452 | “We made $400k tax free from Reno’s!”: How this TV Popstar Built His Flourishing Portfolio – Chat with Jason Bird

Meet Jason Bird, today’s super special Winter Series guest. Although, this probably isn’t the FIRST time you’ve ever heard of him because today’s guest is also… 

Former Scandal’us pop star from the 90’s hit show Pop Stars!! 😮  

Yep. We got to sit down with an incredibly humble and inspiring former pop star with a truly mind-blowing story to share. 

We’ll be starting right back at the beginning, before the fame and worldwide tours, to when recessions and failing family businesses were his reality… 

Tune in as we follow Jason’s inspiring rise to fame as he becomes an overnight sensation, lives the glamorous life of a pop star, and how, with its abrupt end, he pivots to build a 3 property portfolio (and growing!).   

And did we mention, he flips a house earning him $400k…. tax-free?!?!?   

It’s true. Today’s episode will have you on the edge of your seat as we get a sneak peek at how much Australian pop stars really earn, see the TRUE value of transparent money conversations and the terrifying consequences of having a negative credit score (Seriously, tune in to 27:48 now folks).  

As always, today’s episode is another jaw-dropping story of perseverance, hard work and humility. 

 Give it a listen now or watch the Episode below! 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Incoming gold alert!!   
  • 1:34 – Welcome Jason!   
  • 2:09 – Growing up where money conversations were…a cornerstone?!   
  • 4:03 – A recession, a failed business & a changed lifestyle 😮   
  • 7:21 – “Work Smarter, Not Harder”: Jason’s Valuable Lessons Learned  
  • 9:46 – THIS is how it affected his siblings…    
  • 11:24 – From first job to…recording artist?!?     
  • 15:27 – Touring UK and Australia (Jason was earning THIS much?!?)  
  • 17:25 – An Insider’s Look: How glamorous was the pop stars lifestyle really?  
  • 20:47 – Staying grounded and an end of an era 🙁   
  • 25:55 – Pivoting to Property during Perth’s Property Boom    
  • 27:48 – LMI declined because of… a phone bill?! 
  • 31:13 – The 7 years clearing the botched phone deal  
  • 34:01 – The first plot of land he bought (Make sure you do THIS test folks!)  
  • 36:15 – His first reno project + meeting his life partner… 
  • 38:42 – The property they got for a bargain! (and the flipping process)  
  • 41:44 – Finding success in Success, Perth 😊  
  • 44:55 – “It was absolute hell; at one stage we had no floors…”  
  • 46:26 – $400k in tax-free profits?!?  
  • 48:02 – Why having an investment-savvy broker is so critical!  
  • 50:55 – How does Jason’s property portfolio look now? 
  • 51:46 – Jason’s driving goals & how he found a balance in life  
  • 54:59 – Key Messages for our TPC Community!  
  • 58:56 – and THIS is why Jason decided to come onto the couch!  
  • 1:02:56 – Here’s how you can catch Jason performing 😉  
  • 1:04:05 – WOW, what a story! Thank you, Jason! 


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