008 | Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade

Well folks, after eight long weeks of waiting, we’ve FINALLY reached our most anticipated topic yet…investment stock vs. investment grade properties! 

Did you know…there’s a higher percentage of investors who’ve sold their property for less than their original purchase price than owner-occupied properties? 💸 

Yep, that’s sadly true. That’s why in today’s episode, we’re diving deep into what investment stock actually is, how it differs from investment-grade properties… 

...and how to know if YOU’RE being spruiked into buying stock!  

We’re also examining the science behind investment grade properties, why depreciation shouldn’t be the end-all, and how becoming a borderless investor can benefit you!! 

PLUS, guess what milestone we’ve just achieved…


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Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 1:19 – What are some concerns for investors today? 
  • 2:10 – What is Investor Stock? 
  • 3:00 – Why Investor Stock can cause losses 
  • 4:50 – How to tell if your advisor has your best interests at heart 
  • 6:00 – The Enthusiastic Amateur (BE WARNED!)  
  • 7:43 – How to know you’re not being sold Investment Stock! 
  • 8:35 – Don’t invest in property for THESE perks! 
  • 9:06 – Why ________ shouldn’t be the end-all 
  • 10:07 – The science behind Investment Grade properties! 
  • 11:27 – How WE look for properties 
  • 14:00 – Why FOMO is an indicator NOT to buy! 
  • 16:33 – How to be a borderless investor  
  • 17:29 – Why investing is all about the ____!  
  • 18:22 – How you can stay educated on investing 
  • 19:20 – We’ve hit WHAT milestone?! 



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