016 (Part 2) | The 5 Essential Steps to Property Investing in Australia

Aaand we’re back at it folks!!   

Our first double part episode…ALL IN THE SPACE OF ONE WEEK!  

Yep. That’s how important we believe these two lessons are!!  

So today we’re finishing our “5 Essential Steps to Property Investing in Australia” framework (Of course, if you haven’t already listened to the first part, tune in here) covering the last TWO steps of the process:  

4. Implement (The researching and buying – often what too many people do FIRST in the framework)  

5. Manage (The checking and monitoring of the property each year)  

Ep 16 The Property Couch - 5 Essential Steps to Property Investing in Australia Part 2

Combined, these 5 steps will guide you to effectively and successfully plan and achieve your life goals!  

 AND (in the wise words of Bryce) if you’d like to turn your dream into a goal, our business – Empower Wealth – offers tailored Property Wealth Planning strategies based on YOUR financial and life goals.   

We discuss how these plans work and why they’re important… 

Plus we define the 2 key metrics that Empower Wealth uses to create these insanely accurate financial plans!  

(Did we mention these advanced calculations have been designed by Ben himself??)  

If you’re interested in getting us to help you out with your property journey, check us out here!  

There’s so much gold in this framework finale episode, tune in now folks!  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 0:40 – It’s all strategy and tactics folks… 
  • 1:01 – How can you develop the best investment strategy for you? (And how we can help you!)  
  • 2:48 – The footy equivalent of what we’re teaching  
  • 3:41 – Plan to become, what you plan to become! 
  • 5:39 – What you need to factor into your plans… 
  • 6:38 – This part’s for those folks who want to do their own plan! (How we do it)  
  • 7:50 – Why Ben created Empower Wealth’s simulation software  
  • 9:39 – The #1st Key Metric in Ben’s software 
  • 10:26 – The #2nd Key Metric in Ben’s software (And why it’s so important!)  
  • 12:34 – Step 4 in our framework  
  • 15:50 – Step 5! (What often happens without a plan…)  
  • 17:38 – What happens when you DO have a plan!  
  • 18:18 – Great property investments only require HOW much time?!  
  • 20:31 – We’ve done a…webinar?! Plus a bonus you can get!  



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