How To Spot A Property Spruiker?


The issue about Property Spruikers is not a new one but a lot of investors out there are still unaware about it and as a result, receiving bad property investment advice. With this in mind, Bryce started this How to Session by defining what is a spruiker and describe some of the common ways to spot one. Here’s a snippet of the video:

I’ve been in this Property Investment industry for over 16 years and I’m often asked this question, “How do you actually spot a Property Spruiker?”. Lots of people talk about property spruikers but what actually is it? In my view, there’s actually three, I guess, people that you can take your information from in this property investment industry. The first person is the Salesperson who is not pretending to be anything other than a salesperson that’s being employed by the developer to sell their product. They sit typically in the sales office, they invite enquiry and they try to sell one of the developer’s product whether it is an off the plan apartment or a house and land package, they are very very clear on what they do. On the other side of the equation, you got the advisor. The true property investment advisor who has no stocklist, no agenda, they want to find out exactly what is going on for the investor so they can work out what tailored solution they need to provide on behalf of the property investor. And then you’ve got this grey area in between.


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Bryce Holdaway - Quote of the Day - The Property CouchBryce Holdaway – Partner, Property Advisor & Buyers Agent

As co-host of The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway is also a partner at Empower Wealth and Co-Host of Relocation Relocation Australia and Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel. A qualified Buyers Agent and Financial Planner, Bryce holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Real Estate Agent License and Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning).


Episode 011 | Property Spruikers

Property Spruikers’ activity in this industry is not a new topic. It has been going on for a while and ASIC is trying its best to find and penalise these parties.  However, despite being a well known issue, there aren’t much else being done about it and at the end of the day, innocent investors are the ones getting hurt. Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley have seen many cases like this in their day-to-day role and unfortunately, they’ve a lot of experience in fixing bad property investment advice. It is an issue that they are very passionate about and it highlights the importance and the crucial needs for more regulation and education in this industry. Hence they are keen to share with our listeners on how you define a spruiker, what’s their classic tactic is when trying to win an investor over and how can you distinguish them. Start listening to the podcast now to find out more.

Also, the RBA has just drop the official cash rate this month! Check out Ben’s commentary on the rate cut here.


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Episode 009 | Buying Counter Cyclical

Last episode, we mentioned about Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade Properties and following that line of conversation, Bryce and Ben emphasized that some investors are just snatching up investment stocks now because they think that the property market is heating up and hence, are afraid of missing out. So this week, Bryce and Ben talk about understanding the property market trend and buying counter cyclical instead of chasing for properties which is potentially at the peak of their cycle already. This could potentially mean borderless investing for some of us and is especially true in Sydney where the property value seems to have overshoot the fair value.


Episode 009 - Buying Counter Cyclical - Core logic RP DataWhat investors also need to remember is that each state has its own cycle but it’s not always easy to determine where the market is currently at. So how do you know if you are buying counter cyclical? A good source of information is the CoreLogic Monthly Housing & Economic Chart Pack where you get to see how the property market in each state had performed for the last 30 years. Click on the image to download the report.


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Episode 008 | Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade

The most anticipated topic is finally here! Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade Properties. Bryce and Ben had been talking about this for weeks and so, in this episode, they started off by explaining what they meant with investment stock and how it is different with investment grade. There are a lot of properties out there that are specifically built for investment purposes (investment stock) and we are certainly not low in supply on new developments but these properties do not IMG_20150417_091810necessarily guarantee good returns and growth (Investment grade). There are a lot more science behind asset selection and some investors are potentially becoming victims of bad property investment advices if they don’t know the difference. So, how do you determine if the investment property you are looking at is just merely a rock or a diamond in disguise? Listen to this podcast to find out more.


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