288 | How He Survived Multiple Recessions & Why He Still Believes in Property, Even During a Pandemic – Chat with Peter Koulizos, Chair of PIPA

Did you know that “Property Professor” Peter Koulizos INVESTED during multiple Australian recessions? And now, in the wake of COVID-19 he is STILL adamant that property is a safe bet!

So, what can we learn from one of Australia’s leading property experts who’s actually lived through The 70’s Recession, The 80’s Recession, The 90’s Recession and The GFC?? What can we take away from someone who invested in almost all of them?!

Today, we’re welcoming back Peter K, no stranger to The Couch! As well as being none other than the Property Professor as the Program Director of the Master of Property at The University of Adelaide, he is also the Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and widely regarded for his insights into the Australian property market; including everything from gentrification to property development!

And aside from hearing how on earth he survived all of those economic upheavals, we’re ticking off these three key points (more on what’s covered in this ep further down)…

  1. Pete’s take on COVID-19 and how it compares to Australia’s Recessions and The GFC
  2. Peter Top 5 Things he’d say to his 20 something self BEFORE buying his first property (we’re excited for this one!!!)
  3. The new PIPA/PICA survey results 😊

With #3, Peter and Ben are also unpacking the brand-new results from the recent PICA & PIPA Sentiment Survey that just went out… so we can all see how current and aspiring property investors are feeling about the property market since COVID-19 entered our lives. And the results are kinda surprising!


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What we Cover in Today’s Episode…

  • How does the COVID-19 property market stack up to during previous Australian Recessions + The GFC?
  • How does the typical “Australian Aspiration” differ from other counties? And why is this critical in shaping the future of our property market?
  • Property Transactions vs Property Prices: What’s Happening Now?
  • Safe strategies to increase immigration and help Australia’s economy
  • What property sector will be most affected by COVID-19?
  • What is the Government proposing in order to stimulate the property market?
  • Which commercial properties are likely to survive the pandemic?
  • How many new dwellings should we be building per year? (minimum)
  • What 5 things would Peter’s tell his 20-something self BEFORE buying his first property? (check out our tips here)
  • Why Your First Home Shouldn’t Be Your Dream Home!
  • How old was Peter when he moved into his forever home?
  • How To Use Someone Else’s Hindsight To Make Better Investment Decisions
  • How can you help your kids get on the ladder while still investing yourself?
  • How many Australian property investors still think it’s a good time to invest?
  • How many investors are currently affected by financial hardship based on the PICA & PIPA sentiment survey??


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