406 | How to Beat the Banks at Their Own Game

Market sentiment is in a hairy place. 

Every day costs are rising, people are worried and purse strings are being pulled tighter.  

So how can you make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table?  

Well, from our experience, one of the biggest “money pits” people fall into is their mortgage loans. Specifically, folks don’t know how to find – and maintainthe best rate for them.  

Here’s the deal… 

When folks first start with their mortgages, all the banks are jumping with great offers. But it’s what happens after they’ve have been with a bank for a while that stumps them. 

How can they continue to stay on the best rates (and pay off your mortgage quicker) when banks are too busy offering their best deals only to new clients?!   

That’s why in today’s episode, Bryce & Ben are consolidating their insider’s knowledge and experience to give you the 7-lesson cheat sheet on… 

How to beat the banks at their own game.  

There’s tens of thousands of dollars on the line if you don’t play the mortgage game right, so tune in now! 😱😱😱 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – What’s in store…  
  • 2:20 – A kind review + could you do us a favour?  
  • 4:44 – Principles vs. Self-Interest  
  • 8:50 – The 4 ways banks make money off customers  
  • 13:45 – How “sticky” are you? 
  • 14:55 – #1: Lenders Go on Sale – Why do they do it?  
  • 16:08 – Folks, start to think of your mortgage as a c_m_ _d_ty!  
  • 19:30 – #2: Published Rates Are Negotiable  
  • 19:50 – What is a Highly Prized Client?  
  • 22:20 – How can you get the best deal?  
  • 23:00 – Why is property investing an insider’s game?! 
  • 25:51 – #3: Discount Rates can be Misleading 
  • 27:09 – Watch out for this common trick!!  
  • 29:25 – #4: Comparison Rates  
  • 30:14 – The real problem with these rates… 
  • 30:56 – How are comparison rates calculated??  
  • 32:47 – What the…The TRUE cost calculation!  
  • 37:04 – A quick disclaimer (This is a snapshot folks!)  
  • 39:48 – #5: The Loyalty Tax 
  • 40:48 – Why new borrowers get better deals 🙁  
  • 43:15 – Don’t overpay because of THESE money pits… 
  • 44:59 – Do these things and see how you benefit!  
  • 48:17 – #6: Bank’s Customer Service & Retention Teams – what do they do? 
  • 50:00 – You can expect this to happen when you decide to leave…  
  • 52:22 – This is how an investment-savvy Mortgage Broker will really benefit you… 
  • 54:00 – Don’t get mad – get even! (Don’t be this person)  
  • 56:01 – #7: Complexity is Real 
  • 57:17 – Why 72% of all lending today is handled through Mortgage Brokers…  
  • 1:02:50 – Having a Broker is like having a partner!  
  • 1:04:48 – What should you do next?  
  • 1:06:00 – Want to learn more? Check out our newest Moorr video series here.  


  • 1:06:50 – Here’s how you can take action today folks.  
  • 1:08:33 – If you’re keen to have our brokers do your review, select Finance and Loan Structure when booking your free, no-obligation consultation here.  
  • 1:09:49 – Why the Greedy Property Investor narrative is FALSE (1 man and 283 properties?!?)  
  • 1:12:58 – This is the worst outcome for tenants… 



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