006 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Defence

Folks, it’s scary to watch investors pour bucketloads of time and money into budgeting and buying a property, to then not invest in any protection!  

This is exactly why we’re homing in on the fourth and final part of our ABCD Property Investment Formula series: Defence!

Previously, we’ve spoken about Cash Flow Management, Borrowing Power and Asset Selection. If Asset Selection is the favourite of the Four Pillars, then Defence is definitely the least favourite. Most investors are always on the lookout for new investments or new ventures to go into, but the most important asset is actually the investor themselves.

That’s why we’re looking at… 

🛡 HOW to minimise risk across Asset Selection, Borrowing Power and Cash Flow Management… 

🛡 WHO you shouldn’t be taking advice from…. (Hint: Ben and Bryce are declared enemies of these types of advisors 😉)  

🛡 WHY you should be investing in certain policies and mortgage brokers… 

And why mining towns aren’t the ideal investment – especially if it’s your first property!  

So don’t end up like some of the people that Ben references in today’s podcast, or spend years investing to be blindsided by weak defence… 

Tune in and get smart with our final pillar in the Property Investment Formula!  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 1:18 – When we say defence, we’re talking about… 
  • 1:50 – Why you need to unpack YOUR story  
  • 2:35 – Risk mitigation and Borrowing Power 
  • 3:40 – The 3 filters for determining Defence in Asset Selection  
  • 5:00 – Understanding Risk vs. Reward 
  • 5:25 – Mining Towns vs Blue Chip areas  
  • 6:10 – How you should be analysing properties (and what you shouldn’t be seduced by!)  
  • 7:50 – Who you should be taking Defence advice from!  
  • 10:14 – The BIGGEST defence you can have in Cash Flow Management  
  • 12:30 – How to install defence measures to you Borrowing Power  
  • 13:00 – Why you need an _____ _____ mortgage broker!  
  • 13:42 – What are we actually protecting? 
  • 14:08 – How to mitigate asset risk  
  • 15:45 – Defence for assets is also defence against _____!  
  • 16:08 – How to protect your income and lifestyle  
  • 17:55 – Why THIS type of insurance is important as you get older  
  • 19:42 – Help us educate others! 



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