433 | Scary Ugly, Spendvesting & Turning an Ugly Duckling into a Swan – Chat with Evan Lucas

Humans are not rational creatures.  

Especially when it comes to our finances (I bet we’ve all got a story or two about that impulse buy 😉).  

So how can we identify and navigate our natural human biases and emotions around investing and risk?! 

Folks, in Episode 433 we’re exploring all of this and more as we dive into the fascinating topic of behavioural finances with the help of returning podcast guest and ultimate money mindset guru, Evan Lucas! 

Author of the best-selling book Mind Over Money: Why understanding your money behaviour will improve your financial freedom, he is also an experienced market strategist and super passionate investor! 

From exploring the most common human biases in the finance world to how you can conquer and embrace risk and scary emotions when investing, we’ll also be unpacking:

💰 How to avoid the biggest derailer of investing success 

💰 The evolution of instant gratification across human history   

💰 Your ultimate solution for making investing decisions  

💰 Understanding Hyperbolic Discounting, loving the Scary Ugly & more!  

💰 Why Spendvesting might just be the smartest solution for investors!  

💰 Rational economics: It just doesn’t work! 

💰 And of course, while we have Evan’s bright mind on the couch, we’re deep diving into everything going on in the market today from Super to rising rates.  

Yep, it’s another MASSIVE episode – give it a listen now!   


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – All the awesome stuff we’re covering today!  
  • 1:29 – Hawkish to…Hopeful?! Yep, it’s another rate rise (Check out Ben’s latest RBA update!) 
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  • 4:37 – EXTENDED: Free Suburb Reports!  
  • 7:53 – Mindset Minute: To crave the result but not the process, is to guarantee… 
  • 9:27 – Welcome back Evan!  
  • 11:27 – The Mindset Shift: Why seeing yourself as an investor is important!!  
  • 15:16 – Clashing cultures & money conversations  
  • 18:46 – The evolution of instant gratification  
  • 20:49 – THIS is the biggest decision we make as investors today… 
  • 21:39 – Hyperbolic Discounting: The opposite of what you’re probably expecting!  
  • 25:06 – Investing is all about conquering your E_o_io_ _ (+ most common human biases!)  
  • 27:51 – Why rational economics just doesn’t work! 😲 
  • 30:32 – The FIRE community: Weighing up rational vs. reasonable 
  • 32:39 – Use THIS solution for making investing decisions  
  • 36:21 – The most notorious human bias in the finance world!  
  • 39:27 – Loving the Scary Ugly 
  • 45:24 – The power of loss aversion + embracing investing risks
  • 49:15 – For those worried about their finances: Stress-test your finances with Moorr! 
  • 50:28 – This is how Ben developed his “muscle memory”!  
  • 52:11 – Spendvesting: How to use it to your advantage 
  • 57:59 – You Are You, I Am Me.  
  • 59:28 – Seriously folks, check out Evan’s book for some timeless investing wisdom! 
  • 1:02:09 – Are we close to an interest rate pause + crystal ball predictions!!  
  • 1:07:06 – Are the changes to Super smart? (WARNING: This part gets pretty heated 😉) 



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