003 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Cash Flow Management

Do you know the ABCDs of property investing??  

Yep, we’ve spent years defining this Property Investment Formula (which we like to call the ABCDs) that every property investor should master!!  

That’s right, there’s a science behind investing; property investment is not just a transaction.  

So get excited folks because over the next four episodes we’ll be deep-diving into the four pillars which make up this Property Investment Formula:  

A – Asset Selection (aka what property to buy)
B – Borrowing Power (aka how to set up your loan strategy and structure)
C – Cash Flow Management (aka how to trap more surplus)
D – Defence (aka how to protect yourself and your portfolio) 

BUT REMEMBER, while this acronym makes it easy to remember, this is NOT the order it should be implemented in. 

Most people tend to start with “A” – the property itself…aka Asset Selection – this is NOT where you should start!  

Instead, folks, we’ll be starting with the foundation pillar that is also the hardest to master – Cash Flow Management!  

‘And why is this the hardest?’, you ask… 

Well, unlike the other pillars, its success is totally dependent on YOU! 🤯

It requires one’s own planning, observation, and discipline: all things a professional advisor can’t provide!

It’s also the cornerstone to building a successful property portfolio!  

As the famous quote goes, “change begins with you” and it’s no different for your finances.

Listen in and learn how to manage your cash flow once and for all!!! 


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  • Check out the Cash Flow Management – Flow of Money chart below: 

Ep 003 - Four Pillars of Mastery - Cash Flow Management - The Property Couch chart 2

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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:28 – We’ve been on a tour… (No, we’re not in a band 😉  
  • 1:52 – We see THIS mistake too much  
  • 3:20 – So, what are the four pillars?  
  • 4:12 – Why is Cash Flow Management so difficult?   
  • 5:45 – What differentiates good vs great Cash Flow Management?  
  • 7:10 – “Running a household is like running a business”  
  • 8:30 – In the old days, we had… 
  • 9:38 – WHY Cash Flow Management is the cornerstone of a successful investor!  
  • 10:40 – Where MOST people get it wrong is with ____ spending 
  • 11:19 – “Our Flow of Money” chart explained!  
  • 11:58 – What you can do with your surplus!  
  • 12:40 – Why budgets are hard   
  • 14:31 – Thinking of touching your super early? Listen to this!   
  • 15:59 – The problem with an interest capitalisation strategy  
  • 16:55 –How Ben navigated a life change with success  
  • 18:25 – Key takeaways!!  



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