Episode 003 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Cash Flow Management

In this Episode of The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley talk about the four areas that each property investor needs to master. Property Investment is not just a transaction. There is a science behind it and in this episode, Bryce and Ben disclose the Property Investment Formula and how an investor can use it. They started off with the most complicated area: Cash Flow Management. Why is it the most complicated? That’s because cash flow management requires a lot of planning, observation and discipline from the investors themselves. In other parts of the Four Pillars of Mastery, you can get help from professionals but in this area, you need to be able to do it yourself because the advisor can only give you an indication not your actual number. Cash flow management demands a lot of time and effort but it is the first step to building your property portfolio and very likely the most important step. Listen to this podcast to find out more.


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Below is the Cash Flow Management – Flow of Money chart that was mentioned in this podcast.

Ep 003 - Four Pillars of Mastery - Cash Flow Management - The Property Couch chart 2
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