339 | “Man, Can Politicians Spend Money!!” – ft Property Q&A

Folks, as promised we’re diving deep on the 2021-22 Budget Review – what’s in it, what are the key takeaways for property investors, first home buyers and us Aussie taxpayers!!

In a one-liner summary… “Man, Can Politicians Spend Money!!”

Yep. And we’re unpacking quite a bit of it – such as…

  • The $15.2 billion infrastructure spend!
  • Free cashback (Tax Offset) & how much you’re likely gonna get back…
  • First Home Saver Scheme
  • Family Home Guarantee for Single Parents
  • New Home Guarantee
  • Superannuation Downsizer Scheme
  • The increase to the Child Care Subsidy
  • Public Housing support
  • The HomeBuilder extension
  • VIC State Budget & The consequences for property owners and property developers

Plus, to give a bit of contrast to the Budget News we’re also circling back on a few key evergreen property investment formulas and answering a couple of listener questions!!

Get ready – you’re in for a solid ep, folks!


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The Questions…

Question from Al Knight Lewis – Investment Stock & Investment Grade – Is it still relevant?

“Good afternoon. I have just started listening to your podcasts and am finding them so

Interesting! Episode 8 talks about investment stock vs investment grade and I’m wondering if the info in this episode is still current and relevant 6 years later? I’m looking for our first investment in Brisbane.”


Question from Don Holloway – Are there any benefits from having $10k sitting in an offset?

“With interest rates so low atm is there any benefits from having $10k sitting in an offset?

My calculations (and confirmed by investment bankers n mortgage brokers) best to buy quality shares with your $10k than to month ball it into an offset account. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

BTW, I’ve read your book Make Money Simple Again last year. Found it to be a parallel to Scott Pape barefoot investor






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