031 (Part 2) | Checklist to Getting A Great Property Manager – Chat with Carolyn Wright

In this second part of Episode 31 with Carolyn Wright from Your Property Manager, we look at one of our listeners’ question on managing rental through the property manager, what to expect and how to deal with queries for maintenance.

As mentioned in Part 1, getting a good or bad property manager can make a big impact on your wealth position but what are the characteristics of a good property manager? Our hostsย  and Carolyn list out some of the key roles that a property manager should be doing and what kind of expectations investor should have when finding one. The first tip on this part is setting up the right rental rates. Property managers are in the market all the time, meeting both investors and tenants and having access to tools that provide those data. A good property manager will know what rate to list your property at that would make sure you get a fair market value and minimise your vacancy rate. Listen to this podcast to find out the rest of the checklist.


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