The Property Investment Formula That Works In ANY Market And At ANY Time!

If there’s just one framework you should focus your attention on if you want to be a successful property investor… please make it this one!

Folks, in today’s episode we’re revealing THE Property Investment Formula you need, not just in your toolkit, but also what you must implement if you want to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio that creates a passive income for yourself and your loved ones!

Our Property Investment Formula is made up of FOUR critical elements – what we call our our “A.B.C.D.” Pillars of Mastery – and it works in ANY market and at ANY time… (yep!)… ‘cos this is an evergreen formula to invest in property. It really will work today, tomorrow and forever. So make sure you get this framework RIGHT.

The “A.B.C.D” Pillars of Mastery are…

  • Asset Selection
  • Borrowing Power
  • Cashflow Management
  • Defence

BUT while this “A.B.C.D” Acronym makes it super easy for you to remember… these Pillars are NOT in their correct order as you would apply them in real life… so, please NEVER start with the property (Asset Selection)!

We’re about to unpack what order to apply our “ABCD” Property Investment Formula and how to implement and what to consider in each individual Pillar.

This is one of our all-time favour frameworks and, yep, it is absolutely critical for every property investor, no matter what stage they are in!

Listen now to get the proven formula to invest in property that works in any market and at any time!

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Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • What is Asset Selection?
  • What and Where should you buy?
  • The 4 Developer Tricks To Avoid At All Costs
  • New vs Old Properties
  • Investment Grade vs Investment Stock
  • How to recognise an Investment Grade Property
  • What is Borrowing Power?
  • How do you maximise your Borrowing Power?
  • How to Structure your home loans
  • Principle Interest vs Interest Only
  • What’s a Cash-on-Cash return?
  • Why’s interest rate NOT king?
  • What is “cross-collateralisation” ?
  • Should you pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?
  • Why should you NEVER get a loan directly from the bank?
  • Who should you get your mortgage advice from?
  • What is Cashflow Management?
  • Good Management vs Great Money Management
  • Four Steps to Elite Money Management
  • Why is “Liquidity” so crucial for a property investor?
  • What should you do with your money?
  • Or Money SMARTS system to Financial Peace
  • What is Defence?
  • How can you protect yourself, your family and your property portfolio?
  • What type of insurances are there?
  • What professional should you seek out?
  • How can you reduce your risk?


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  • Free Book – The Armchair Guide To Property Investing: How to Retire on $2,000 A Week (please just pay for postage – we’ll pay for the book and send it anywhere in Australia for you.)
  • The Property Couch PodcastThe Insider’s Guide to Property Finance and Money Management (This is Australia’s #1 Property Podcast with over 307+ episodes that features HEAPS of simple and actionable frameworks, countless interviews with the best minds in the Australian property and finance industry and a ridiculous number of free resources to help you at any stage of the property investment journey)


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Bet $1 To Make $10 – How To Master Leverage And Compound Growth Without Risking It All

Have you ever wondered how to accelerate your wealth position without having to risk everything? If so, we have something very important to tell you in this episode that – let’s be real here – a lot of folks don’t actually know about.

Property Investors actually have a Superpower…. and that Superpower is LEVERAGE.

But it gets even better than that. Because if you add this superpower with another one – “The Compound Effect” – you’ll be sitting very pretty indeed! And these two fundamentals of investing are what make property such a safe and sustainable vehicle for wealth creation.

If you have no idea what we mean by “leverage” or “compounding”, that’s totally okay… ‘cos we’re about to fill you in on exactly what these terms mean and how they amplify your ability to create a passive income for life.

Plus, we’ll be walking you through WHO exactly property investors should have on their team as well as other investment choices you can consider instead of/as well as property!

Sound good?

Listen to now to learn how to master leverage and compound growth WITHOUT risking it all!

Don’t forget, get further insights and “play along at home” by picking up a FREE physical copy of our book here: http://www.thearmchairguide.com.au/


Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • How does lasting wealth creation occur?
  • Why can’t you “save your way” to a passive income?
  • What is Leverage and how can you use it to make your money work MUCH harder for you?
  • What is The Compound Effect and why does this totally change the game if you’re investing over the long term?
  • What are the four ways we generate money?
  • How can you accelerate your wealth safely AND sustainably?
  • Why shouldn’t you trust the Australian Pension to look after you in retirement?
  • What types of investments are available to you?
  • Why is property such a great investment vehicle, particularly if you want a “hands off” approach to a passive income?
  • What professionals do property investors need on their team?


Free Resources

  • Free Book – The Armchair Guide To Property Investing: How to Retire on $2,000 A Week (please just pay for postage – we’ll pay for the book and send it anywhere in Australia for you.)
  • The Property Couch PodcastThe Insider’s Guide to Property Finance and Money Management (This is Australia’s #1 Property Podcast with over 307+ episodes that features HEAPS of simple and actionable frameworks, countless interviews with the best minds in the Australian property and finance industry and a ridiculous number of free resources to help you at any stage of the property investment journey)


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436 | Warning! Don’t Fall For THESE Mortgage Myths

Last week we sat down with one of our Mortgage Brokers and well, they shared a client’s story which completely shattered our hearts and became the driver behind today’s show….

You see, this client had fallen for a common but sadly misguided lending myth which resulted in her losing THOUSANDS of dollars…😮🙁   

That’s why, in this episode, we’ve switched things up to become Ben and Bryce, your Mortgage MythBusters!!  

From debunking the 8 most common mortgage myths to unpacking where these misconceptions came from, we’ll be sorting fact from fiction as we determine which myths are tales of caution to heed, and which are just misinformed opinions.  

 And yes, we DO actually share the horror story which was the motivator of today’s show – tune in to 50:03 to hear what happens when bankers dish out the wrong advice  😞😭  

Seriously folks, avoid falling into the same lending mistakes and find out the truth in today’s episode.  

Tune in now or watch the episode below 😊  >>

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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – What’s in store today 
  • 1:28 – One of us is 100% over the footy talk 😉  
  • 3:54 – The books Ben reckons will become classics!  
  • 4:36 – Mindset Minute: “Your results are largely a by-product of your….”  
  • 6:56 – Are you MoneyFIT? (aka. are you turning your flywheel?)  
  • 10:43 – Myth 1  
  • 11:00 – Ben’s Answer + why!  
  • 13:27 – And THIS is why it’s a myth in the first place.  
  • 16:33 – Myth 2 
  • 15:44 – The truth about businesses 🤯 
  • 20:17 – Consider these factors if you’re thinking of starting a small business…  
  • 24:09 – Myth 3  
  • 24:25 – This comes from an old legacy (and how it’s really done today!)  
  • 27:33 – Myth 4 
  • 27:44 – The Tough Reality (Ben gives you a demo of what brokers hear every day 😉)  
  • 32:46 – Myth 5 
  • 33:00 – Just 3 words folks: Lead. Generation. Tools!!!  
  • 36:39 – Content marketing, digital fingerprints and how to find reliable readings  40:12 – Myth 6 
  • 40:21 – The method traditional lenders use to conduct their assessments!  
  • 41:50 – Is there a way around this?  
  • 44:28 – Myth 7  
  • 45:01 – How a loan becomes polluted!  
  • 50:03 – A true and tragic case study🙁  
  • 54:52 – Myth 8 
  • 56:41 – Private Lenders: Would we recommend it?!  
  • 59:49 – Let’s Recap 



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413 | The Future of Price Growth in Australia

Passing on interest rates to tenants. Updating property plans. The future of price growth and…  

Restructuring your mortgage (is Line of Credit still the best?!)   

Yep.  Folks, we’re back with another ultra-packed Q&A session that’s all about being smart with your money in an unpredictable market.   

 Here’s a teaser of what else we cover… 

  • How can landlords offset these extra costs from rising interest rates?!  
  • The #1 biggest indicator that it’s time to update your property plan 
  • Why housing prices WON’T stagnant and housing prices will STILL grow – even given today’s market!  
  • The Veblen Effect: What it is and why it’s important in today’s market cycle!  
  • Where most of Australia’s growth actually came from (aka. A short history lesson)  
  • The Role of Income Growth, Immigration and Inheritance  
  • What are Quasi Lines of Credit?! (are they a good idea??)  
  • The markets Ben is (and isn’t) worried about in this market cycle, plus  
  • Tons more gold!!  

It’s another massive episode folks, give it a listen to get the facts and cut through the noise! 


Questions We Answer…

Question 1: Janet on When should you update your plan? 

Hi Ben and Bryce, 

My husband and I are big fans of the podcast. 

We have learned so much listening to the both of you over the years. 

We’ve actually been to your team Empower Wealth in North Melbourne for financial planning and property investment advice and that was before our honeymoon. 

Now we have 1 child (14 months old) and 2 properties in, one principal place of residence and 1 investment. This was all factored in by your team as part of our lifestyle by design plan. 

There is a component to the plan which is to get our 3rd property in a few years time as investment towards our retirement plan. 

However, with the changing market, I’m starting to wonder if its time to bring things forward or we stick to the plan. 

So my question is once you’ve got a property investment and a retirement plan set up, how often would you recommend getting this revised and looked into? 

I would love to hear from you two and keep up the good work on the podcast. 


Question 2: Adam on Can you pass on interest rate rises to tenants quickly? 

Hi Boys, 

Love the show and thanks for all the tips and all the advice that you provide each week. 

My wife and I have 3 investment properties and given the market is a bit softening at the moment and there’s a lot of uncertainty out there, we think it’s really good time to try to buy again. So we can get a loan at the moment our broker confirmed to us that we can borrow at the moment. 

However, when I run our numbers on next year in  about 12 months time, our 3 properties that we do have at the moment are currently on the fix rate and we fix them at about 2% interest and all 3 come off their fix periods in about 12 months time. 

So if we did buy again now by fourth place, when the loan repayments we’ve got on the other 3 next year did it at fixed period, that’s more than $2000 a month extra in mortgage repayment will be up for so we’ll be in trouble if we borrow again right now so we’re a bit in a snag. 

I’m just curious in your thoughts, I think you’ve mentioned before in your show that the Australian economy, I think is about, $40B in residential loans that fixed at the moment with low interest rates  in the last few years and they’re all gonna be coming off fixed periods next year. 

So there’s gonna be a lot of people, lots of household all of a sudden have to find material amounts of money each month in extra loan repayments. For those who are investors like us, we can just wanna try to pass on a lot of these costs to our tenants and raise the rents that they are paying given there already is rental crisis across the country.  How do you see this playing out in the economy. 

If you have a lot of landlords all of a sudden wanting to put the rents up substantially because interest rates have blown up and loan repayments are higher, do you think we’ll be able to recover some this cost through increasing the rents at all?

Question 3: Michael on Interest Rates, Borrowing Capacities and long term impact on price growth 

Good day Ben and Bryce. 

Hope you’re both well. 

Ben, condolences on the loss to Sydney, mate.  I know that’s probably a tough one. 

My question to you both is regarding to the overall pricing of housing and I know it’s broad question but with regards to the correlation between interest rates and the impact it have on borrowing capacity. 

I know there’s been peaks and troughs over the last 30 years but I’ve seen over time you know a gradual decrease on the amounts that we pay on the interest rates therefore our borrowing capacity increased. 

My question to you is that now that we’ve reached the bottom point where we’re on our way up, do you foresee that having a long term impact on the increase in housing value? 

I know there’s other factors in play but as far as borrowing capacity goes, I can see that there is quite a strong link in interest rates and the borrowing capacity. 

Just curious to get your thoughts on that and what’s the impact it will have. 



Question 4: Karen on Borrowing Strategy – what is the optimal review? 

Hi Bryce and Ben, 

My name is Karen and I have a question about refinancing a principle place of residence and investment properties. We currently have a loan of credits on our principle place of residence.  

We used this loan of credit to purchase 3 investment properties and these 3 investment properties are all with different lenders. With the current interest rate rises and some of these loans coming off fixed interest, we are now wanting to refinance some of those. 

Our mortgage broker, this is my question for you, our mortgage broker is suggesting because of our age which we are 51 and 52 respectively, we have high disposable income because our children are all over 18 and that we combine all of our loan in to one big facility with AMP and have it split in to various splits and so our home loan on PNI and then the various investment properties as interest only. 

I’m really concerned with this approach because it goes against everything that I’ve listened to in your podcast today and I’m would just be really interested to hear what you have to say on the next approach. 

So basically the splits for the investment properties would be interest only and our principle place of residence P&I and she’s saying that this is the only way forward for us to be able to refinance the whole lot. 

Ideally, I’d like to keep the line of credit. 

I like the flexibility of it and I’d like to keep the investment properties with loans separate to our home. 

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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – What we’ve got in store for you… 
  • 1:18 – Folks, this is how you can get a free Start & Build Course! 
  • 2:53 – Negative things happen. Negative mindsets make it…. 
  • 5:19 – Question 1: When should you update your plan? 
  • 6:56 – How you can tell it’s time to change!  
  • 7:38 – And this is WHY you’d want to bring it forward!  
  • 9:20 – 97% of the time this what you’ll be doing…  
  • 11:21 – THIS is where they sit on our “7 Grades of Financial Wellbeing” scale (Don’t know what this is? Take the quiz here!)  
  • 12:46 – Question 2: Can you pass on interest rate rises to tenants quickly?  
  • 14:42 – We haven’t seen this for the last 3 years… 
  • 15:44 – When are we going to see the 3 big tranches?! 
  • 16:15 – Rents will be going up…  
  • 18:34 – How Adam can offset costs!  
  • 20:41 – Legislation that property owners should consider!  
  • 22:47 – THIS is a good rule of thumb for measuring costs and profit… 
  • 25:38 – Want to future forecast your modelling? Try Moorr, our online money management platform and it’s forecasting feature: MoneySTRETCH.  
  • 27:48 – Question 3: Interest Rates, Borrowing Capacities and long-term impact on price growth 
  • 28:57 – Most of this growth has to do with Australia’s lowering cost of M___!  
  • 29:40 – Income growth, affordability & interest rates  
  • 31:36 – Ben’s predictions for wage and population growth! (THIS will always push growth)  
  • 32:38 -These are the markets Ben’s worried about… 
  • 32:55 – The Role of Inheritance and Immigration 
  • 34:51 – Recap: What were the “Roaring 20s”?  
  • 35:17 – Why housing values WON’T stagnant! 
  • 36:14 – This is why price growth will continue! 
  • 38:40 – If you haven’t check out THIS amazing chart (bottom of page 1) from CoreLogic… 
  • 39:17 – The Veblen Effect 
  • 41:40 – Question 4: Borrowing Strategy – what is the optimal review? 
  • 44:21 – Who is AMP?  
  • 45:19 – Why you don’t really need a line of credit… 
  • 46:08 – Some other great options!  
  • 47:06 – What Ben does with HIS line of credit!!  
  • 47:23 – Why there’s still opportunity for older aged Australians… 
  • 49:51 – What is a Quasi Lines of Credit?!  
  • 50:34 – If you want more on How to Beat the Banks, check out Ben’s newest educational series here.  
  • 51:17 – Leave us a Question on our Speak Pipe – it’s never been more important!  
  • And… 
  • 51:50 – Did you know, the body of the Apple phone is actually pretty cool. Here’s why… 
  • 54:12 – The Top #10 Most Successful Celebrity Investors 
  • 57:22 – Honourable mentions for the women… 


406 | How to Beat the Banks at Their Own Game

Market sentiment is in a hairy place. 

Every day costs are rising, people are worried and purse strings are being pulled tighter.  

So how can you make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table?  

Well, from our experience, one of the biggest “money pits” people fall into is their mortgage loans. Specifically, folks don’t know how to find – and maintainthe best rate for them.  

Here’s the deal… 

When folks first start with their mortgages, all the banks are jumping with great offers. But it’s what happens after they’ve have been with a bank for a while that stumps them. 

How can they continue to stay on the best rates (and pay off your mortgage quicker) when banks are too busy offering their best deals only to new clients?!   

That’s why in today’s episode, Bryce & Ben are consolidating their insider’s knowledge and experience to give you the 7-lesson cheat sheet on… 

How to beat the banks at their own game.  

There’s tens of thousands of dollars on the line if you don’t play the mortgage game right, so tune in now! 😱😱😱 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 

  • Discover the TRUE cost calculator (How to Calculate Profit from Property Investment) here. 
  • Want to take the “Do it With Us” Approach? Check out our YouTube Channel for regular insiders gold on property investing and building wealth.  
  • Rather take the “Get it Done for You Approach”? Our team would love to have a free, no-obligation chat with you! Start a conversation with us today. 
  • Watch our short and sweet “Don’t Leave Money on the Table – Moorr Series” here.  
  • Free Money Management Platform – Want more out of your finances? Try moorr here.  
  • Listen to our latest episode (which reached #2 on the iTunes Chart!): Episode 405 | Why the Great Australian Renter’s Tax is Everyone’s Problem!? 


Want to work with Bryce & Ben’s Award-Winning Team? 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – What’s in store…  
  • 2:20 – A kind review + could you do us a favour?  
  • 4:44 – Principles vs. Self-Interest  
  • 8:50 – The 4 ways banks make money off customers  
  • 13:45 – How “sticky” are you? 
  • 14:55 – #1: Lenders Go on Sale – Why do they do it?  
  • 16:08 – Folks, start to think of your mortgage as a c_m_ _d_ty!  
  • 19:30 – #2: Published Rates Are Negotiable  
  • 19:50 – What is a Highly Prized Client?  
  • 22:20 – How can you get the best deal?  
  • 23:00 – Why is property investing an insider’s game?! 
  • 25:51 – #3: Discount Rates can be Misleading 
  • 27:09 – Watch out for this common trick!!  
  • 29:25 – #4: Comparison Rates  
  • 30:14 – The real problem with these rates… 
  • 30:56 – How are comparison rates calculated??  
  • 32:47 – What the…The TRUE cost calculation!  
  • 37:04 – A quick disclaimer (This is a snapshot folks!)  
  • 39:48 – #5: The Loyalty Tax 
  • 40:48 – Why new borrowers get better deals 🙁  
  • 43:15 – Don’t overpay because of THESE money pits… 
  • 44:59 – Do these things and see how you benefit!  
  • 48:17 – #6: Bank’s Customer Service & Retention Teams – what do they do? 
  • 50:00 – You can expect this to happen when you decide to leave…  
  • 52:22 – This is how an investment-savvy Mortgage Broker will really benefit you… 
  • 54:00 – Don’t get mad – get even! (Don’t be this person)  
  • 56:01 – #7: Complexity is Real 
  • 57:17 – Why 72% of all lending today is handled through Mortgage Brokers…  
  • 1:02:50 – Having a Broker is like having a partner!  
  • 1:04:48 – What should you do next?  
  • 1:06:00 – Want to learn more? Check out our newest Moorr video series here.  


  • 1:06:50 – Here’s how you can take action today folks.  
  • 1:08:33 – If you’re keen to have our brokers do your review, select Finance and Loan Structure when booking your free, no-obligation consultation here.  
  • 1:09:49 – Why the Greedy Property Investor narrative is FALSE (1 man and 283 properties?!?)  
  • 1:12:58 – This is the worst outcome for tenants… 



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