The Property Investment Formula That Works In ANY Market And At ANY Time!

If there’s just one framework you should focus your attention on if you want to be a successful property investor… please make it this one!

Folks, in today’s episode we’re revealing THE Property Investment Formula you need, not just in your toolkit, but also what you must implement if you want to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio that creates a passive income for yourself and your loved ones!

Our Property Investment Formula is made up of FOUR critical elements – what we call our our “A.B.C.D.” Pillars of Mastery – and it works in ANY market and at ANY time… (yep!)… ‘cos this is an evergreen formula to invest in property. It really will work today, tomorrow and forever. So make sure you get this framework RIGHT.

The “A.B.C.D” Pillars of Mastery are…

  • Asset Selection
  • Borrowing Power
  • Cashflow Management
  • Defence

BUT while this “A.B.C.D” Acronym makes it super easy for you to remember… these Pillars are NOT in their correct order as you would apply them in real life… so, please NEVER start with the property (Asset Selection)!

We’re about to unpack what order to apply our “ABCD” Property Investment Formula and how to implement and what to consider in each individual Pillar.

This is one of our all-time favour frameworks and, yep, it is absolutely critical for every property investor, no matter what stage they are in!

Listen now to get the proven formula to invest in property that works in any market and at any time!

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Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • What is Asset Selection?
  • What and Where should you buy?
  • The 4 Developer Tricks To Avoid At All Costs
  • New vs Old Properties
  • Investment Grade vs Investment Stock
  • How to recognise an Investment Grade Property
  • What is Borrowing Power?
  • How do you maximise your Borrowing Power?
  • How to Structure your home loans
  • Principle Interest vs Interest Only
  • What’s a Cash-on-Cash return?
  • Why’s interest rate NOT king?
  • What is “cross-collateralisation” ?
  • Should you pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?
  • Why should you NEVER get a loan directly from the bank?
  • Who should you get your mortgage advice from?
  • What is Cashflow Management?
  • Good Management vs Great Money Management
  • Four Steps to Elite Money Management
  • Why is “Liquidity” so crucial for a property investor?
  • What should you do with your money?
  • Or Money SMARTS system to Financial Peace
  • What is Defence?
  • How can you protect yourself, your family and your property portfolio?
  • What type of insurances are there?
  • What professional should you seek out?
  • How can you reduce your risk?


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Episodes from The Property Couch to Further Support You…





416 | How Can We Solve Australia’s Building Crisis? – Chat with Paul Baker

Property is a game of finance just as much as it is a game of bricks and mortar. But what happens when this bricks and mortar – and the cost to put it all together – starts to cost too much?!  

 Today we’re addressing the complex and fast-growing issue of Australia’s building crisis. 🤯 

From rising labour costs to widespread material shortages, we’ll be exploring why the industry has ended up in its current state, when we can expect things to “normalise”, and answering the BIG question… 

Should you delay building?! And if you’re already building….what should you do to ensure the best results?!  

 Plus, we’ve got a super-awesome returning guest to help us out… 

Please welcome back Paul Baker, Director of Inside Out Property Inspections, qualified Carpenter and Registered Builder Practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority! A man of many trades, Paul also holds a Pest Control License with many years of experience inspecting residential homes…. 

 Basically, he’s THE man for turning the building industry inside out and giving you an expert guide to building and renovating today. Give it a listen now!    




P.S. Fun Fact! Last time Paul was on the couch, it was aalll the way back in Episode 45 😮 and it was also and our first episode of 2016!! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Want to work with Bryce & Ben’s Award-Winning Team? 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The Gold Today 
  • 1:50 – Put this in your diaries: PIPA’s 2022 Annual General Meeting!  
  • 3:34 – Our TPC Re-Edition of this ad… 
  • 5:30  Meet Paul Baker!  
  • 7:58 – What are we seeing in the Building Industry today?  
  • 10:02 – Why builders are taking on more of the costs…. 
  • 12:32 – Fixed Price vs. Cost Plus Contracts: What’s the ratio in the market today?  
  • 16:20 Are we overcoming COVID’s supply shortage?!?  
  • 18:48 – Upcoming Trends: Material substitutes and modular builds  
  • 20:48 – For folks halfway through building, how can they increase their chances of a successful build completion?  
  • 23:37 What Building Insurance should you get and who does what??  
  • 26:26 – The Grey Area: Handing over projects between builders  
  • 28:03 Is NOW a good time to be building or renovating?!  
  • 31:48 – A Builders POV: What it’s like having multiple projects on-the-go… 
  • 33:50 – How can we solve Australia’s Building Crisis?  
  • 34:09 “Good staff is your business…”  
  • 36:11 How do different-sized businesses “compete”?  
  • 40:39  The Material Shortage Story: How are builders overcoming it??   
  • 43:05 What was it like having Ben as a client? 😉  
  • 44:10 What trends has Paul seen over the past 12 months?  
  • 47:24 – This is actually the best time for…. 
  • 51:04 – What should you be asking to verify a Building Inspector?  
  • 53:20 – Ben’s BIG Tip for Beginners!  



Bonusisode with Julia – Your Ultimate Guide To Reducing Tax on Vehicles, Private Insurance & Land

IMPORTANT NOTE: This recording was filmed and produced before Queensland’s Land Tax was scrapped.

With a number of policy changes on the cards, in our third episode of “Talking Property Tax with Julia Hartman,” Ben and Julia cover…

  • Salary Sacrificing For Cars: How do Salary Sacrificing and Novated Leases work? Plus, how can you tell if either is beneficial for you?
  • Electric Vehicles – What are the changes to Federal Government’s policy and when is the best time to buy?
  • Private Health Insurance – Is it worth it?
  • QLD Land Tax Changes – How can you get around it?

Together they’ll reveal how these policies work and what actions are worth taking to reduce your tax repayments.

Tune in now!


p.s. If you are looking for an experienced and qualified tax accountant, you can reach out to us here 👉 https://thepropertycouch.com.au/tax


Free Stuff Mentioned…


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – What we’ve covered so far…
  • 3:29 – Salary Sacrificing For Cars
  • 9:02 – What are the potential tax savings?
  • 12:31 – Is it a case-by-case basis?
  • 15:31 – When to Buy an Electric Vehicle?
  • 17:41 – Instant Access Write Off
  • 20:20 – The fine print (how to make sure you’re covered!)
  • 25:16 – Private Health Insurance – The history of the Medicare Levy
  • 28:32 – How to avoid the surcharge!
  • 36:14 – Is it worth it?
  • 38:35 – QLD Land Tax Rules Change
  • 44:03 – A Real Case Study
  • 47:06 – Ben’s predictions for the future…
  • 47:45 – How can you get around it?


387 | Everything you need to know about Home & Contents Insurance – Chat with Steve Mickenbecker

It’s no secret that Australia is facing an insurance crisis. 

Did you know that roughly 70-80% of all Aussies are underinsured?!  

With the constant string of natural disasters from fires to floods, the ability to choose the right personal insurance that actually covers you is becoming more and more critical!  

It might not be our sexiest topic folks, but it’s definitely super important to know!! 

But how are you supposed to know what insurance is best for you?   

Or what makes an insurance policy a good insurance policy??  

Thankfully to help us clear this muddy water we’ve got Steve Mickenbecker, financial services expert!  

As well as being part of Canstar’s Group Executive Team (aka. Australia’s Biggest Financial Comparison site!!), Steve is also Canstar’s financial commentator.

He brings more than 30 years of experience in home loans, superannuation, insurance, mortgages, banking, credit cards, investment, budgeting, money management and SO MUCH MORE!  

Basically…he’s the ultimate insurance guru!!  

And he’s here to explain… 

What the heck is Stagflation?!  

How to ensure your insurance policy appropriately covers flood damage!  

What the future for insurance policy services will be (Are we destined to forever be served by robots and AI?!)  

PLUS, Steve will deep dive into some of  Canstar’s and the Insurance Council of Australia’s Catastrophe Data. 

Listen in now folks – this one is real eye-opener! 🤯 


Free Stuff Mentioned 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 2:02 – Money problems are actually Money H___!  
  • 3:48 – Welcome Steve Mickenbecker!!  
  • 5:37 – From ledger cards to cryptocurrency: Steve’s Money Backstory  
  • 14:36 – How Steve first got into finance!  
  • 16:21 – What the heck is Stagflation?! (And why haven’t we seen it since??)  
  • 22:13 – Why is it important to get your insurance right?   
  • 25:24 – What factors should you consider when selecting insurance? 
  • 27:44 – The underinsurance epidemic and why we’re seeing it today! 
  • 29:10 – How to CORRECTLY calculate if you’re underinsured… 
  • 35:23 – Folks, THIS is why you should read annual changes in your insurance policy!  
  • 36:36 – How to ensure your big-ticket items inside your house are actually covered!  
  • 40:20 – Steve’s rule of thumb for knowing what items you should ensure 
  • 42:05 – How to choose the best insurer for you!  
  • 47:30 – So…what actually makes a good policy?  
  • 51:15 – How much excess is juust right? 
  • 53:31 – Online vs. Human insurance service  
  • 55:45 – What sort of records should people keep for claims?  
  • 58:21 – Data dive into natural disaster coverage… 
  • 1:00:30 – The Average out of pocket costs for home and contents insurance!! (WOW!)  



335 | The Four Types Of Wealth

Do you know the FOUR types of wealth!?!

Yep. Prosperity, or “wealth”, can be narrowed down to four specific categories – and in today’s episode we’re unpacking each one so you can see where YOUR definition of wealth really sits!

(And if the “Type” you’re consciously or unconsciously chasing will actually get you to your ultimate goals and passive income targets!)

Key Message: Don’t let “1” and “2” rob you of “3” and “4”! 👊

Tune in now to learn all four types of wealth and join us as we deliver the gold straight from the studio (you just might hear Stig drop something in the background… ahhh, it’s great to be back!!!)!

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