040 | Q&A – Line of Credit, NRAS Program, Fixing a Broken Portfolio, Conducting a Due Diligence and Insurances

Introducing the first episode of our summer series! Let’s kick start with a Q&A episodes. If you have a property related question that you couldn’t solve or needs an opinion on, please do not hesitate to let us know here. In this episode, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley will be addressing some topics on:

  • Line of Credit (LOC) question from Brad : Firstly, love the podcast, but have to agree that the sports commentary should be left out. ( 😥 from TPC Hosts). I have a finance related question, specifically about the intricacies of Lines Of Credit. All the articles I can find say you should get a LOC, which I get, but none drill down deeper into the intricacies of using the LOC. I understand that you would use your LOC for investing costs, such as a deposit on new property, or the levies or rates for a property. My uncertainty is whether I am then able to claim the interest charged on the LOC for these expenses. To make things more complicated, what if you were to pay your investment loans off using this LOC. Surely you couldn’t then claim the interest on the LOC as well as the investment mortgage? That would be double-dipping, right? Please do a segment on your show (which I listen to religiously) that explains more how to use the LOC tax effectively and legally.
  • NRAS questions from Cesar : What is your view on the NRAS program? From everything I hear from you it is probably a no go, but would be nice to hear more as many spruikers are heavily promoting NRAS to investors.
  • Property Portfolio question from Sandy : Guys, love the podcast and wish I had listened to it a few years ago. My suggestion is to discuss the strategy to fix a “broken” portfolio ie a number of under performing properties (pretty much all the things you have explained to avoid) that were spruiked.
  • Due Diligence and Research from Daniel : You always hear from professionals in their podcasts that you need to do due diligence and do your research into finding a property. I’m a first time investor, but this question could be used for every investor. What resources do you need and what do you have to look for in conducting due diligence? I wouldn’t know where to begin. Could you please elaborate on who one can achieve this?
  • Property Insurance from Daniel : Advice on what’s the best type of insurance to have on your investment property?


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