451 | From Unspeakable Trauma to Overcoming Doubts & Beach Holidays: How This Nurse Did it! – Chat with Laraine Kenniff

Today we’re continuing our inspirational Winter Series with a story from a true Aussie battler…

Meet Laraine, a nurse in the Trauma Centre Emergency Department who, until very recently, didn’t think she could see an endpoint.  

As she would later share with us… 

“I have been kicked and knocked out, and I get sworn at every shift (literally).  I stay for the people that we can save as a team. However, sometimes the sadness is relentless. 

So what today’s meeting gave me was an endpoint.”  

What happened in this meeting, and the complete psychological and self-belief transformation that Laraine undertook is completely mind-blowing, yet it is just ONE amazing and heartwarming chapter in her remarkable tale. 

Tune in now to hear how she grew beyond a family environment with absolutely NO money conversations to living her life as a battler and later overcoming her self-limiting beliefs to find her financial confidence despite Australia’s interest rate hikes.  

 We promise you – this is one episode that’ll completely blow your mind!  

 Give it a listen now folks 😊 😊 😊  



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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:27 – Welcome Laraine 😊  
  • 2:01 – From Osmosis to Fearless Transformation  
  • 2:26 – Ahhhh the 80’s!  
  • 4:58 – Leaving the nest & being really broke 
  • 8:15 – Would I be further ahead if…? 
  • 9:28 – Twins: A different way of processing things  
  • 10:25 – An early chance at peace 
  • 14:48 – “I didn’t think I could keep going on…”   
  • 16:04 – Changing her own paradigms  
  • 17:04 – Folks, it’s about C___meeting I____  
  • 19:50 – FOMO (with a twist 😉) 
  • 21:44 – Going in with a plan of attack…  
  • 22:57 – “This might bankrupt us, but I will get us out of it”  
  • 24:30 – The Stress Test   
  • 25:49 – How she kept her confidence – and goals – ahead!  
  • 28:12 – Trying to be what she wasn’t taught… 
  • 30:16 – Navigating this tightening interest rate cycle (aka. How to find Comfort in the Numbers)  
  • 35:18 – Why Laraine wanted to share her story  
  • 37:22 – …and THIS is how she feels about it!  
  • 38:34 – The Circle of Life   
  • 42:58 – PHEW, what an amazing episode! Thank you, Laraine! 😊  
  • 43:43 – Beware self-limiting beliefs!  
  • 45:46 – “Money is Simple, Behaviour is hard” 
  • 46:55 – Speak to a professional advisor!  
  • 49:21 – Reach out to us on Instagram & Facebook and let us know your favourite part of Laraine’s story! 


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