Episode 012 | Why Invest in Property?

It comes as no surprise that Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley are huge advocates to investing in property. As property investment advisors and buyers agents, they’ve come across many different platforms of investment and have chosen property as their preferred vehicle. But, why invest in property? This is the main topic that Bryce and Ben will be discussing today particularly in terms of investing in residential property. They won’t be debating whether property or shares is a better option because both type of investments can be used depending on the investor’s circumstances and preferences ie: cash flow position, tolerance to risk, years to retirement and more. Instead, they will be sharing their own personal property investment stories, why they themselves, chose it and what kind of research do they conduct when investing in property.


The Property Couch - Ep 12 - Why invest in property - CoreLogic Pain and Gain reportIn this podcast, Bryce and Ben also mentioned that not all investment properties generate profit and based on this report by CoreLogic (Pain and Gain), one of the thing we notice is properties held for a short period are much more susceptible to loss. Click on the image on the right to start downloading the report.

For more information on CoreLogic, RP Data CoreLogic


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