! See you in 2023 folks! 🎉🥳🎊 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 Happy New Year folks! (What a ride) + the cracker episode today!!  
  • 2:53 Organise your finances as a single or couple with Moorr the mobile app!  
  • 5:57 Meet Mathew and Olivia! (Our first and only couple!)  
  • 6:56 Mathew’s Money Story: Growing up In Leeds + becoming aware of his family’s financial situation  
  • 11:22 Olivia’s Money Story  
  • 14:27 Mathew’s First Hustling Business 😉 (and what he bought with it!)  
  • 16:07 What Olivia observed coming from a business-owning family!  
  • 18:15 Mathew’s Apprenticeship Years + Coming to Australia 
  • 19:46 How he switched from a spending to a saving mindset! 
  • 23:39 Affording her own car + How This Couple Met… 
  • 25:58 Does Mathew miss the party days?  
  • 27:18 THIS is how they merged their money management system 
  • 30:07 Emotional Buying: How to avoid it!  
  • 33:00 “It was confronting to see…”  
  • 34:06 The Trolley vs. The Basket  
  • 35:08 The flint that set Mathew’s love for property alight   
  • 36:38 How Mathew bought his first investment property!!  
  • 38:27 Auctions & The Game Of Bluff  
  • 42:53 What big plans are in store for this couple?!  
  • 44:57 Shifting mindsets around joint investment properties…  
  • 48:02 How are they feeling towards rising interest rates?  
  • 50:06 THIS was the biggest challenge they faced with their plan  
  • 53:46 How to NOT get caught up in timing the market!!  
  • 55:22 Mathew’s investing support network  
  • 57:45 The couple’s message to the community!  
  • 1:00:55 – Why did this awesome couple come on the couch?!
  • 1:01:19 The Egosystem and the Ecosystem  
  • 1:04:14 What an awesome power couple!  



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