392 | “Don’t land the plane during a storm”: Should you change investment plans?! – Q&A

We repeat! Do NOT land the plane during a storm!! 

What do we mean by this…?  

Well, in our minds, changing your investment plan due to changing circumstances is kinda like planning a flight and lifting off the runway…

And then hitting stormy weather.

Should you try and land the plan in the middle of the storm?!? 

You’ll have to tune in to the episode to find out what we think!! Since it’s a Q&A of course we’re flying this plane over looooads more ground like… 

Advice for a 16-year-old property investor?! (It’s fantastic to hear folks are having money conversations around the dinner table!)   

Residential vs commercial capital gains tax: where do they differ and how can you make more gains without being taxed like crazy!  

Putting property in a trust…or your name?! And what do Ben and Bryce do with their property portfolio?  

Plus Ben and Bryce share their top 5 favourite books (well Bryce sneaks in a 6th one 😉) and why they reckon you should give it a go too!!  

Read Ben and Bryce’s book list and the full list of questions below! 👇 

So if you’re ready, strap in cos we’ve got something for everyone in this episode!!  


Questions we Answer

Bee on Buying in a Trust or Your Own Name 

Hi Guys, it’s Bee here. We have family trust set up and (weaved?)a few of our investment property in them. We’ve recently gone to a buyers agent and they have mentioned that if it was them, they would forget about the family trust and bond in their own names to take advantage of the land tax threshold. Just wondering could please explain this further. 


Anthony on What advice would you give your daughter? 

Good day boys, Anthony from Adelaide here. 

Well done on the show, you’re doing a cracking job it’s really impressive. I’ve been a longtime listener first time caller. I went back and listened to episodes 1 to 20 as you suggest it’s pretty well captures all the errors of my property investing. Wrong areas, Spruikers, oh dear anyway I guess investing is nonlinear I’m pretty sure next time I’ll invest with you blokes. 

My question is, we are family who loves property investing, we talk about it all the time, we have our principal place of residence, we own that out right, we have three investment properties working on our 4th and my daughter would like to get into property, she’s 16 1/2, she’s at school, she got a part time job, she saved up about 12 grand so far, so in about a year she’ll have 20 grand. 

My question is, what would you suggest she buys? And what kind of structure would work? So i guess really, if it was your daughter what advice would you give her? 

Thanks boys 


Mark Seaton on CGT on Commercial same as CGT on residential

Hi Guys! Mark is my name and I live in the Southwest Town Country (WA?) 

I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple of years. I haven’t got a everything in place although I do have a PPR and 2 rental properties. One rental property is a fixer upper at the moment which I bought at the start of COVID.

My wife and I have a business and we’ve just purchased a commercial property. I am not sure if this is in your wheelhouse or not but listening to your podcast for the last year, you’ve had people talk about tax and capital gains on residential properties.  Is Capital Gains when you fit out a commercial property, the same?

Do you have to keep all of these records and when you sell you property is the fit out cost come off or is that totally separate due to the fact that it’s a business as opposed to a building?

Just like your thoughts on that if it’s even in your wheelhouse. Anyways, thanks guys! 


Patrick on Circumstances when you would change your plan 

Hi Bryce and Ben. 

It’s Patrick here from the Sunshine Coast. I’ve a question around sticking to your plan vs. changing your plan. 

Essentially I would like to know what are some special events that might cause you  to change your investment plan or are you always better off sticking to the plan for the long term? 

For example, there might be a wide range of things like the property doesn’t grow as much as you would have thought or the yield is lower or there’s damage to the property or the holding cost increased significantly? 

I would just love to hear you guys have some discussions around navigating that choice to either stick to your plan or change your plan when things don’t work out the way you would like. Thanks! 


Sophie on Updated Books we Recommend 

Hi Ben & Bryce, Sophie here, loyal listener.

I listened to your podcast previously when you mentioned about books that you recommend.We’ve got some holidays coming up and I was hoping that you could give me a bit of arefresher as to what some of the books are that you recommend.Either property wise or maybe some other (shilady shibumshee?) you’ve been reading recently.Thanks very much love the Podcast. Bye bye.


Bryce and Ben’s UPDATED Top 5-ish Book Lists:

Bryce’s List:  

Ben’s List:  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:38 – An Election & a Footy Match: Two big results in one weekend?! (Ben’s very happy with one of them 😉)  
  • 1:28 – If you’re a new listener or a seasoned listener, listen to this! 
  • 5:44 – Warren Buffett’s wealth was actually built from… 
  • 11:05 – Some advice for those thinking of investing now  
  • 13:30 – A shoutout to the ladies (We want to hear from YOU!)  
  • 14:12 – Q1 – Buying in a Trust or Your Own Name (The Pros!)  
  • 18:42 – The Cons! 
  • 20:00 – Let’s Clarify; we do not have Property in our… 
  • 24:47 – Q2 – What advice would you give your daughter? 
  • 26:50 – A couple of options… 
  • 29:35 – The types + structures we recommend!  
  • 34:15 – Q3 – CGT on Commercial same as CGT on residential?  
  • 37:42 – Breaking it down with an equivalent scenario  
  • 39:48 – CGT on Commercial: What’s different?  
  • 43:58 – Q4 – Circumstances when you would change your plan 
  • 45:00 – When you SHOULDN’T change plans (Doing these will halt your wealth…)  
  • 46:58 – Plans should include S___ testing!  
  • 47:42 – Should you land the plane during the strorm?!  
  • 48:57 – Your first strategy should be… 
  • 50:20 – We don’t usually do this but folks if you need help, check us out! 
  • 54:50 – Q5 – Books we’d recommend!  
  • 55:40 – Bryce’s top 5 booklist (*he may sneak an extra one in later 😉)  
  • 1:00:38 – Ben’s favourite 5 books (+ one lecture series)  



341 | How To Pivot Your Investment Strategy When Affordability Changes

Folks, it’s no secret that property prices have seen a significant uptick – so what does this mean for your investment strategy if you can no longer afford to buy investment grade locations that are close to the city?

See, if you’ve read our book The Armchair Guide To Property Investing, or heard any of our earlier episodes, you might have heard us quote particular price points that now seem, well, a bit ridiculous.

You might’ve thought, “A $650,000 property in inner city Melbourne… what? They’re now over a mill, guys…?”

Or, “Where on earth can I buy a property for $450,000 in this market!?!”

 Or, “You said to aim for inner city properties with owner-occupier appeal, but now you’re talking about regional markets… what’s the deal?”

We hear you. And we get it.

That’s why today we’re doing a deep dive on how to pivot your investment strategy when affordability changes!

Make no mistake – the fundamentals DON’T change… but you need to be both smart AND realistic about the locations that are available to you, whatever your price point may be.

This is a Q&A episode you don’t want to miss – we tick off A LOT of key property investment questions that we’re confident will allow you to find success no matter what your price point is! Plus, we’ve got some new frameworks on how to navigate land tax, learn when it’s time to SELL (yep) and best practices to manage your money without dedicating your life to managing a spreadsheet….

Tune in now – and let us know what you think!


P.S. Yes, Ben is actually in his CAR when we’re recording this episode… find out why in the first five minutes 🤣


Free Stuff Mentioned


The Questions

Question From Valarie on Tips For Money Management

I bought a course and really love I’m also through the Make Money Simple Again book. I have one question: How do you apply the Money SMARTS system to a couple? At the moment we have separate accounts, something like 12 accounts between the 2 of us. How do you change that to fit into the system? Do you go with one family account and 2 debit cards account and 2 credit cards account or is there another configuration that you recommend? Many thanks in advance for your feedback Tips and Have a Great weekend. Thank you!


Question from Kiran on Land Tax and Different Entities

Good day Bryce, Ben, Stiggy and the team. My name is Kiran, I’m from Melbourne. I was listening to your podcast a week or two ago and you spoke about an active, investor Bruce in this episode who had land tax issues because he was investing in the same state. All investments are in the same state. I understand the active investor issues but from what I understand, all these investments were possibly in his personal name. What if Bruce was able to invest in different entities for examples companies or trusts? Each entity would then be completely separate and hence reset the amount of land tax he had to pay. Can you unpack the issues as to whether this is a worthwhile strategy and other differences with finance? I understand that commercial finance is required for companies which results in less favourable LVRs. Are there any further issues that someone looking to invest using companies or trusts to reduce their land tax bill may encounter?


Question From Mathew Monty on How To Buy Assets Closer In On Combined $100k Income

Hi Guys, I love the Podcasts. I just got a couple of questions regarding investment grade/investment stock – more for people like me that don’t earn that much money. Can you buy with an income of $100,000? So I’ve got a property that’s got good equity and we went out and we bought another property for investment, probably just investment stock in Truganina. So 20-something kilometres from the city, I know it’s not investment grade like you just talked about. However, I wonder how people on say $100,000 a year in combined income could afford to get into those inner-city areas? I don’t know if that’s possible. Given our situation that we’ve bought a new investment stock property, where do we go from here?


Question from Dimitra on The 6-Part Framework That Reveals It’s Time To SELL!

Hi guys, Love your podcast. I listen regularly on the drive to and from work, and recently purchased your audio book which has been super informative. You always share a lot of knowledge when it comes to finding and purchasing an investment, but would love more information on what to do if you’ve bought a lemon! Most of the things you tell us to avoid applies to my investment property. The apartment was purchased off the plan in an area where supply exceeds demand and the property price hasn’t increased since it was purchased back in 2017. And to make matters worse, since Covid and the bad publicity new apartments have been getting, the property has gone down in value. There are tenants in the property currently and I have to contribute an extra $50 per week towards the mortgage (principle and interest)

The positive is that the property is in Sydney, 12km from the CBD and a 10 minute walk to public transport. This purchase obviously happened before I discovered your podcast, but what should I do?

Should I hold the property in the hope that it will eventually increase in value, or is there no other option but to sell and cop a loss?

Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. Many thanks.





228 |Ownership Structure & Trusts with Julia Hartman – Everything You Need to Know About Property Tax (PART 2)

Here we go, folks…. Property Tax PART 2 is finally here!!
So, let’s get down to the Ownership Structure, Trusts and SMSF insights you need!

If you tuned into Episode 226, then you’ll know we have none other than The #1 Property Tax Expert in Australia… Julia Hartman, unpacking the gold for you!

Julia is the Founder of BAN TACS, a co-operative of Accountants, which has been helping thousands of Australian’s navigate the world of tax since 1992!! She has a Bachelor of Business and is a Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Registered Tax Agent…. which, if they don’t mean much to you, translates to this — “impressive” and “rare”!!

PLUS, because we knew she was coming, we threw it out there for our listener’s to ask us their most pressing Tax Q’s they have — and Julia’s going to answer the last of these today and dishing out her top tax tips on ownership and borrowing tax structures!

Get the answers to…

Before we get to today’s questions, we want to let you know that we’ve compiled all of Julia’s Answers and Additional Resources into a PDF! If you’re interested, then just fill in the form below and we’ll send it to you right away. 🙂

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Today’s Ownership Structure and Trust Related Questions:

Question from Ben:

When investing for the long term as a couple (with one partner’s income considerably higher than the other), what are your top tax tips to consider when determining ownership and borrowing structures.

Question from Locky:

What is the best tax structure for being able to keep borrowing (family trust or company)? Buy build and rent out for passive income? Thanks guys.

Question from C L Wong:

Should we open a company to manage the residential properties or a trust perhaps? If so, what are the tax benefits do we have? Thank you, Gents 🙂

Question from Alistair:

How to transfer property between entities (company to trust or company to personal name). Investigate how the family law act interprets this. Thanks.

Question from Damien:

Is there any point in getting a tax depreciation schedule anymore for existing fixtures (since recent changes)?


Question from Paul:

Is there any point getting a depreciation schedule done on a brand new build IP considering I can just give my accountant the exact costings of the build to depreciate?

Question from Pete:

I want to know: am I able to claim tax deductions if I rent out 1 or 2 bedrooms in my home? If I rent out 2 bedrooms in my 3 bedroom home, am I able to claim two thirds or my rates, Strata, etc?

Question from Matthew:

When renovating an investment property to what level must you renovate the IP so it can be classed as a “Substantial Renovation” to allow you to claim it as a depreciating asset?

Question from Andrew:

Would love to know if we have any further clarification on the possible negative gearing changes from Labor are we able to still offset our income with interest down to 0 but not claim it as a loss i.e. negative gearing or is there plans to take away claiming the interest charges at all so all income is classed as income.

Question from Nick:

How do I transition my investment property at retirement with minimal tax impact?

Question from Kosta:

What implications must we consider if we go down the short-let Airbnb route?

Question from Sandy:

How do you choose/ find a quality property investment savvy tax accountant? Thank you for all your insights

Question from Sineth:

How to differentiate investment savvy/specialist tax agent and general Tax agent? What outcome Investment savvy tax accountant can bring in to table? Cheers

Question from Iain:

What sort of benefits could one expect from a property investment savvy/specialist tax agent over a generalist or do it yourself?

Thanks again for sending in your questions on Facebook folks! All of the answered questions will get a free book so make sure to reach out to us at [email protected]! 🙂

48 | Different investment structures (family trust, company, partnership), CGT and other tax related topics – Chat with Frank Azzopardi

Our loyal listeners would have noticed by now that every single time a tax related question pops up on the podcast, Bryce and Ben will try and answer it in a general sense (sometimes, probably too general). So, this time on The Property Couch, we have invited Frank Azzopardi from YK Partners to help give a clearer definition when it comes to questions related to tax and property.

Sit tight and be prepared because this episode can be very technical. Some of the issues that they’ve touched on in this episode are:

  • Investing under trust ie: family trust – what it involves and the tax implications
  • Investing under a company structure – why people do it and areas to be cautious about
  • Partnership in property investing – what to expect, difference between partnership with family and friends and types of partnership
  • Capital gain tax (Capital Gains Tax) and the 6-year rule
  • Are buyers agent fees and stamp duty tax deductible


Now, please remember that this podcast is general information only and is intended to assist you in understanding the different investment structures and some tax regulations related to Australian property. It is by no means a full representation of all aspects of the property tax and listeners/viewers should not rely on the information provided in this podcast when making their investment decisions. The Property Couch and our guests strongly recommend that listeners/viewers first seek qualified and professional advice to assess their individual and unique circumstances before making any decisions. For more disclaimer, please click here.

If you like this podcast: “Different investment structures (family trust, company, partnership), Capital Gains Tax and other tax related topics”, don’t forget to rate us at our iTunes channel (The Property Couch Podcast) and our Facebook page. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to drop us your thoughts here: https://thepropertycouch.com.au/topics/

026 | Q&A – Property through Trust, Renovating Established Properties, Gentrification and Investing in Regional Centre

We have been receiving a lot of great suggestions and questions from our listeners! If you have submitted a question on property investing in Australia and have yet to hear a response from us, don’t worry. We will get to you as soon as we can. In this week’s podcast, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley will be addressing some topics on:

  • Ep 26 of TPC - Q&A Property through trust, renovating established properties..Property in Trust from Christ : Can you address investing in trusts? In particular purchasing property through trust and transferring currently owned investment properties into a family trust
  • Tax benefits in renovating established properties from Christian : One of the topic that got me interested was Tax Depreciation, when you had Bradley Beer come in as a special guest. I already have a depreciation schedule, the one thing that plays on my mind – is whether it is worth renovating an established property? Is there a rule of thumb that I should use to determine whether my investment property needs to undergo a renovation? Is there a golden rule to this on when is the best time?
  • Gentrification questions from Andy : What is gentrification and its signs? Does this take a long time to happen? What are the positives and negatives of buying in a suburb that hasn’t had it or is in the process of having a face lift/demographic change? (I’m assuming that is what gentrification is?) Thanks guys!! The podcasts are gold!
  • Investing in Regional Centre from Lewis : Can you offer any advice regarding property investment in a regional centre? Often there are a lot of stones unturned in these markets. I am based 30km from the coast in Central Queensland and medium/high density development is a relatively new concept to most buyers in this area. However, recently completed projects have shown a real interest in this type of offering versus detached dwellings and I am wondering how to interpret this.


For access to The Property Couch’s media kit, please email us here: [email protected].


If you like this Q&A episode, don’t forget to rate us at our iTunes channel (The Property Couch Podcast) and our Facebook page. Any questions or ideas? Feel free to drop us your thoughts here: https://thepropertycouch.com.au/topics/


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