Episode 008 | Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade

The most anticipated topic is finally here! Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade Properties. Bryce and Ben had been talking about this for weeks and so, in this episode, they started off by explaining what they meant with investment stock and how it is different with investment grade. There are a lot of properties out there that are specifically built for investment purposes (investment stock) and we are certainly not low in supply on new developments but these properties do not IMG_20150417_091810necessarily guarantee good returns and growth (Investment grade). There are a lot more science behind asset selection and some investors are potentially becoming victims of bad property investment advices if they don’t know the difference. So, how do you determine if the investment property you are looking at is just merely a rock or a diamond in disguise? Listen to this podcast to find out more.


Also, The Property Couch has just reached a milestone: 1,000 downloads for our podcast! Thanks to all our listeners and all the reviews that we received. We are also receiving a lot of question from our New Topics page and we promise you that we will discuss them eventually. In the meantime, keep the reviews and questions coming via the iTunes store or our Facebook page to spread the word!

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